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Episode 299: Is Your Pet Sitting Software Working For Or Against You?

Jodi came to me wondering how she could get more clients. We took a look into her systems and found out that the way in which she is having people sign up was stopping the sale from happening. She was having to send UN and PW to a new user and while they were waiting for that to happen, they were finding other solutions.

Her software was working against her.

When you compare Jodi’s sign up to Rover, the potential new client was able to sign up quickly and check off PET CARE for their trip to Cancun and be done with it. With Jodi, they were left wondering if she received their info and what the next step was.

Her software was working against her.

So much, that every year in the Mastermind, we actually go through five members’ websites and sign up. We time how long it takes to sign up and if there are any spot points. There are some very popular software out there that actually STOP the sales process.

Today, we are diving deep into ways that your software might be working against you. My goal is to make sure that your software is an asset to your sales process and not a liability.

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Biggest Takeaways

  • 3:29 Don’t Overwhelm your client 
  • 4:00 Mastermind guide about how to use software
  • 4:40 Important aspects of how to choose pet sitting software
  • 5:28 Simple is better
  • 7:53 Free tool for finding software 
  • 8:19 GPS importance
  • 8:56 Quickbook integration
  • 13:19 Screenshots on your website 
  • 14:30 Big Surprise!


If you find yourself google searching “how to choose a pet sitting software” then my newly developed (free!) software tool is for you. Head over to jumpconsulting.net/software and choose five top features that are most important to you and your business. From there it will generate a list of recommended software to try out. This takes the work out of researching many different software systems to help you and your business run smoothly.

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Why Rover Is Beating The Professional Pet Sitter

Software tool


Episode #252: How To Choose A Pet Sitting Software For Your Business


Choosing a pet sitting software is not an easy task. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with all of the different options out there, or even tried them all but just can’t decide.

It’s difficult to determine which features are important to YOU and then to match those needs up with software.

In this episode of Bella In Your Business, I sit down with Kristin Young, where she shares her scientific process for successfully choosing a pet sitting software to use in your pet business.


About Kristin

Kristin spent 20 years in corporate real estate and business. She “woke up” one day and realized she wanted to take control of her time and get away from the common cubicle. With two young kids and a supportive husband, she began the search for an income model that she could manage, grow, and LOVE.

In January of 2019, she came across the opportunity to buy NOT ONE, but TWO cat-sitting companies, with the intent to merge them into a single business. Kristen uses her business experience to take a little of what she knows and a little of what she doesn’t know to learn how to run a pet care business. One of the first steps was finding the RIGHT pet sitting software company.


Kristin Young

Kristin Young

Show Highlights

  • [5:30] – Who is Kristin Young?
  • [8:00] – What was the driving force behind switching pet sitting software companies?
  • [10:45] – Can you describe what an “RFP” is?
  • [21:00] – How did you come up with the methodology for RFP and choosing a pet sitting software company?
  • [19:15] – How long did you try each pet sitting software for? What advice would you have for someone that is stuck trying to choose a pet sitting software?
  • [25:00] – Where can you find Kristin online?




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