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Recruitment vs. Reactionary Hiring In Your Pet Business

One of my clients called me frantically last week. Two of her dog walkers quit on the same day.

She was freaking out. It was going to cause her to get back into the field and she knew that she wouldn’t have as much time to work on her business.

Ever feel like that before?

I know I have.

You get caught in the conundrum of feeling like you don’t have enough business to hire, yet if you don’t, you feel like you are living on the edge.

You know that if the perfect storm comes (and enough people leave the company at the same time) you will be back in the field just like my client above.

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Today, I am going to help show you how to never be in this position.

How to stop that conundrum and take control over your business so you aren’t living in slavery to your business at the drop of a hat (or a resignation letter).

There is a major shift happening with hiring pet sitters; It is the difference between being reactionary versus responsive.

The ones who are acting responsively are scaling their companies at record times.

Allow me to explain.

Reactionary Hiring Happens Only When You Have To Hire. 

Reactionary Hiring is when you start posting ads because you:

1. Just had someone quit.
2. Want to hire someone to replace a bad apple.
3. You have so much work that you need more help.

This is hiring for a specific reason. You are only trying to fill the funnel when you have a need . . . which makes you already behind the eight ball.


When you are constantly behind the eight ball, it can lead to a lot of stress in your life.

You don’t get to consistently work through projects because you have to keep stopping to jump in and help get walks and visits covered.

And don’t even think about your social life!

You are the friend or family member who is always rushing off, never there, or too tired to attend.

And, you know what? You just can’t last longterm living like this.

Responsive Hiring Is What You Need To Do To Solve The Hiring Problem

Responsive hiring is when you’re constantly looking for great people to bring on your team.

You are always feeding the funnel by keeping your hiring ads fresh. You are constantly sifting through all the applicants and putting them into warm & hot categories.

How you organize this or keep track of these applicants is hugely important. You want to have a system that can track it all, sort it all, and not distract you in the middle of your regular working day. You don’t want to lose sight of all the good applicants out there- even if you don’t want to hire them today. You don’t know what tomorrow holds.

The important part is being able to recall all of the qualified applicants right when you need to and have the right type of software can help you with just that.

Are You Able To Email A Pool of Qualified Applicants Today?

Which one are you?

Ask yourself this:

Right now, are you able to email a pool of applicants that have already passed the first or second round of vetting for your company?

Are you able to ask them on a “date” (interview) and get them up and hired in the next week?

If the answer is no . . . and you have to start from scratch by posting an ad . . . then you are reactionary hiring.

This causes a lot of sleepless nights.

It causes anxiety that . . . “if one or two people quit on the same day… your business wouldn’t exist”

Feeling of helplessness when your office manager is telling you . .  . “I am posting all the time but not getting any applicants”.

It is like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and you are about to collapse!


This Is Why I Always Say…

This is exactly why I say to “always be hiring” and “hire more than you need,” because you just never know!

I have been there personally with my former company.

I have had the pit in my stomach, the worry, and as a coach I have been dreaming and searching for something I could pass along to you to help take all that fear and anxiety away.

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I have seen vacations be ruined because the business owner had to stay back and take care of the business because they were understaffed. I have also seen business owners look forward to a dream vacation, spend a fortune, count down the days, only to spend the entire time working and putting out fires.

This is not why we started our own business and we must keep that in sight.

Getting ahead of the hiring challenge will help you to grow a business that you desire. It will help take you from solopreuner who really just has a job to someone who is the boss in charge that can multiply themselves for the masses.

To grow, to achieve your goals, you have to get really good at putting yourself out of a job. But in order to do that – you must have someone to replace you.

If you don’t figure out how to hire for your business you will eventually stall out. Don’t let this be you.


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You Deserve To Be The Boss In Charge

I want you to think back to when you started this business. Why did you start it and at what point did it start running you? Staffing is 50% of the challenge that you will always have no matter if you are just starting or been around for 15+ years. You must stop trying to save the same problem again and again and start solving it systematically.

So what are you going to do?

Are you going to consider creating a process where you can have QUALIFIED applicants always on hand?

Over 70 pet sitting and dog walking companies have trusted my partner, JazzHr with their hiring needs and have been able to take charge of their business and their life because they now have control over the hiring challenge.

Whatever you choose, know that this is something you will need to address so you can take some of the stress away from running a growing business.




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Reasons Why Most Pet Sitting Companies FAIL In Their Community

In the pet sitting industry, building community is extremely important. It’s up to YOU as a business owner to connect with your community and build meaningful relationships. Doing so will make your business relevant and well known. Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of pet sitting companies and am well versed in the most commonly made mistakes. So today I’m going to share what I’ve learned about why most pet sitting companies FAIL in their community.


Reasons Why Most Pet Sitting Companies FAIL In Their Community


They DON’T Do Events

Events are no-doubt extremely important – whether your participating or organizing in a small dog walking club of 5 people or a massive Pet-A-Palooza that attracts thousands of people. The purpose of events isn’t to get clients,  but it’s to build relationships. Not only with potential clients, but more importantly – strategic networking alliances.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”_29Io” via=”no” ]”I never did events to get clients, I always did events to meet other business owners that could help me somehow” -Bella[/ctt]

Pet sitting companies fail when they don’t do events because they’re missing a key component of putting themselves OUT THERE. And it’s not enough just to do an event – it has to be done well. I have a number of resources on how to do this here:

9 Must Have Elements To Create A Howling Event In Your Community!
What You Need To Have A Successful Pet Sitting Booth At An Event
How To Have The Worst Pet Sitting Booth At A Local Event


They DON’T Do Raffles

When I talk about raffles I’m NOT talking about holding a raffle to gain potential client information. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – consumers are way too smart for this kind of gimmick. The raffles I’m describing are ones held by other organizations.

For example, reach out to various organizations or even a local school’s PTO and say you’re willing to put up the money to have a raffle. How annoying is it to be apart of a committee trying to raise money to hold a silent auction? Be that person that just goes out and DOES it!

Everyone will respect you for it, and you’ll get to not only promote your business for being a sponsor but you’ll build a great business partnership.


They Isolate Themselves

Being a pet sitter or a pet business owner can be very lonesome and isolating. More often then not, you’re not headed off to an office every day to interact with others. So, it’s important that you work extra hard to put yourself out there and connect with others. Not just for your own health, but to help your business!

The bottom line is that you need to be out there promoting. Not necessarily your own business, but other’s people’s businesses and products. By sharing events online taking people out to lunch/coffee, and getting to know them – you are building community.

You want to know them enough that you naturally promote them. So, make it a goal to reach out and have coffee with one new business owner a month. Ask them questions:

  • Where did they start?
  • How do they advertise?
  • What’s their secret weapon?
  • Who’s their best contact?
  • What kind of contact are they looking for?

See where you can meet their common ground.

Pet businesses fail when they isolate themselves and don’t build up a strong foundation with a strong team. You can’t do it alone – so don’t be afraid to use other businesses to your advantage! It will be mutually beneficial and may even help you form some new friendships.


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