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Get Light Years Ahead in Your Pet Business

Use This Tactic To Get Light Years Ahead In Your Pet Business!

Have you ever wanted to just get down and dirty with your business? But you simply don’t have the time?

Or, are you are just so overwhelmed with supporting everyone who works for you that you don’t even have a minute to breathe? Let alone think about what you need to do as the visionary to grow the business?

Are you living in day to day survival mode where each day you just feel more and more defeated? You might start out the day with great intentions and then…. LIFE happens.

Maybe you wake up at night with worry and can’t go back to sleep. Or your daydream while driving wondering how you got from point A to point B. You get the best ideas… in the shower, but when the time comes to actually execute them – you are BLANK. Then the self-doubt creeps in and you wonder if it is even really a good idea to begin with?

Or maybe you start implementation, but then you just feel like you are doing busy work and worry – will this effort actually make me money in my business or is this just keeping me from being the visionary and growing the business? Or maybe you don’t even get to that stage because there always seems to be some fire you are obsessing over and trying to put out?

Who is supporting you?  Who is getting YOU outside of your own head and pushing you through your challenges? Who is rooting you on, lighting the way and showing you that you can actually do what you originally set out to do?


In this article I am going to show you:

  • Why you can’t keep going at this pace.
  • How a 1:1 Intensive can do this.
  • How do I know it will help me?
  • How do I know if I am ready or if it is the right option?
  • What you can expect when you are done.
  • Why are they are so cheap?
  • The only way to get the last spots of 2021.

Pet Business Intensives with Bella

You Can’t Keep Going At This Pace!

Whatever the case…. things NEED to change. You need the space to get out of your own head and be guided down a path to dream. To create a solid plan that is realistic, and strategize once again. Otherwise, you are going to keep digging a deeper and deeper hole.

What would it be like to know what realistic goals you could set and achieve? What would it feel like to have an entire system laid out for you, that you actually believed in, have already hashed out the doubt, and are committed and excited to see it through? What would it feel like to know that what you are planning, and how you are planning, is actually proven to work by those who have done it before you?

How would it feel to know that you could go on a real vacation where you reset and recharge? All of this is 100% possible and honestly, the way that you could be living in your business every quarter.

Remember, when we started this business we did it for freedom and opportunity in life? Somehow that balance has gotten out of wack and it needs to get back on track. What you are doing right now isn’t working and you need a redirection on your business GPS!

In-Person Intensives with Bella Can Set You On This Path.

The one-on-one zoom sessions are great… when you have one specific challenge to solve. But when you need an entire overhaul… an entire strategy drawn out specifically for you and your goals, then you need to do it all in person.

The summer of 2020 was the first time I did an intensive. It was in Dallas, TX and they went on hiatus for a while because, well, pandemic.

Bella Intensive Inquiry

and another one….

Bella intensive Inquiry

But in 2021, with conferences barely coming back and people wanting more intimate 1:1 encounters, people have been sliding into my DMs (above) asking me for them. They have been so popular that I have been to four states this summer and served many clients already. I have people asking me about them throughout the end of this year and in all honestly, there is only so many weeks left and only one of me!

A few weeks ago, I published a podcast telling you all about the ins and outs and what really happens when I fly to meet with these incredible business owners. Here it is for your reference to listen to if you are curious 🙂

How Do I Know It Will Help ME and Be About What I Specifically Need?

Prior to my taking off and flying to your city… we have a 30 min discussion and I find out things like what your most pressing challenges are and where would you like to be in your business in six months from now. I create an itinerary of the day that we loosely use to keep us on track (at the end it is all always addressed). I also find out what food you would like to eat and drink so I can have it on hand. We have a long 8 hour day and our energy levels go up and down throughout. It’s important to refuel. We also order in lunch! 🙂

intensive itenerary

How Do I Know If I Am Ready Or If It Is The Right Time?

If you even have to ponder that – then you are ready. Here’s why…

Generally, there is something floating around in your head that you have been stuck on.

Trying to figure out. Or… trying to do and getting caught up in challenges that are popping up along the way.

You don’t have the time to complete it – or so you think because you are procrastinating it because your stuck.

Don’t worry – you are not alone. People get “stuck” a myriad of ways. They don’t know the answer, they are confused about the answer, or they don’t have confidence in their own answer.

I have said it many times, and I will say it again… it isn’t about the HOW to do it. It is all about the MINDSET and quite honestly that is the number one thing that these intensives do for my clients. It breaks them through their stinkin’ thinkin’ They need ME to pull them outside of their own mind so they can start painting the bigger picture.

It happens every time.

People come to me with:

  • I don’t know how to manage the staff I have.
  • I don’t know how to hire good people.
  • I don’t know how to take back control of my life because my business is ruining it.
  • I have no idea how to get this thing to run on systems and processes.
  • We are growing faster than we can keep up with!

And we work hard to solve how they can:

  • Have a complete managing system that doesn’t take a lot of their time or office managers’ time.
  • Complete the 5 stages of the Employee Echosystem
  • Set boundaries with systems that support and help flow your business.
  • Stop the madness of not using our tools to their fullest AND get things documented in a streamlined and super easy way.
  • Prune parts of the business so they can focus on a little and grow stronger in the areas they want.

What You Can Expect When We Are Done.

I clearly can’t come into your business on the daily and do everything for you so you will have a bit of work to do or delegate. However, you will now have a clear direction of exactly what you need to:

  1. Start doing
  2. Stop doing
  3. And handoff doing.

You will have marching orders! And I always check in with you a week later and a month later… I deeply care about you and your business. That is why I leave my home and fly to another state to meet with you.

  • I am going to give you the resources you need from people I know.
  • I am going to save you MONTHS worth of time and mistakes doing the wrong thing so that you can hit the bullseye the first time.

Take a look at Clarie… she was my most recent one in Milwaukee, WI. She was so much fun to work with and really had some amazing breakthroughs. Then, soon after I left she started making changes and implementing all the things we made decisions on and it was just incredible! This woman has already grown her business so fast in just a short time and I am really excited to see where the next year is going to take her. She is so eager and takes immediate action!

What Can You Expect?

You can expect me to care about your business as if it is my own.

You can expect that I won’t sugarcoat things, but that YOUR desires is what is going to be the compass to get us there.

You can expect a honest, real, and raw environment.

Wear your comfy clothes, bring the fuzzy socks, we will be chilling in the living room of an AirBnB or VRBO and plastering the walls with the Big Sticky notes. My clients go home with 10-15 of them on average. Which is a great artifact of the “holy shit that did that just happen?” after effect. But you now can put them on YOUR walls to follow along with…

Why Are They So Cheap?

Normally, to coach with me per hour it is $995 an hour. Then, for me to fly to you, rent a place, and all the expenses that come with it, normally coaches charge upwards of $10K for the day of this magnitude. But I know that is VERY expensive, and I truly want to help you… I am also completely confident that if you implement what I guide you with, you will make that money back very soon. So despite what I “should” charge, this is also a labor of love for me. Currently, they are $6797 for the call before, my flying there, the place I rent for the day, the 8 hours of coaching, lunch, snacks, drinks, and follow-up afterward.

Oh, and of course, there are always a few “Bella surprises” in there too 🙂

Intensive with Bella Testimony

How Can You Get An Intensive With Bella?

As you can imagine, the intensives are in high demand and I am only able to do them once a month. They do book out so letting me know that you want one will be crucial to getting in line. You can sign up here and then email Bella directly at bella at jumpconsulting dot net to schedule a date and time that works for you!

Episode 251: How To Decrease Turnover and Create Raving Employees

Imagine starting a new job, feeling welcomed, and having all the resources you need to succeed, compared to feeling lost and unsupported. Bella will share some relatable examples and personal experiences to help you understand why onboarding is crucial for employee retention and company success. In this week’s Podcast, Bella is going to take you on a journey of understanding the importance of a smooth and effective onboarding process.

Biggest Takeaways 

  • Real-Life Examples of Things Pet Based Business Owners Say and Do When It Comes to Employees [7:28]
  • Why you’ll be needing to onboard employees in record time very soon and how you can be ready [10:10]
  • Exactly what NOT to do in the onboarding process [10:45]
  • Defining Onboarding and what it means [11:45]
  • Studies pertaining to high employee turnover [13:00]
  • Why employees leave companies [13:30]
  • Standardization of onboarding process [13:05]
  • Importance of schedule for onboarding [18:30]
  • Why pet care team training videos can give you a headstart [21:45]
  • What is an employee’s worth vs a client’s worth? [23:35]
  • Types of employee learning and training styles for employees [26:30]


Pet Care Team Training

Jump Mastermind

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Episode #249: Get Inspired, Then Take Action


In this week’s podcast, we are going to get MOTIVED and TAKE ACTION. I am so thrilled all of you get so inspired but it is time to do something with that inspiration

I am going to tell you how you can motivate yourself to take action and what to analyze to make sure you continue to take action.



Inspiration and Results

Many people get inspired but no one really does anything about it. We are going to jump in and get motivated. It is time to take action!

Actions to Take

Just trying to figure it out… that is the worst thing you can do. There are so many positive actions you can take from your inspiration. Think about them all and use your resources.

Get Motivated and Get Uncomfortable

Taking the proper steps to get motivated and actually do something with your inspiration can be challenging. But what happens when you get challenged? You get uncomfortable? Then what… you do something about it. Recognize the time you stepped out of your comfort zone and think about what happened when you did.


Show Highlights

  • What is Being Done with Your Inspiration? (3:30)
  • Actions that can be taken from Your Inspiration (5.30)
  • How to Get Motivated and Take Action (9.20)
  • Acknowledge the Challenges You Overcome (10.55)
  • What do You do When You Get Inspired? (12.40)



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Episode 247: How To Hire An Office Manager For Your Pet Sitting Business

Finding the right office manager for a pet-sitting business can be a challenging task, as it requires someone who is organized, detail-oriented, and has a passion for animals. An office manager will handle the day-to-day operations of the business, such as scheduling, bookkeeping, and customer service. They will also be responsible for managing the staff and ensuring that the business runs smoothly. In this week’s podcast, we are talking about how to find and hire the RIGHT office manager successfully.


  • How Set Yourself Up for Success to Hire an Office Manager (10.00)
  • Determining the Foundation to Have an Office Manager (20.00)
  • Knowing Who You are Hiring and Different Personalities (27.50)


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Episode 246: 4 Different Types of People Every Business Needs to Hire

Unlock the secret to attracting the right clients for your pet-sitting or dog-walking business with our exclusive guide to the 4 different types of avatars that work best in this industry! Say goodbye to generic marketing strategies and hello to tailored techniques that will help you connect with your ideal customers and grow your business. In this week’s podcast, we are talking about 4 different types of avatars that work for pet sitters and dog walkers.


  • Finding and Attracting the Right People to Hire (11:50)
  • Who are the 4 Different Avatars (24.00)
  • The Psychology Behind the Avatars and Ourselves (30.30)


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pet industry revolution

What Side of the Pet Service Industry Revolution Are You On?

pet industry revolution


There is a Pet Industry Revolution going on right now

If you haven’t noticed, 2020 is really shaking things up. It is splitting our pet service industry into two segments, and whether you realize it or not, you are on one of the sides. Some pet businesses experienced a temporary dip in business and are back up, but others experienced the same dip and haven’t come back up. The segments are more divided than ever, and some will survive this industry revolution and some will not.



The startling part is that I fully believe that you are in charge of what side of this industry revolution you are on…if you are aware of what is happening in and around you.

I say in you, because I fully believe that mindset and vision have a lot to do with this.

I say around you, because you really need to understand how society is shifting drastically right now. and how your business evolves as a result

Negating these two things leads to being on the side of the shift that will likely be gone for good.


Times Are Changing

People are forming pods and getting closer. They are working from home, learning from home, afraid to travel, or being shamed into thinking that venturing out is taboo.

We are in an election year, and the division of the US is stronger than ever. Human rights and racism is a forefront topic, and our social media feeds just reinforce our self-fulfilling views of the world by algorithms that are supercharged and know us better than our own mamas! (Have you seen the Netflix Docu-Drama The Social Dilemma?)

And news flash: It doesn’t matter how you feel about any of it. There is no room for how you are feeling when it comes to saving your business right now.

I’d actually argue that if you let your feelings get into this, your business will not be on the winning side of this revolution.

It isn’t a time for your feelings right now.

It is time for survival.

You can process it all later, but when it comes to business, if you want to survive, you have to do what you need to do to protect your livelihood.

But some of you aren’t—and I hope this is a wake up call.

Keep reading, but please don’t shoot the messenger…


Society Will Never Be the Same.

In the beginning of this year, people were fighting online learning. It was actually comical. I was reading things like “No, I don’t want to learn Pet First Aid and CPR online” and “Home school is for overprotective granola families”.

The idea of a virtual consultation or virtual meet-and-greet was something that would often be followed by an eye roll. The first time someone didn’t reply to the phase of an interview where it asked for a video recording… the CEO said “It doesn’t work” and “I can’t ask that”.


Fun fact, it actually DOES work. Just listen to how this dog walking business is crushing it with 100% virtual consultations, and last I checked they were back up to 80% of their customer volume!


We had extensive training on it in the Mastermind by one of the world’s leading sales trainers who helped us break it down. We did this back in March and learned what to say, how to say it, and tricks to use on Zoom to be the most effective. The businesses that have implemented this have been winning clients.

There are others out there who I only hear talk about why it won’t work… without even trying it. Our society has changed. People are more comfortable connecting and meeting online than ever before, and many actually prefer it. We are not going back to “normal” or the way it was before.

Not accepting this is the very first nail in a business’s coffin.

COVID has sped up the entire online learning process, and I don’t just mean the formal schooling either. Conferences have been canceled for up to a year. Almost everyone in the world, from CEOs to preschoolers, now learns online.

It isn’t enough to just be online anymore and have a website. You have to have an entire online user experience and a customer experience that give you all the feels, even after the transaction has taken place.


video training pet sitters

This will Revolutionize the Way You Do Business.

Businesses have no other choice but to shift.

Well, they DO have a choice, some have just have refused. SMH (that means Shake My Head by the way :).

The businesses that haven’t shifted still think that they are solving exactly the same problems before March 2020. They still think that the only reason why a dog needs a walk is that the pet parent is busy working outside of the home, and the dog needs to have a break in the day (mid-day) to get a walk and go potty.

They aren’t acknowledging that the new problem is that the dog won’t stop barking at the increased number of delivery drivers going up and down the street and the added stress, depression, and anxiety of its owner working from home while (some) are also trying to educate the children too. The new problems just aren’t being acknowledged.


delivery service


Meanwhile, there are lots of changes in our purchasing behavior. We are:

  • Buying everything online.
  • Waiting in parking lots for their store orders to come out.
  • Washing down groceries.
  • Staying inside our homes going home-improvement crazy rather than traveling around for the summer.
  • Planning ahead for delivery requests and shipments.
  • Researching even MORE online now that there is a barrier preventing us from touching and feeling things.

Rightfully so, people are scared to have people they don’t know come into their home. We aren’t just concerned for our own general health, but now about not getting exposed to COVID to protect those children and older family members who we love. The thought of someone coming into our home to walk our dog or take care of our house can actually be seen as a threat in 2020!

But pet business owners aren’t acknowledging this. They aren’t addressing it in their marketing, and it is going to make the dip in business even deeper, possibly to the point of no return.

This is a revolution that is happening. Things are changing and your business must change with it. If it doesn’t, history has shown what could happen.

Think about the businesses that have gone under over the years because they refused to innovate:

  • Blockbuster not going digital is a great example.
  • Kodak actually had the first digital camera but didn’t go to market with it because they were afraid of killing the film industry.
  • Toys ‘R Us took too long to selling online. By then it was too late, and their long time business went under.
  • Nokia didn’t realize that the user experience for a phone wasn’t voice but data, and they didn’t shift to software like they should have.
  • Borders books failed to adapt to new technologies and just kept books in a store, leading to their demise.
  • Sony actually had the software to create a device better than an iPod, but they were afraid to test something new and address illegally downloadable music, so they faded off into the musical distance.

All of these examples and more are powerful when you just think of how ideology can change a business trajectory. There are 45 more examples of big brands you know that have faded off into the sunset because they failed to innovate.


What Happens When A Business Revolution Is Taking Place?

When there are great trials in humanity, two things happen: People either fall or they rise. The pet services industry isn’t immune. During the 2008 recession, major start-ups grew into a huge business. Ever hear of:


Many of these startups were driven by the consumer’s distrust in both the economy and big brands.

The idea of jumping into someone’s personal car, rather than a taxicab company made people feel good.

Feeling the power of curtailing big banks by using an app to exchange money, excited people.

Saying bye-bye to major telecom companies who were charging an arm and a leg just to talk to far-away friends made people feel like they were taking back their power by enabling communication to happen over an app.

This is the time for innovation. While your competition is still solving old problems, you solve the new ones. While your competition isn’t addressing contactless meet-and-greets or dog walking, you do! This is how you adapt and change to meet the current times.

The year 2020 is forcing you to shift your growth and adopt different ways to think and do business because society is changing at a rapid pace.


Businesses That Will Fail During This Revolution:

bubble burst


If you are one of those people who refuse to accept that the world has changed and that you need to change with it, your business will not make it through COVID. Bold statement? Yes.

I have read so many pet sitting and dog walking business owners type things like “COVID is killing my business”.  No, my friend, your stinkin’ thinkin’ mindset is killing your business.

What COVID is doing is it is forcing you to rise like the cream of the crop or die a slow and painful death. As you watch, the years and years of your business that you have sacrificed your life, relationships, health, finances, sanity, vacations, and time with family for are slowly dwindling away.

It is only a matter of time. The revolution is happening. The bubble is bursting in the pet care industry.

A short while ago, everyone and their mother were starting a pet sitting or dog walking business. People were charging poverty wages ($10 to $15 a visit) to do something they loved. Others were refusing to grow out of a job and into a business.

Now it is like watching a bubble burst.  Those who have a strong business (sure they are hurting or down), they will survive. And those who were just gluing it together every day are not going to withstand the length of stress that this pandemic is pressuring small businesses with.

According to a study that Proceedings of the National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States (PNAS),

“Our results also highlight the financial fragility of many businesses. The median firm with monthly expenses over $10,000 had only enough cash on hand to last roughly 2 wk. Three-quarters of respondents only had enough cash on hand to last 2 mo or less.* Not surprisingly, firms with more cash on hand were more optimistic that they would remain open by the end of the year.” 

I witnessed this when I was on the phone with companies who didn’t know how they were going to make payroll for the upcoming week because of the avalanche of cancellations happening in their business.

It is sad.

It is so sad, and I was crying with them all on the phone thinking that we need to be better than this! That fueled my fire to throw out my 2nd and 3rd quarter content marketing plan, and I buckled down to create 17 pieces of rich content to help support and encourage you all throughout this crisis.

Here it is for your reference:

The Pet Industry Revolution Is Here and Happening Whether You Want to Acknowledge It Or Not.

This wasn’t expected. We didn’t know this was going to happen. You did not do anything to cause it. But SUPRISE!!!! A new way of life IS here and nothing is going back to “normal.”

Some are better off than others having a larger staff that they have had to cut back but their volume was so big that cutting back meant that they were still in business. Meanwhile, others were already struggling to make ends meet and this revolution, if not adapted to well, will end up crushing their business.

Some businesses didn’t do things to build and keep a strong business foundation. Everyone was in shock and bewildered when we went under quarantine and lockdown. Rather than use the gift of time to build their business stronger, they were paralyzed in fear.

But it is all only temporary. This revolution is not only going to change the way we do business but change the landscape of pet sitting and dog walking businesses.

With the exception of places like California and NYC who are seeing a mass exodus of people moving to a different place, we have to remember that the unemployment rate is going down, the economy isn’t doing that badly, and most of the clients that pet sitting and dog walkers help are still working.


Be Honest Have You Revolutionized The Way You Talk To Your Clients Or Do Business?


walking dog


Even though people are working from home now,  pet sitters and dog walkers aren’t selling the reality that working from home is tough.

It isn’t a walk in the park as many fantasize it to be. We must start pulling the curtain back on and asking questions like “how many times are you really walking your dog a week?”

I think we are all telling ourselves a lie. It is like saying “I will go to the gym” but then you never actually do. How often are people really walking their dog from home?

I bet it isn’t as much as they think.

But no one is talking about this.

Recently, I challenged my Mastermind members to post about this and the results were off the charts with engagement. I showed them how to work magic and get conversations going that they normally wouldn’t have had. Have you done anything like this?

Why or why not? Seriously, I want to know. Write me below in the comments for this blog!

How Window World Is Doing It Right

I am editing this blog to bring you this incredible example that just came across my desk. I am shopping for new windows for my home and received this video as a confirmation for an estimate that is happening next week. I want you to watch this short video. Pay attention to how you feel and contrast why this message is so much more impactful on video than if it were just written out. This is so simple. It is so easy, and every single one of you reading this article, right now, can do this.

The Way You Respond To The Revolution Happening Will Determine Your Business Future 



Let me remind you that your clients are just working from home.

Most of them still have a job. In fact, most of the people who pet sitting and dog walking companies service are not the sector that is out of work. They aren’t blue-collared workers. They are the affluent white-collared workers.

In other words, the money is still there.

Maybe even more money is there because not as many people are traveling. I mean, just look at the earnings for Home Depot these days!

What are you doing to convince your community that they need their dog walked or to inspire them to take local road trips if they don’t want to fly?

It is critical to remember that you sell peace of mind, trust, and security; that you exchange guilt for money, not hours for dollars.

If you stay in the mindset that you exchange hours/minutes for dollars it will be a hard struggle. You will be the business that doesn’t survive this year, and you will not survive this dip. You will be the one lacking excitement in your business, dreaming about selling, or switching careers because you have come to despise entrepreneurship.

So what do you do? If you want to be on the survival side, how can you accomplish this? How can you revive your business, and make it so that it is in a strong position for years to come and maybe even in the position to take over the market share of those that didn’t come through this alive?

I have some ideas for you… but it is going to take work. It isn’t going to be easy. You probably will try to resist some of it. I know these work because as a coach I get to see a huge variety of business owners all around the world. There are some keen traits of every successful business, and I am going to walk you through them now.


Five Areas You Need to Focus on Right Now to Survive:

  1. Mindset
  2. Location
  3. Messaging
  4. Customer Experience
  5. Leadership


1. Mindset



If you want to believe that the sky is falling and that everything is going to crap then I can’t help you.

If you are one of those people who say things like, “Why is this happening to me?” and you aren’t open to changing that mindset to “What is this trying to teach me?” then you should just stop reading now because this will be a waste of time.

But if you are fighting to see the good, and if you want this to work, then please keep reading. I have been sitting here fighting alone with you since March and what I am about to share with you is WORKING for my clients all over the USA and Canada!

Let’s rise above it all. Let’s fight this together.

What does that look like?

  • Read or listen to books.
  • Get a morning routine.
  • Get a pack of comrades around you all in the same position (Mastermind).
  • Feed your brain by listening to others’ successes and struggles.
  • Do some affirmations.
  • Live in a state of gratitude.
  • Humble yourself to ASK for help when you are feeling down or weak.
  • Tell people what you are going through so you don’t drown alone and others can help pull you out.
  • Take charge of those gosh darn voices inside your head!

2. Location

This is hard. This is just about the only thing you can’t control, and if you are in places like NYC or the Bay area where there are droves of people moving out of your area, I don’t have any life-changing advice. HOLD ON TIGHT, and try your best to wait it out.

But one thing I can say is that shelters have never been so empty. So please focus on the fact that although people might be staying home, there have never been so many pets at home. It is our job to figure out how to become relevant to help service these pets. What can you do? What problem can you solve? Are you asking for the sale? Are you attempting to bring on new clients?

If the trend in your area is that people are moving out, or your clients just aren’t coming back, then it is time to go back to Marketing 101 and start making connections, collaborating with your community, and getting your name out there.

It is time to start setting goals of getting X clients by DATE. We are doing that weekly and monthly in the Mastermind right now.

How many clients do you need to get today in order to get your revenue back to where it was? Do you know that number?

You need to start tilling the land in your location. Connect with people. Grow with them, and see how you can come together to get through this together. There are a LOT of ways that you can do this and there are many of my clients who have been successfully doing this with the right strategy.

3. Messaging

Website messaging

I think by this point we all know someone (if not ourselves or family) who has had COVID-19 or died from it. It’s sad, but true. There is an enormous social responsibility right now that is leading to fear of being judged for going to Costco or getting on an airplane for a trip. The secrecy surrounding normal activities is real.

As a society, we are riddled with an uprise in mental health issues from anxiety, depression, and even domestic violence. We are NOT okay, and as a business it is important to be sensitive to this.

In the pet industry, we get to care for and represent the most innocent and unconditionally loving creatures—our pets—and this is an emotional experience. Those who are negating this are missing the mark.

Now, more than ever, it is time to be emotional on our websites.

Before March 2020, I said that you are missing the mark if I can copy and paste your website onto another pet sitting or dog walking company website.

Now I am upping the ante. If you are not showing masks on faces, showing how you are using your personal protective equipment (PPE), doing contactless pick ups and drop offs, promoting virtual consultations, and THEN the online scheduling and back-up plans, showing that you are established, carfeful, and connected in your community, then you can not cry when people aren’t contacting you.

The world is afraid right now.

Rightfully so.

Social media messaging

What are you doing to control the narrative that you are using PPE, that your clients are protected, that you have contactless pick up and drop off, etc.? All the things we mentioned about your website above, should be talked about, shown, and told on your social media postings and in your stories.

Sixty percent of a buying decision is made before a potential client ever contacts you. What is your social media saying about you? If I go there, are you just sharing videos of viral pet videos? Or is each post establishing your personality and showing me that you are sensitive and considerate of the current climate?

Plan out your content. Make videos. Appeal to people’s emotions. It is not a time for you to stick your head in the sand. Now, more than ever, you need to be a superior marketer to save your business. Or, you can get on the wait-list for Better Marketing with Bella.

Shortly, we will open for two weeks to accept people into our program for January through June, 2021.


Sick of doing your own graphics? Want us to do them for you? Space is limited.


4. Customer Experience

This is the feeling that someone has when they are doing business with you. It is meeting them where they are in their life journey, whether feeling scared, excited, remorseful, or curious and everything in between.

You must take charge. Let people know what to expect. Answer their questions before they even know they have them. Be a leader in your business and community.

Now people are looking for leadership and confidence. They might still have their job, but they might be scared of the future and feel like they need to hold on to their money a little longer than they normally would. They might be hesitant to spend because they don’t know what’s happening in the world.

Your customer experience is an entire sector of your business that makes people happy to interact and patronize your business. This isn’t something that can be overlooked—especially now.

I really love what Joey Coleman says about this subject. He is definitely an expert and did a great job explaining it on this podcast and then in his Mastermind workshop.


5. Leadership

There are businesses that are thriving. I am proud to call many of them JUMPERS. They are in my programs, they have been listening to my suggestions since March, and I will bet you $100 they have been doing it scared.

But it is working.

There are businesses whose customers or profits were decimated to 20% and are back up to 80% now. They ASKED all their clients to come back… 10 a week, calling them up on the phone to come back to them.

They don’t just “keep in touch”. They ask for the sale. There is a difference.

They have taken my guerrilla marketing ideas and done them. And they worked!

They have put their head down when they had to be closed and tightened their foundations by focusing on customer experience, SOPS, and the long list of things they have been wanting to do. They realized that despite the world falling apart that they were given the gift of TIME and they weren’t going to discard it.

They kept focused and worked hard.
They changed the problems they were solving.
They changed up the stories they were telling, the videos they were doing on FB live, the local connections and collaborations they were doing.
They leveraged relationships both internally in their business and in their community. They tested methods.
They kept hiring through the pandemic, they upped their educational game, and they sharpened their mindset.

They showed up on our coaching calls through Better Marketing with Bella and started doing Instagram stories and woke up with four new client inquires because of it. (True story!)

Gosh dang I am so proud of them.

Was it easy? Hell to the no!
Were they scared? Hell to the yes.
Did they think about throwing in the towel? Uh huh. Almost every one of them.

But they rose above it!

They relied on the positive community that they chose to be a member of. They decided to do it scared, try new things, and test theories as they were zigging and zagging with current events.


The Future Is Very Bright

Plan a


Imagine a world where more pets are adopted into loving homes, where affluent clients still have their jobs, and business competition has been drastically decreased. Imagine a world in which your messaging, marketing, and unique value propositions are completely unique and where your foundation, systems, and processes are solid.

This is what I believe the future will be for those who want it. There is nothing stopping you from embracing this reality. If your business is slow, pick yourself up, and start fixing and improving your foundation. Get everything checked off your to-do list, and align yourself with your crystal clear vision so you can take the next decade by storm and make all your wildest dreams come true.

The sad truth is that not everyone will still have a business after this.

You will. If you are a Jumper, if you let me help you, and if you show up for me and do it scared.

I know it might feel awkward. I know you might even feel bad for doing well, a feeling called survivors guilt.

But I don’t want you to focus on that. I want you to focus on getting through this, because in the end, the only thing that is going to determine your outcome is your own mindset.

Here is what one of my clients, Amberly from Pawfect Pet and House Sitter posted this week in my Mastermind:
Jump Mastermind


Tell Me Below How I Can Help You

I am here for you. I want to help you fight through this. Let me know below what you thought of this article and what questions you have about moving forward. Are you going to ride it out? Are you giving up? Are you fighting through it? Where are you at in this journey?

I want to know.

Write me below.

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Episode 166: How To Use Email Marketing In Your Pet Sitting Business

Listen on Spotify           Listen on Apple


Email marketing is something that a lot of business owners have an adverse reaction to. They think they’re bothering people, no one opens them, and they don’t know what to say. Despite being able to batch them and schedule emails, not many choose this path. But why?

In a world where Rover is killing it in the inbox by sending emails to the people on their list at least once a week, why can’t professional pet sitters who can surely be even more effective, intimate, and relevant do this? Today, I want to break it down to show you how I use email marketing and how you can, too.

Email marketing

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss

Email marketing is a great way to keep your audience up to date with what’s going on in your business and humanize your business. Send weekly updates and use the P.S. section to ask them to respond, opening up the line of communication. Your emails don’t need to belong and drawn out, they should simply add value to your reader’s life. With each email, you’re able to show a bit of your personality, this is what people connect with, so be as personal as you can. Specifically, videos are a great way to show your personality and personalize your emails. And remember, on social media, you don’t own your audience, But with your email list, you do!

If you’re still not sure what to write or really don’t have the time to focus on email marketing, I get it. That is why we provide you with two short and fun emails to send to your clients each month in the Better Marketing with Bella program.

Show Highlights

  • How can you recap your week in an email? [3:20]
  • What should you put in the P.S. section? [4:30]
  • How do you segment your audience for better email marketing? [5:35]
  • How can you add value? [6:30]
  • What can you do to build a bond with your audience? [7:00]
  • What’s one of the best ways to share current sales you have? [7:40]
  • How can you personalize your email marketing with videos? [8:05]
  • What does it mean to “own” your audience? [8:30]


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Social Media

Episode 164: What To Post On Social Media When You Don’t Know What To Say

People come to me all the time saying that they have no idea what to post on social media. They are staring at the cursor and have no idea what to say. All this pressure is mounting to try and be witty, to be different. If you’ve ever felt this way, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’m sharing seven things you can do when you’re lost on what to share on your social media.

Social Media

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss

Be inspiring to your community and think local. Are there events in your community that you can get involved with? Or another local business or person you can shout out on social media? Highlight your community and connections. You are the expert. You have put in all the time and have learned a lot. Share the knowledge you have. Also, tell stories to draw out the emotions of your viewer. People remember how you made them feel, not what you said. If you don’t have the time to prepare your posts or think of ideas, Better Marketing With Bella can help by providing graphics, videos, captions, hashtags, Instagram stories, and more. Everything you need to stay active on social media with your branding to market your business.

Show Highlights

  • How can you inspire others? [1:10]
  • How do you keep track of everything? [3:00]
  • What are some ways to be funny on social media? [4:55]
  • How can you leverage local events in your community? [5:55]
  • What are tips that you can share with your audience? [7:50]
  • Who can you feature or shout out on your social media? [9:40]
  • How can you tell a story on social media? [12:20]
  • What if you don’t have the time to do these things? [13:50]


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Episode 163: How To Get Your Community To Know About Your Pet Sitting Business

Picture this… there’s a huge gala going on in your community. Everyone is dressed to the nines and it’s a very high ticket event. There are local celebrities there and while at dinner they’re talking about their pets, imagine if your company’s name came up.

Here’s another example, you’re in a local Facebook group and someone is about to go on vacation, but they forgot to book a pet sitter until the last minute. They were so focused on creating a great trip and their normal pet sitter isn’t available. They ask the group who they use for pet care, wouldn’t it be amazing if your company came up overwhelmingly in the comments?

What would you do if your entire community knew about your pet sitting or dog walking services? How would that change the face of your business? Today, I want to talk to you all about how to get your community to know about your business.


Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss

Getting known has to do with getting clear on what you want to be known for. Often times this isn’t the facts or what you do, but it is how you do it that matters. There is no doubting the fact that our clients are on Facebook. Instagram is close behind. You want to be the thought leader or expert in your community, but if you have no unique presence online it’s going to be hard to accomplish. Each month you should be writing blogs, creating graphics and videos, sending emails, sharing IG stories, and more. That might seem overwhelming, but Better Marketing With Bella can actually provide those things for your business with your branding, ready to post each month.

Show Highlights

  • What is one of the biggest challenges for you and your business? [4:40]
  • What sets you apart from your competitors? [6:15]
  • How can you stand out on social media? [8:30]
  • What should you be posting each month? [11:40]
  • How can you use Better Marketing With Bella to help? [17:20]


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marketing - hard work

Episode 162: 3 Problems with Marketing Your Pet Business


I’m coming to you today to talk about how you can solve the three biggest problems you have with marketing your pet business. I’ve found that marketing either comes naturally to you or you despise it. The ones that despise it are left lying awake at night wondering how to bring in more clients than they actually want. We all dream of having our business be the one that comes to mind in our local community when they think of pet care, but it’s really hard to get there.


Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss

The most common challenges I see pet businesses face around marketing are not having the time to do it, the money and resources to fund it, or the creative juices to create it. Time is one of our most precious commodities. It almost always gets in the way of business owners working on marketing within their business. The lack of time to plan, resources to create, and creativity to produce something can lead you to share someone else’s content, which is only helping them, not you. Better Marketing With Bella can solve these marketing problems in your pet business by creating white-label videos and graphics with your branding, ready to post each month.

Show Highlights

  • What if you don’t have enough time? [4:45]
  • What resources go into marketing? [8:24]
  • How can you be creative when you’re burnt out? [12:10]
  • What if you had someone to help you? [16:00]
  • How can Better Marketing With Bella help you? [18:15]


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Episode 161: Why Rover Is Beating The Professional Pet Sitter

I wanted to talk about something pretty controversial today. Our listeners are at a myriad of levels in the pet industry from buying multiple businesses all the way to people who are on Rover or Wag and wanting to start their own professional company. I want you to take this message to heart, no longer are we mom and pop companies plugging away. There is something very unique that is changing in this business. Specifically, I’m going to be talking about why Rover (or any other app or hobby sitter) is beating the professional pet sitter.

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss

The reason why Rover or Wag might get more sign-ups than a professional pet sitter is because they’re beating us at the automation game. Pet parents don’t even get to experience how great our services are because our entire intake ignores the user experience. The experience your customer has with your business before even meeting you is paramount. Speak exactly to your avatar on your website, if I can copy and paste your website onto someone else’s site, you are doing it wrong.

Show Highlights

  • Why do Rover sitters get more sign-ups? [2:55]
  • How can we avoid people from moving on to other sitters? [8:15]
  • What is the most important part of the sales process? [9:00]
  • How can the professional sitter win against Rover? [12:15]



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Facebook Group - Mastermind - Rover

relationship marketing

Episode 159: BEST OF BELLA: Relationship Marketing & Buyer Personas With Jessika Phillips

Today for the Best of Bella series we are replaying Episode 120 with Jessika Phillips. She runs a multi-million dollar marketing firm where her major platform is relationship marketing and at the end of the day as small service providing businesses in our communities it’s all about the relationship. Jessika really leaves you with a lot of nuggets to think about that you can use in your business today, you don’t want to miss this one.


relationship marketing

Show Highlights

  • Who Is Jessika Phillips? [3:00]
  • How do I get started with relationship marketing? [7:30]
  • How do we tie in relationship marketing with buyer personas? [15:30]
  • What does a relationship marketing plan look like and how do I know if it’s working? [20:00]
  • What should we be doing on social media to start implementing relationship marketing? [26:00]
  • Describe your FREE social media toolkit? [27:15]

Original Show Notes

Jessika Phillips helps people master Relationship Marketing and as a relationship marketing evangelist she is often sought after for her approach to marketing. She’s the passionate Founder of NOW Marketing Group and host of the largest social media marketing conference in Ohio, Social Media Week Lima as well as the host of a weekly live video show called Magnet Marketers.

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss

  • When it comes to marketing, the first step is to think about how you are capturing attention. How are you standing out? Attention is the game when it comes to marketing. Usually somebody will take notice of you because you’re helping them in some way. Articulate your message in a way that’s clear and concise. Create micro-moments that will build the relationship. Make them feel excited to do business with you by creating a unique and enjoyable experience.relationship marketing


Special Offer



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How To Stop Asking The Wrong Interview Questions At A Dog Walking Interview

Picture this…. You are all excited about this new hire you just brought onto your team. They have worked at a dog rescue as a volunteer for over five years. They have three dogs of their own. Their husband makes all the money and has the health insurance and their kids have almost graduated high school, with one in college. This new hire seems like a dream come true.

And then, she becomes demanding her second week on the job. She only wants certain clients and only want to work certain hours. She doesn’t like cats, only dogs, and she always has an opinion on the way you do things.

This new hire, that you were so happy about, is now a thorn in your side. You have no idea how to actually pull out this thorn and you have to constantly watch out that it doesn’t prick you deeper. In reality, you just wish she would quit. Eventually, the resentment grows and you feel like a hostage in your own business. Does this sound familiar?

Ever wonder what actually happened? How did she go from the perfect during the interview to a witch in just 14 days?

I see this all the time. Even I have been guilty of allowing it to happen on my own team. I can’t stress how important it is to streamline the hiring process in a way that is always being perfected. To create an image in your mind, let’s call it the gauntlet…


The Hiring Gauntlet

I think it is important to keep in mind that when you start the hiring process it isn’t about you being on your high horse and having people beg to work for you. Just as it doesn’t work that way on a first date, it certainly isn’t that way during an interview. The interest has to be mutual.

Looking for people to work for you is very similar to looking for clients. You have to appear attractive and appeal to your avatar. You have to understand why they are looking for a job, what value you offer, and why they should pick you over, let’s say, Rover, Wag, or any other company.

Is it possible that your own bias got in the way because your interview process is failing you? Are you blaming it on the job market or your area? I got news for you… unemployment is at an all-time low right now – so you can blame it on whatever you want but the truth of the matter is that excuses aside you must figure out how to systematically overcome this hurdle.

The process of interviewing should not be off-putting. The initial communication shouldn’t be an application or a long list of questions. If you do this, you will decrease your chances of getting people interested in the job and therefore your conversion of the people who look at your application to those who actually apply would be under 10%.  You should always be aware of your conversion rate – it will directly tell you how attractive your hiring ad and process really are. You will learn to tweak it this way.


If You Want To Be Attractive Here Is What I Suggest You Do:

1. Have a hiring ad that talks directly to your avatar in real human language. If you are lost on what I mean by this, I have a free 3-hour training you can watch here.

2. Have under five initial knock-out questions. For example, you can qualify the area they live in, ask them how much they are looking to make or find out their availability. The hundred other questions that I know you want to ask really don’t matter at this stage in the game. How many people do you meet these days who do NOT have a smartphone? This isn’t 2005. 🙂

Once you have qualified the right type of people to be in your hiring gauntlet now the hard work begins. However, if you have software to help you with this, you won’t ever have to think of what to say again and again because it is as easy as pressing a button to move them from Phase 1 to Phase 2.

This stage could be three open-ended questions. Where they have to describe what they would do. Or, you can have it as a multiple choice. But the toughest part for you is to create these questions. Here is what I mean.

Value-based vs Skill-based Questions.

Would you agree that if you don’t like dogs, you wouldn’t be applying for this position? Would you also agree that we can basically teach people how to walk a dog, scoop cat litter, and feed the pets? If we can agree on that, then we really need to focus more on the VALUE-based questions.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say that you value treating others how you would want to be treated. How can we test for this? One way might be an open-ended question like:

You are walking home from going out to dinner. There was too much food so you are carrying a to-go box with you to save for lunch the next day. You stop at a corner and a homeless woman engages with you and asks you if you can spare any change so she can buy something to eat. What do you do?

1. Pretend you don’t hear her and keep walking. There are homeless people everywhere.
2. Tell her you don’t have any cash on you.
3. Give her money from your wallet.
4. Give her your leftovers. If they were good enough to take home, they are certainly good enough for her.

You would have to decide ahead of time which is the right answer for you and which is the TOTALLY wrong answer for you based on your values. Now, of course, one question can’t give you everything you need to know about a person so certainly you will have to ask more questions. Perhaps even testing the same thing, but knowing the RIGHT questions to ask is huge.

How do they take feedback? Are they adaptable?

I want you to watch this short clip of Trivinia Barber of Priority VA. She was our guest expert for the training we had in June about delegation. Listen to what she says about asking questions, role-playing, and feedback. Can you incorporate this into your business?


This is a great example, showing how the ability to adapt to situations could help give you insight into your applicant’s ability.

Stop Asking The Wrong Questions:

Ever since pet sitters started interviewing I’ve seen the same questions come up again and again.

“If you walked into a home and there was poop everywhere, what would you do?”
“If you walked into a home and the dog looked like he was in distress, what would you do?”

All these questions are something you would train the employee for. You would tell them your protocol. Typically the first step is “call the office.”

If you can ask the right questions before you hire people… how much better hires will you make? Would you have to let people go after two weeks? There is always room for improvement and this task is never 100% perfected. Maybe what I said here helps ignite something in your system that you can test. Perhaps you want to know more of what Trivinia said or wish you had software to help you with all of this?

Well in true Bella fashion I will never give you more problems to solve, so you can:
1. Join the Mastermind to watch the entire 1 hour training with Trivinia and 15 other high-level experts we have had over the past year.
2. Grab your trial of JazzHr, 50% off, my hiring ads, and knockout questions here.

Just ask yourself… Am I asking the right questions to understand this person’s values? You need to hire for attitude and train for skill.

Jump Mastermind - Interview

join a mastermind

What You Need To Know Before You Join A Mastermind for Your Pet Business

Have you ever wondered if you should join a mastermind? It’s a good question for many business owners who are ready to take it to the next level and who want the extra support and guidance from people they really respect. Today, I want to dive deep taking a look at what Masterminds are, what they are not, and what you should consider before you join a mastermind. Are they all created equal? What makes some have a greater impact than others?

pet sitter join a mastermind

 What is a Mastermind?

A Mastermind is a group of people that come together to help one another.  Typically they have a difference of opinions, resources, and experiences which makes the group even more powerful.

It is a place where members can work through ideas, make plans, and overcome challenges with many minds at once.  It is a place they can feel safe and say things they normally wouldn’t publically and in an environment where members can be challenged and vulnerable all at the same time.

If you join a mastermind you can expect to have structured meetings, strong attendance, and expectations placed on all members as a cornerstone to maintaining membership. Some masterminds meet in person weekly, others meet virtually, some meet once a quarter at different locations around the country.

A way to illustrate the mentality of a Mastermind is a gang. I know that might sound a bit harsh but think about it:  They all hang together, they act as one unit, and they all influence each other’s decisions.

They also hold each other accountable.

join a mastermind pet sitter

 Why Would Someone Want To Join a Mastermind?

There are endless obvious and not so obvious reasons why someone would want to join a mastermind. Sometimes it is for selfish reasons; they want to get as much from the group as possible. Sometimes it is for selfless reasons; sometimes they want to give back. Some because they just want to be apart of a bigger body that is moving.

Feel Alone in Business

Many business owners simply feel all alone. Their friends and family just don’t understand their business. They don’t have many friends on or offline that understand what they do or have the same attitude towards growth that they do.

Sometimes it just feels like we are trying to convince people that we even have a business and no one really believes us. Oh my daughter walks dogs” is typically the way someone shows they “understand” what we do. When you join a mastermind everyone intimately understands exactly what you do.


join mastermind

They Have No Support

When things go good, there is rarely anyone that understands the depth of the strength it took to reach that achievement. When things are bad, it always feels like no one understands. Maybe some might pretend to understand, but in the end, all they are looking to do is tell you what they think you should have done and how wrong you really are (according to them). The people who join a mastermind tend to invite the support into their lives both good and constructive.

Again, the group think offers many opinions, resources, and advice.

Big Fish in a Small Pond

I know many business owners who are on the top of their game. They have a fresh outlook on their business, a positive mindset, and embrace failures as ways to learn. Unfortunately, not everyone is like that and sometime you will feel like you are surrounded by a bunch of people who are small fish with simple minds.

A business owner must be careful of where he or she spends their time because hanging out this crowd too long can severely hurt your business. If you join a mastermind you can be prepared to feel like a small fish in a big pond. It will offer you a chance to learn, grow, and explore the possibilities.


join a mastermind dog walker

 What Masterminds Are Not:

If you want to join a mastermind, it is important to understand what they are not. Sometimes people get masterminds confused with something else and it is important to be clear what they are not so you aren’t surprised.

They Are Not Coaching Groups

If you are expecting to get one on one coaching from the Mastermind leader, then joining a mastermind might not be right for you. It gets a little tricky here as some had a hard time finding the distinction between this group think and coaching. While you might feel like there is a little overlap, a Mastermind isn’t coaching.

When you hire a business coach you are getting to work one on one through challenges and there is often direct teachings specifically for you. The beauty of a Mastermind is learning not only when the spotlight is on you, but also when it is on others and they are learning lessons that you can directly apply to your business.

In fact, most of the learning happens when you witness others journies throughout it!

It is Not a Place To Vent

Masterminds are focused on solutions. They solve problems, together as a group. They have a positive, can do, we-believe-in-you attitude and a lot of encouragement sprinkled into everything. It is not a place to come and complain without looking for a solution. It is not a place to vent or moan and groan. When you join a Mastermind it is about overcoming your challenges and by the end, you should feel confident knowing exactly how you can move forward in conquering your obstacles.

You Can’t Be a Wallflower if You Join a Mastermind

The Mastermind will not be successful without everyone participating, and that means you! If you were at a business networking meeting, you might be able to get away with sitting at the bar and letting the room work you… but not in a Mastermind. You need to support your fellow members. You need to offer advice and encouragement and you need to show up and be on time. Afterall, that is what you want them to do for you, right?

“Be prepared to work and you will reap the benefits. What you put in is what you will get out of it.”
Alix DiLorenzo Homeward Bound
Jump Mastermind founding member



join a mastermind pet business

What To Expect if You Join A Mastermind

Admittedly, this concept is pretty new to the pet industry…no one is really doing any of these so I want to break it down to show you exactly what Masterminds are all about.

They are laser focused:

This means that the participants are directly out to do a certain goal or task. Each group might achieve this differently.

I am in a Mastermind with under five people. This masterminds task is to put one person in the hot seat at our weekly meeting and we all help that one person figure out a challenge, create a roadmap, and the person usually commits to achieving that duty by the next meeting.

In other masterminds when you have larger groups, sometimes there are monthly themes. Where everything you talk about that month has to do with the theme.

“When considering a mastermind, be ready to do the work. Be ready to be laser focused and use valuable advice that is not available anywhere else.” 
Kelly Harrell Tails Around Town
Jump Mastermind Founding Member.


They Are Member Driven:

Just like you can’t be absent and it isn’t a coaching session, the true “mastermind” happens when all the group members put their heads together for the common good of the group. The group is driven by the memberships ability to support one another.

 “Being in a Mastermind Group helps you to break through your fear and make some powerful choices that you would not otherwise have done. It helps you to GET REAL with yourself and your business. Everyone in the group has something to bring to the table. If you have a challenge, you can get some answers from someone in the group that has probably gone through it before and can help you. It is all about sharing because the members of a mastermind group tend to be so open about their past mistakes and so open to helping.” 
Maureen Dunn Mccarthy   Love and Kisses Pet Sitting
Jump Consulting Founding Member


The Leadership of The Group Matters:

Although it isn’t a coaching group, the leader of the group should have some clout with the members. They are the captain of the ship leading and guiding the group down the road. Leadership will help create topics, have experts come in, keep the tone of the group, enforce the rules, keep the meetings on target. They will also hand select or approve the group members entering the group so you can be assured that there has been some vetting done.

Alternatively, if there is a leader who doesn’t have resources, knowledge, or authority over leading a group of people, it might end up being a bit chaotic. I’d ask yourself, how much do you believe in the leader?

“The most important thing for any business owner deciding what mastermind to join is who the founder is. Are they the rare individual who has the charisma, eloquence, grit, heroism and, above all, love to believe in you when you’re battle-scarred and you don’t even believe in yourself? Do they have a plan and vision for the people they bring together? Do they understand what it takes to succeed from deep inside? Do they challenge and drive you to walk up the mountain to see the planets align for the first time in all your years of business and life?”
Asha Olivia  Hoby Dogy
Jump Consulting Mastermind Member

There is Usually an Investment:

What separates one group from another? Cost.

You will automatically value something if you have to invest your hard-earned money. If you didn’t invest, you have nothing to lose and often the way to treat “it” will change. Just think the last time you were given something for free vs something you had to save up and buy? You valued the one that took a lot of work to acquire!

Masterminds have a wide range of costs. I have heard of some as much as $60,000 a YEAR and I have heard of some at $19 a month. The cost also creates exclusivity. Not everyone can just join. There is an investment to have your seat, to have the privilege, of being around a group of like-minded individuals. Cost should be a factor that you should consider as a tool that ensures that you are surrounded by serious people.

You Need To Show Up Consistently!

Masterminds rely heavily on the group all being present. Regular meetings require that you get to know one another so attendance is a must! Even if the group doesn’t have you in the hot seat that day, there is still a lot you can learn from others going through challenges in their business and you might have the key piece of advice that help that business owner.

The group is only as good as the members that show up! If no one showed up, there would be no group. It also helps hold members accountable.

You have to understand the group takes time to participate and that you have to be prepared to: -take time to invest in yourself by achieving your goals which may mean you work more at first to reap the benefit of letting go. -be pushed by your peers -get exceptional advice from other bus owners like you from their own trial and errors. “
Katie Westerfield Homeward Bound Pet Care
Jump Mastermind Founding Member

Is a Mastermind Right For You?

It is always tough to tell if the Mastermind would be right for you. At the very least, I think you should contact the organizer of the group you are looking to join because they will be able to tell you.

Now, if you are like me, you are probably saying, “yeah right Bella! They just want to “sell” me to join the group” But here is the thing – it actually hurts them if you aren’t the right fit and join. One bad apple could through the entire group mojo off and the group leader

If you are at the point in your business you want to be held accountable, feel like you want to take your business to the next level but need a bit of group think to expand your horizons and cheer you on… a Mastermind could be for you. It is just as much about giving as receiving and the networking that naturally happens in these groups tends to create forever friendships!

jump consulting mastermind

Episode 62: The Do’s & Don’ts Of Hiring Pet Sitting Employees

As a pet sitting business owner, one of the most challenging hurdles you may encounter is hiring the right staff to help you grow your business. Many reach a point where they absolutely cannot take on anymore clients, unless they bring on some extra hands. But hiring is not as easy as it may seem, it requires a lot of consideration and preparation to make sure you’re hiring a HERO rather than a ZERO.

On this episode, Bella is joined by three successful pet sitting business owners who have been through the process many times before. Listen in as they share their personal stories, tips, and tricks for hiring the perfect pet sitting employees. In three 10-minute segments, you will learn from the best in the business, and gain valuable insights that will help you make the right hiring decisions for your pet sitting business. Don’t miss out on this exciting episode!

Biggest Take Aways:

  • What is the best way to find pet sitting employees?
  • What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made when hiring pet sitting employees?
  • What’s your best secret that you would tell your old self about hiring pet sitting employees
pet sitters

Maureen McCarthy

Maureen McCarthy has worked with dogs and cats either grooming or pet sitting since 1980.  When she moved to North Carolina in 2006, she started Love and Kisses Pet Sitting  which she continues to successfully operate today. Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is now an award winning company (4 years and counting!), honored as the recipient of the Best Pet Sitting Business In Union County. Additionally, Maureen’s business has attained the 2015 and 2016 Angie’s List Super Service Award. Maureen now has 21 pet sitting employees working for her, all of which she requires to continually undergo continuing education to ensure they provide the best service possible.

pet sitting business

David Steinberg

David Steinberg founded David’s Pet Sitting while studying in graduate school to become a therapist at the UConn School of Social Work. Luckily, the program was located in his hometown (West Hartford). His friends then demanded he watched their pets when they went away. David happily obliged and before he knew it, David’s Pet Services was a thing.  David now has a number of employee’s working under him, and is continuing to hire more and more while honing the process.

In 2003 Cara Armour co-founded Active Paws Inc., in the Boston, MA area. In 2009, Cara won Pet Sitter of the Year. She is decorated in many accolades and even expanded to opening a grooming and holistic pet supply store.

small business

Cara Armour

Since 2003, Cara has been trained by the American Red Cross as well as several veterinarians in Pet First Aid and CPR. In 2011 she completed an instructor training course and became a certified Pet First Aid and CPR instructor. In 2015 she co-founded an online Pet First Aid academy and now works as a product and marketing manager for ProPetHero, the Pet First Aid and CPR division of ProTrainings. 

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Episode 57: Lead Through Strengths With Lisa Cummings


On this episode, Bella spends time with Lisa Cummings, Founder of Lead Through Strengths.  Lisa talks about how it is her life’s mission to help people get over their obsession of fixing weaknesses instead of focusing on their strengths, the things that make them happy, give them energy and make them successful.

pet sitter marketing

Lisa Cummings

“Notice what works to get more of what works!” – Lisa Cummings

Pay attention to what is working. Make sure in your customer surveys you aren’t just asking what needs improvement. Ask customers what they loved most about the various parts of the service. You may find that some simple little thing you do, like giving out a little “report card” at the end of a stay, may be the thing that keeps them coming back and gets them referring you. After all, it is easier to replicate what is working for you than to try to figure out the 50 or 60 potential solutions to something one client says they don’t like.

To zero in on your strengths Lisa recommends the book Strengthsfinder 2.0 which gives you a code to take an online strengths survey. It gets away from skills and knowledge and helps you find your natural talents, the way you think, feel and act that feel good to you. It gives a filter for helping figure out the best way for you to approach issues. The book explains the definition of the 34 potential talent themes revealed by the survey.

Another way to zero in on strengths is to look for what brings you ease, energy and enjoyment. If a particular activity causes you to lose track of time, stop and exam just what about it really kept you engaged.

On her website, Lisa  has a list of things you may want “more of” in your daily life. It can give you clues as to what activities you are more attracted to.

Two books that Lisa recommends are First Break All the Rules by Gallup Press and Now Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham. She says that if you read them from the standpoint of managing people and then combine that with a strengthsfinder of those people you manage it is most helpful in managing people.

When you have a business challenge imagine putting it through a funnel.  You drop it in at the top and you filter it through all the top talents and strengths in your business.  Try thinking how to solve it using each of those strengths.  Lisa says is causes your brain to think in ways it normally doesn’t and can lead to some creative solutions.

One first step you can take is to decide what you want your company to remembered for and what you want to be remembered for. Come up with a list of words and phrases around that which will serve as an outline of what is most important to you.  Another is to list out the values that are important to you. Lisa has a list of values on her website you can use as a reference.

Lisa also recommends finding out similar information from your customers.  Casually ask customers what word or words come to mind when they think of you or your business.

Finally, she suggests you make a list of at least 100 responses to “I am good at _________!”. It helps you not only affirm how much you are good at but you can group them into trends and see if you are truly applying them in your business.

About Lisa

Lisa Cummings has delivered training & speaking events to over 9,000 participants in 14 countries. You can see her featured in places like Harvard Business Publishing, Training Magazine, and Forbes. She’s the CEO of a company called Lead Through Strengths. When she’s not out spotting strengths with teams, you’ll find her rescuing stray dogs or playing drums in her band Spiral Mischief.

Links mentioned in this episode

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hiring dog walkers

Review: The Top Websites For Hiring Pet Sitters & Hiring Dog Walkers

When hiring pet sitters or hiring dog walkers, it can be difficult knowing where to start. There are so many different websites out there where you can post job ads – so how do you know which one is the most lucrative? Today we bring you a review of the top sources for hiring for your pet sitting business, so you know which ones to invest your time into.

Review: The Top Websites for Hiring Pet Sitters & Hiring Dog Walkershiring dog walkers


Indeed describes itself as the world’s #1 job site. And we can’t blame them. They pull in over 200 million unique visitors to their site every month. One of the main reasons why Indeed is great is because it’s FREE to post jobs. Or if you’re really in a pinch, there is an option to pay for your ads so that they are shown to more applicants. Plus, if you’re feeling extra proactive, you can search through resumes and invite potential applicants to apply for your job.

One of the reasons that Indeed is NOT so great however, is because you’ll get a lot of bogus and spam applicants. I’m talking about people that are just sending out their resume to the masses, with no regard to what the job is. I know some pet sitters that have had to wade through over 100 applicants to find 1 or 2 winners. But the reality is that hiring takes time, and wading through applicants you can automatically disqualify is just part of the process. No matter what, you have to stick with it!

Check out what other business owners have to say about Indeed:

Indeed has been a useful resource for us – drives the most applicants. However, applicants almost never send anything helpful via Indeed. We send back a standard response of ‘Thanks for your interest, please apply via our website.’ That helps narrow down the pool a bit!” -Robin Brown, Manhattan Mutt Company LLC

“Very few of the folks on Indeed bothered to read my posting. The ones who had relevant experience often didn’t bother with the cover letter and very few sent a cover letter at all.” – Annamarie Hessman


Craigslist can be another great source for hiring pet sitters and hiring dog walkers. The website has been around for over 20 years, and has quickly become the premiere website for posting classified ads. Another great thing about Craigslist is that it is totally free to use. It is also is really great about protecting your privacy. When you post an ad, applicants will be able to contact you without seeing your email.

TIP: Try posting your hiring ad in multiple categories such as part time, gigs, domestic, etc. This will allow you to reach more applicants!

But, Craigslist does have some downfalls. There is a lot of spam job ads on Craigslist, which lessens it’s credibility. A lot of people do not consider Craigslist a legitimate source for applying to jobs. It may be harder to reach the demographic you’re aiming for.

Here’s what pet sitters have to say about Craigslist:

“Craigslist has been the biggest success with 3 amazing employees.” – Nicole Brown, Miami Pet Concierge


Hireology is a little different than your typical job posting site. Think of it more as a hiring “hub.” According to their website, Hireology allows you to manage all hiring activity from their platform. This includes writing job descriptions, posting to job boards, interview candidates, and running background checks. It allows you to keep all of your information in one place, including applications, resumes, interview notes, etc.

Keep in mind that Hireology is not free! If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you’ll have to request a free demo. If you like the software, there will be an additional cost, which is determined by the size of your business, how many employees you currently have etc. Hireology is also billed on either an annual or multi-year basis. One business owner reported paying $400 for one year.

“Hireology is a portal for CL [Craigslist] and Indeed for me. I do not plan on renewing after this year. My company is not big enough, nor do I hire enough people to justify the elaborate portal.” – Julie Fredrick, The Pet Sitter Of Boise


Nextdoor is also a successful platform for hiring pet sitters or hiring dog walkers. For those of you who don’t know what NextDoor is, think of it as Facebook for your neighborhood. You’ll be able to interact with your neighbors, share reviews of services, post classified ads, etc. It’s the go-to place to find all about what’s happening in your neighborhood.

For pet sitting businesses, it’s a great way to reach local talent and potential clients. You’re able to advertise your business as well as post job postings. But there is a downside – Nextdoor recently partnered with Rover, so they do give preferential treatment to Rover sitters. They have also implemented a pet directory, which is a plus, so you’ll be able to see which of your neighbors have pets. Good information!

“NextDoor is a disaster. I was ostracized for trying to help a neighbor find her missing dog, but when I gave her my email address someone accused me of soliciting business. Apparently, you’re not allowed to advertise your personal business on this site.” – Nicole Brown, Miami Pet Concierge


Facebook, the most popular social media outlet in the world, has rapidly become another premiere platform for hiring. Although they have just rolled out their new job posting feature, many pet sitters say it is useless at this point. Not many people are using it yet.

Some business owners say that by posting their ad on their business page, and then boosting the post via a Facebook advertisement has proven very lucrative. Definitely something to consider!

No matter which platform you choose to utilize to post your hiring ads, one thing is for sure: you must always be hiring! Admittedly, there are many problems that can arise when hiring, but it is still so important that you continue to do it, regardless. I preach this time and time again because I still get stories of pet sitters who are stuck. Business owners that have to bend to the whims of their employees because they can’t afford to lose them. I can’t stress enough how important it is that you are in control. After all, a ship can’t sail without it’s captain!

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dog walking deal


Bella in your business pet sitting podcast

Episode 46: Website Copy, SEO, Blogging, & FB Live With Jen Phillips April

On this episode of “Bella in your Business” Bella speaks with Jen Phillips April, an SEO copywriter and social media trainer. They discuss different ways of impacting the traffic you get from search engines.

blogging SEO pet sitting business

Jen Phillips April

Specifically they discuss:

  • Website copy (the words on your website) and how you need to rewrite so people can find your page more easily when searching
  • The wide range of searches user are doing these days
  • How consistent blogging can affect your SEO
  • The importance of Facebook Live to attract customers.

Jen Phillips April’s online marketing journey started way back in 2005 with a dog treat recipe site. Using content and the best practices of SEO, she grew that site to 87, 500 visitors/month. These days, she works with clients like pet sitters and dog trainers. She writes their website copy so it gets found by Google (and their target market) and she also offers training on social media and SEO. When she is not working with her clients, she is usually reading a novel, practicing her Down Dog or cooking up a delicious meal.

Check out Jen’s free 5 day email course on “How To Gain MASSIVE Visibility with Facebook Live in Only 5 Minutes a Day — Even if You’ve Never “Done” Video Before.” 

You can find out more at www.jenphillipsapril.com

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pet sitting videos

A Quick Guide On EXPLODING Your Business With Pet Sitting Videos

Video is TOTALLY exploding right now. Seriously. If you’re not taking advantage of using pet sitting videos in your business, it’s never too late to start. You’ve heard me time and time again talk for days about how important video is for your business and how it can help explode your social media following. However, I understand that it can be difficult figuring out where to start. So today, let me break it down for you with all your options.

But first… mark my words, you will be left in the dust if you don’t start producing video in your pet business. Just ask Maureen McCarthy of Love & Kisses Pet Sitting how she has been able to generate an EXTRA $5,000 a MONTH using FB LIVE!

A Quick Guide On EXPLODING Your Business With Pet Sitting Videos

pet sitting videos

Okay so here is the breakdown:

Facebook Live

Facebook live is new, exciting, and more popular than ever. Do you guys ever feel like you see me ALL THE TIME? I hope you do! It’s because I’m on live video with you all almost every day. You can do this with your business too! Viewers will feel like they’re connected with your business and will love seeing insight on to what pet sitting is really like.

Plus, while you’re going live you can respond to questions and see what others are commenting to make the experience even more interactive.

Find out more here.

Check out Catherine from David’s Pet Services knocking it out of the park with live video:

Facebook Dual Screen

This is exactly what it sounds like – a Facebook Live Video of you + another person side by side chatting it up with your viewers! You could do a dual screen video with you and one of your employees, a vet that’s endorsed you, another business owner in the area etc. Find people to talk to that have relevant content to share with your audience. It’s a quick and easy way to help grow your Facebook following as well as forming relationships with whoever you go live with.

Check out this Facebook Dual Screen video I did with Stephanie Liu all about Live Streaming:


Facebook Messenger Day & Facebook Stories

With Facebook Messenger Day & Facebook Stories, you’re encouraged to upload some selfies or quick pet sitting videos throughout the day so your followers can see what you’re up to. So what’s the difference between this and Facebook Live video? Everything on Facebook Messenger Day & Facebook Stories disappears after 24 hours! So you don’t want to put anything on here you want to keep for later. It’s yet another way to keep your followers engaged and connected in what you’re doing.

You can also add fun filters, color, and text if you want to get a little goofy. Plus you can also see who watches your stories!

After these four features, umm, are you convinced that Facebook wants you ON camera?

Fun Fact: Did you know we will be consuming 80% of our content via VIDEO by 2020?

Here’s Haleigh from Presidential Pet Care checking in and connecting with her base:

Okay, moving on … there are also these programs to help you produce video.

Video Production Software

OBM – It’s a free software for both PC & Mac. Ability to add transitions, filters, etc. to create professional looking pet sitting videos.

Ecamm LiveThis software is geared towards creating professional looking Facebook Live videos. It streams in HD and has the ability to add overlays, text, and animations. You can also broadcast pre-recorded if you wish as well as picture-in-picture. It only costs $29.95 and is a STEAL!!! Think about all the “this is how you sign up” and “this is how you update your pet’s infomation” videos you can do!

YouTube – well duh! I don’t think I need to explain what YouTube is, but in case you don’t know, it is the largest video production platform on the Internet. You set up your own “channel” where you can produce pet sitting videos and your followers can like, subscribe, and comment on videos to keep engaged.

iMovie – This one is only for Macs. It’s a great, simple editing software that’s perfect for beginners. Very easy to learn and you can create pet sitting videos that look professional.

Looking For Someone To Follow Who Is Always On The Cutting Edge?

George B Thomas! Friend him. Follow him. He is a totally cool guy. And if you want to hear more from him check out this video he and I did together:

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Bella in your business pet sitting podcast

Episode 43: Helping Your Clients Deal With Pet Loss Grief With Wendy Van de Poll

In this episode, Bella speaks with Wendy Van de Poll, the founder of The Center for Pet Loss Grief and an international best selling and award-winning author and speaker. They discuss pet loss grief and what pet professionals can say and do to be supportive to their clients in their loss. They also talk about how pet professionals can deal with their own grief.

Topics covered are:

  • What is pet loss grief
  • What you as a pet professional should do when a client gets the news that their pet has a terminal illness
  • How to help your clients when their pets die
  • What you shouldn’t say or do
  • How a pet professional can deal with their own grief over losing an animal client
Pet Loss Grief

Wendy Van de Poll

Wendy Van de Poll is a pioneering leader in the field of pet loss grief support. She is dedicated to providing a safe place for her clients to express their grief over the loss of their pets. What makes Wendy successful with her clients is that she get’s grief! “Over the years I’ve dealt with my own grief and helping many families communicate and connect with their pets long after their loss. It’s what I’ve done since I was just 5 yrs old!”

She is compassionate and supportive to all who know her. Her passion is to help people when they are grieving over the loss of a pet and her larger than life love for animals has led her to devote her life to the mission of increasing the quality of life between animals and people no matter what stage they are in their cycle of life! She has been called the animal whisperer. She is a Certified End of Life and Pet Grief Support Coach, Certified Pet Funeral Celebrant, Animal Medium and Communicator. She is the founder of The Center for Pet Loss Grief and an international best selling and award-winning author and speaker. She holds a Master’s of Science degree in Wolf Ecology and Behavior and has run with wild wolves in Minnesota, coyotes in Massachusetts and foxes in her backyard. She lives in the woods with her husband, two crazy birds, her rescue dog Addie and all kinds of wildlife.

You can find out more about Wendy and the Center for Pet Loss Grief at https://centerforpetlossgrief.com.

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Bella in your business pet sitting podcast

Episode 42: How To Use Facebook Groups and Video In Your Pet Sitting Business

On this episode Bella speaks with Maureen McCarthy, owner of Love and Kisses Pet Sitting. Bella has found Maureen’s use of Facebook groups, social media, and video to be an awesome example of how to market.  Bella gets the scoop from Maureen, about how Facebook groups can be a great way to connect and expand your reach as a business. Maureen started a group for her own community called What’s Up Indiana Trail and it has grown like wild fire. Through it, she has been able to get more people engaged on her own facebook page and grown her business.

They also discuss Facebook Live videos – which if you’ve been listening to me for awhile, you know that I consider video as a MUST HAVE in your business. Maureen discusses with Bella how exactly she started doing Facebook Live videos with both her and her staff and the direct effect they’ve had on her business revenue.

She talks with Maureen about:

Facebook Groups In Your Pet Sitting Business

Maureen McCarthy

  • The Facebook group she started.
  • Why she started the group
  • How much work is involved
  • How successful it has been
  • How she got into doing videos

Her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IndianTrailPetSitter/

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pet sitter facebook groups

What Makes Up Good Pet Sitter Facebook Groups?

Facebook groups are quickly becoming a premiere way to make meaningful connections and expand your network. There is seriously a Facebook group for EVERYTHING. As pet sitting business owners, many of you may be a part of (or are interested in joining) a pet sitter Facebook group. So, today we’re going to talk about what exactly makes pet sitter Facebook groups worth joining.

What Makes Up Good Pet Sitter Facebook Groups?

pet sitter facebook groups

Screening Process

When joining a Facebook group, it’s definitely important to determine whether or not the group “screens” the incoming members. Generally, it is better that the group HAS a screening process than not. This ensures that the right types of people fit the group.

In pet sitter Facebook groups, you’ll see a lot of non-pet sitters try to join them. This is because some people will join groups in mass to promote their own product/service. So, once there’s too many of these kinds of people, the integrity of the group is lost. It’s now just become a self-promotion page.

For example, in the “I Own A Pet Sitting Company W/Staff” Facebook group (sponsored by yours truly), we message every single person who wants to join the group. Why? Because we want to cultivate a certain type of community. And because we feel that quality is much more important than quantity.

Free Resources For Pet Sitter Facebook Groups

Many pet sitter Facebook groups actually offer group members free resources. You’ll typically see this in groups sponsored by pet business coaches or pet businesses themselves. Some of the free resources we offer in our pet sitter Facebook groups include a pet sitter networking guide and a  20 minute coaching session, just to name a couple.

Number Of Moderators

Pet sitter Facebook groups usually either have one moderator or a number of them. Typically the moderator is either a pet industry veteran or a pet business coach.

It’s usually better to have a group of moderators in order to ensure the group runs smoothly. Multiple moderators screening incoming members, reading and answering posts, and posting content can all be beneficial to the group.

With a large group, it can be difficult for one moderator to keep up on all of the posts. Multiple moderators help manage what type of content is allowed. This can in turn benefit the overall quality of the group.

The True Benefit Of Pet Sitter Facebook Groups

The ultimate resource of being in these pet sitter Facebook groups is that you can network. Pet business owners can connect with other pet business owners around the country. These groups provide a platform where you can get valuable insider advice and answers to your burning questions. It’s a great way to not feel ALONE in your business – which is really important.

Pet Sitter Facebook Groups

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pet sitting facebook group

Episode 32: Amy Schmittauer Explains Video In Her New Book VLog Like A Boss

In this episode of “Bella In Your Business”, Bella speaks with Amy Schmittauer from the popular YouTube series Savvy Sexy Social

In this episode they discuss what a Vlog is, and how and why Amy got into it.  They also talk about how pet sitters can use video to enhance their business and marketing and some tips on how to overcome that fear of being on camera.

Amy’s newly released book Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging just launched on Jan 31st and just by listening to this episode, you might win a free copy.

Want to join our book club?

The Jumpers in my FB group voted for Amy’s book as our next book club read. If you would like to join us, we start the middle of February. You can get a copy of her book here and join our FB book club group here


Amy Schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer  is the Vlog Boss. As a new media triple threat —YouTuber, Keynote Speaker and Author—she coaches people to go after what they want in life and leverage online video to make it happen.

Creator of the popular YouTube series Savvy Sexy Social, her channel boasts a global community and millions of views.  And let’s not forget she is Mama to an adorable Beagle named LUCY.

In Amy’s first book Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging, she shares her collection of strategies and tactics to help you create video that gets the attention you deserve.

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Britt Alwerud

Episode 31: Types of Apps

In this episode of “Bella In Your Business”, Bella speaks with Britt Alwerud from Handlr.  They discuss  the top 9 apps they think are great for the Pet Sitting business.

The apps they discuss are:

Britt Alwerud

Britt Alwerud lives in Los Angeles, CA with her menagerie of furbabies – two Goldens, Daisy and Taj, two cats, Tiger and Monkey, two horses named Gracie and Moo, and a chameleon named Larry. Britt owns DogZenergy in San Diego, CA. Now she’s the full-time Founder and CEO of Handlr. Handlr is the ultimate business app for busy pet sitters who are looking to automate and grow their business. Learn more about Handlr by clicking here or email her at britt@myhandlr.com. You can also find Britt on Instagram @doggonetechgirl or follow Handlr on Twitter @myhandlr for weekly business tips.

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Episode 30: Proven Social Media Marketing Methods

Britney Young, Social Media Marketing Manager

Britney Young, Social Media Marketing Manager

In this episode, Bella talks to Britney Young. Britney is a digital marketing professional and social media enthusiast. Her day-to-day life as a social media marketing manager includes: finding/curating relevant content to post to social channels, analyzing post data and post performance to see key trends or spikes in engagement, looking for relevant industry influencers to connect with, and responding to customer inquires, etc.

They discuss:

  • What a social marketing manager does
  • The pros and cons of using automatic republishers like Meet Edgar
  • How often should you post
  • What should you be posting
  • What you should be doing with all of those pet pictures you post
  • Their favorite apps for doctoring up pictures
  • The differences in the social media channels and a good workflow for pushing one post through many of them.
  • Focusing your efforts on a few selected channels.
  • Knowing your audience and finding out what channel works best for them.Apps mentioned:
    – Canva
    – Abobe Spark
    – Pixaby

For more information about Britney Young, you can find her on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/britneynyoung/

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Episode 29: What Type of Pet Sitter is Best for Rover Type Websites?

In this Episode Bella talks with Walt Galvin, an independent contractor working for Rover.  They discuss how sites like Rover can be a viable option for some pet sitters and walkers who are just starting out or want to keep it simple.

Walt Gavin, independent contractor with Rover.

Walt Galvin, independent contractor with Rover.

Some of the advantages include:

  • Not having to handle payments from clients
  • Saving  time and money but not having to handle marketing
  • Not having to deal with all kinds of administrative headaches and paperwork.
  • Ability to set your own work schedule

For Walt it has turned into a substantial retirement income and he points out that it is also a good option for those who don’t have the desire to hire other sitters and walkers as staff.  Walt also recommends that you pay close attention to the service agreements, particularly in regards to what insurance covers and you may need to purchase additional insurance to cover yourself.

Many of these online websites do not provide adequate coverage for the pet sitters. Only the clients.

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Episode 28: How To Pet Sit for Aggressive Dogs

In this episode, Bella speaks with Jennifer Taylor, the Founder and owner of JenLovesPets, an award-winning San Diego pet sitting and dog walking company.

After sitting down with Jennifer in her home town of San Diego, Bella was so impressed with the vast knowledge and stories that Jen has that she immediately knew she had to be on a podcast with the intent to help elevate the pet industry when it comes to approaching and accepting clients who are aggressive or fearful.

In This Episode:

aggressive dogs

Jennifer Taylor, JenLovesPets.com

Bella and Jen talk about “aggressive” dogs and how people often lump fearful dogs into the same category. Jennifer discusses some of the causes of aggression and ways to overcome it.

Listen in as they discuss:

1. What is the difference between fearful and aggressive dogs?

2. What advice would you have for a sitter who encounters a fearful or aggressive dog during a consultation? What steps should they take to ensure their safety?

3. What if that situation was that pet sitter’s staff member? How can one train their staff to acknowledge these types of pets and alert management?

4. Tell me a success story with a two and four legged client and how you were able to create a happy environment for that pet (the one you told me)

5. Where can sitters go to get more education on this topic for themselves and their staff?

They also discuss how a pet sitter would go about working with a fearful dog by including dog behavioralists and trainers on the team. Jen also lists some great resources for those who want to work with fearful dogs.

Mentioned In The Episode:
The Pet Professional Guild – http://www.petprofessionalguild.com/

pet first aid training online

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Episode 25: Compassion Fatigue

Holly Cook, author of My End of the Leash

Holly Cook, author of My End of the Leash

In this episode of “Bella In Your Business”, Bella speaks with Holly Cook, author of My End of the Leash: Compassion Fatigue From a Pet Sitter’s Perspective.

She started pet sitting in 1994, and won the Pet Sitters International,  Pet Sitter of the Year award in 2004;  She has been serving the pet sitting industry by becoming a state Ambassador for PSI in 2005. She has also authored several articles presented at many pet sitting conferences. She has developed donation drives for communities devastated by disaster (From Missouri floods in 1993, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina to Hurricane Sandy.). 

Holly also became a certified Compassion Fatigue Educator through the University of Tennessee School Of  Veterinary Social Work in 2016. To say she is an advocate for the pets and the people who care for them is an understatement. 

Bella and Holly discuss what compassion fatigue is and how it differs from “burn out”  Holly discloses traits common among those susceptible to compassion fatigue including:

  • Being a highly dedicated professional
  • Always expecting positive feedback about work
  • High demand for personal competence
  • A personal history of exhaustion
  • A large workload
  • Lack of trauma training
  • Identification with those in their care
  • Those is a non-supportive work environment or unsupportive friends and family

Holly then details some of the symptoms of compassion fatigue:

  • Bone-tired exhaustionpet sitter compassion fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Persistent physical ailments
  • Apprehension
  • Over exaggerated startle reflex
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Abnormal anger
  • Rumination or excessive thoughts about an incident
  • Clumsiness
  • Nightmares and flashbacks
  • Difficulty concentrating and forgetfulness
  • Tendency to isolate from other people
  • Inability to make a decision
  • Intrusive imagery
  • Reduced ability to feel sympathy or empathy toward other people or animals
  • Denial of any of the above symptoms

Grab her book here: My End of the Leash: Compassion Fatigue From a Pet Sitter’s Perspective

If you feel like this might be you, Holly encourages you to take the quiz on her website

Learn more about Holly and her book in a previous article we wrote back in June when her book originally came out.

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rover insurance

What Insurance Does A Rover & DogVacay Pet Sitter Need?

Rover and Dogvacay do a great job at providing basic, broad insurance to their independent contractors, but is that enough? The answer to this question will vary with every pet sitter, but generally speaking, the answer is no.

Most pet sitters like to be covered if something were to happen at the meet and greet, while on a walk with a dog and they were attacked by another dog, or simply put, if they hurt themselves… These types of situations generally are not covered by the liability insurance provided to the members of these sites. However, their own pets in their own home are covered, which is something that is above and beyond a typical industry standard.

In order to make sense of what pet sitters, dog sitter, dog walkers, and pet boarders really need to know about their policies, I invited David Pearsall of Business Insurers of the Carolina’s on to help breakdown what we need to know and what to look for:

NOTE: This is not a recommendation. Always consult your insurance agent, or David, or support at Rover or Dogvacay to get the expert opinion for your situation. 🙂


*Rover has declined to be interviewed or join a pannel.

The full transcript can be found below. If there are any spots that you have questions about, feel free to search and listen to the actual video to understand the context.

Full Transcript:

Bella: Welcome everybody, my name is Bella Vasta from Jump Consulting and today, we are going to blow the lead off of everything insurance, if you are a pet sitter, just starting out and listed on one of those popular online places. Today, I have with me, someone that you should get to know pretty well if you don’t know already. His name is David Pearsall and he is from business insurance of the Carolinas.

David, thank you for taking some time out to be here with me today.

David: sure thing, look forward to it. Thanks Bella.

Bella: yeah, so I have found myself amongst an exciting group of pet sitters that are starting as shared economy starts exploding and they are the pet sitters that are listed on a lot of these popular apps and websites, it is the sign up, put your name here and get some clients and start boarding dogs in your home or being a dog walker or pet sitter and gosh, it reminds me when I first started, David. I actually wrote a blog post and I believed that we all were one of these pet sitters when we first started, so to speak. We just didn’t have the organization online to do it with, right?

David: yeah, it’s amazing, what’s come out today.

Bella: and when I started, it was maybe little easier for me because I always just knew that I need to be insured and at the time, went to a national organization and I thought I can only be insured through a national organization, which we all now know isn’t necessarily true but you do get some benefits by going that way.

And so, I just wanted to have you on today, to kind of set the record straight, I want you to talk to me as if I am someone on one of those popular apps and tell me what I really need to know, is it enough, you know, I have been told that I am insured, so is that all it is? I mean do I need to look for anything in particular, even as a new pet sitter starting out, what is business insurance like give me the 101 I guess.

David: okay, certainly. The business liability insurance, everybody should have, you know? If you are going out and you are pet sitting for somebody or you are boarding into your own home, you still need liability insurance. And understand that both these organizations, they are all of the above are offering insurance through their sites and you know, the key is to understand what you have and request a copy of your policy, if they’ll give it to you and if they won’t give it to you, should ask why. Because, really, if you are the one insured under that policy, you ought to be able to get a copy of it.

Bella: and by getting a copy of it, what kind of things are we looking at? You know, okay, so business liability that means if I break something, I am covered, right or wrong? It is a lot more, , right?

David: it is a good question, liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage to a third party, generally and that could be, a third party could be someone that’s out on a walk, that has nothing to do with you, just comes up and tries to pet a dog that you are walking and gets bit or, it could be bigger clients or it could be any property damage to the client’s home. Typically, will not cover your home because that’s the first party coverage. So typically, there is really no way to cover your home because the home owners insurance will typically exclude business liability. So if you are boarding in your home, there really is no way to cover your personal property there. So the liability is going to cover others, third party or your clients, it is going to cover the pets of the third party, you want to look for some care custody, control coverage that’s what we termed it when we first started but there’s also forums out on the market today called Animal Friendly and Pet Groomers Professionals and under those forms, they also give you some coverage for the animals in your care. It is not quite the same but that’s what you need to look for. You need to make sure, you have a liability policy, one main dollar limits recommended and they make sure you have coverage for care custody or control because that’s the pets in your care and that’s usually the property in your care.

Bella: okay, that’s really good. So custody, care and control helps cover the pets in my control. Sounds very funny, I want to get this in just because this is the beginning of our interview and I know a lot of people kind of start and they then click away and I remember when I first started, I thought, oh! Business liability insurance, that sounds really like scary and sketchy and expensive. But I kind of have looked at some of these sites and it seems as though, if I ever needed to call upon the insurance on these sites, I have to pay if they allow me access to the insurance which that needs to be talked about too.

I have to pay either $250 deductible or $500 deductible, so that means I have to pay that money before they even kick in any kind of coverage for me. Now, just using good thought here, David, how much could a pet sitter get a decent policy for?


David: that’s a good question and your definition of decent is a big question too because there are lot of policies being sold out there through random websites, through insurance agents all across the country. Some I have seen is as low as $129. How they are offering that price, I don’t know. That’s when you need to question what the policy covers and that’s why you need to go through with it with a licensed agent to understand what you are getting. Because not all policies are the same and you know, that’s what we look at is we try to offer the broadest form possible through our association plans, we also work with large insurance companies like CNA and Travelers, I read a lot of coverage forms.

Bella: you sure do,

David: that seem to be quite the same because even for one insurance company to the next, they may use the same primary insurance agreement but it is the endorsements they attach behind it, that could change our limit coverage. Then the question comes up with the deductibles and that’s what I think you are referring to when you save the $100 or $500 to use it but that’s common in any policy like most you know, under our association plans, we offer a $100 deductible for any claim. We have some insurance where we offer 0 deductible when it comes to a liability such as a dog bite but then they offer $500 deductible or if anything happens to the animal in your custody control or deductible. Just like your auto insurance or your home loan insurance, you are going to have deductibles pretty much anywhere you go. You just need to look and see how much you can take and what can you take on. Usually you can take on a higher deductible if you can afford to do so, if it makes the most sense but if you are living on a limited budget, you need to take that into consideration. You need say, well if I am going to be okay if somebody gets hurt or if injury happens, if I am going to be able to do, call forth for $100 or 250 or 500 etc. to make sure I can get my client covered.

Bella: I kind of feel like if I have to pay $500 deductible, I would rather pay $500 deductible knowing that it was my policy and then it covered a lot of like everything I needed, then I have to pay $500, go through someone else, try to make sure it covers me and then realize that I need to buy my own policy when I kind of could put the money towards my own policy, is that the right kind of thinking?

David: well, I agree with you. I think you should, I think everybody should have their own coverage policy or if they have a master policy, at least a certificate of coverage that shows what they have and preferably a copy of the master policy, that shows what they have. Because you are entitled to it and if you are insured, you are entitled to see the coverage form that covers you and if someone limits you to that, I would probably go elsewhere as far as getting my insurance. So those are the things you have to consider going into this since you are in business. I personally would want to have my own policy. I personally would recommend that everybody have a policy on their own.

Bella: I always say, I have never, not met a pet sitting business owner, who is not a control freak. So if you are a control freak out there and you want to know everything or at least, know what you are covered for, sometimes having your own policy is the best. I personally, I have my own policy.

What else do you think is important if I am just a new pet sitter, starting out, knowing about business insurance liability and trying to figure out like what’s best for me and we touched on the $129 policy, what kind of things should I look for to see if that actually is or is not for me?

David: okay, well, some of the things you want to look for in a policy are, is the policy primary or is it access over any other policy that’s out there that you may haven’t play. I have been reading a lot of coverage forms you know, over the last few years and you will find some that will say, we will not cover a dog bite unless there’s absolutely no other policy that will cover you. That seems to be like …. policies which are, you know, there are policies that are put together by a group of investors that decides where we are going to give this a shot and this is what we want to cover and what we don’t want to cover. And so, they can be very limiting in nature. You also have to look at how much they are giving you for animal Bailee or care custody or control.


You also want to look at the limit they are giving you for property if you are going into people’s homes because once you are given the keys to someone’s home, you have that property in your care custody or care control and the whole reason we bring up the care custody or care control is because under the general liability ISO form which most any insure uses, there is an exclusion for personal property in your care custody or control. That’s what brought about the whole pet sitting industry when it comes to insurance because that’s when your people’s content when you get the keys to their house or in your care custody control. If it is excluded, you have to have cover somewhere. So what we did, we took away and gave that coverage under the endorsement that we call a personal property in your care custody control, that’s how we market our program. However, we work with other companies like CNA and Travelers and they covered under animal bailee form as switch to property forms, not a liability form at all. That’s under the property form and then they give you pet groomer’s liability but you have to be careful reading those forms because they cover pet groomers, they cover boardingand some of them will cover pet sitters. But you have to be very careful those forms are covering animals, there are nowhere in there that they are covering personal property in your care custody or control. And so the association policy is as we offered, covered both. Lot of these policies are limiting and they are only covering animals. So if you damage, let’s say you left a water damage or water on in someone’s apartment and it slipped through and damaged all the contents or you left it on in a house, upstairs and it damaged all the contents below and the sealing came in.

Bella: totally happened to me before.

David: that all be excluded under a rover policy. It is not in the care custody control. So you have to consider that. And lot of the forms I am reading from these new providers that are websites, they seem to be very limiting and I am yet to read a policy, so I honestly can’t give you an insight about what their forms say, I can only give you insight from what their website reads and from what I have read, it seems to be very limiting. So I think you need to take it into consideration. I noticed they exclude meet and greet, so if you are going out to meet someone and something happens, you know, one of the thing is important for everybody to understand is the difference between worker compensation and general liability. I have got a lot of pet sitters, they come to me for the first time and they want coverage and they say, okay, what do I need? I tell them, well first of all, you need a liability policy. You get your liability policy, some people have the thought processes that that’s covering their injuries. And that’s not the case because workers compensation exclusive remedy or employee injuries, independent contract that are working for you, if they are uninsured unless they provide you with a certificate covers you elsewhere and it is the only way to cover anyone that is working for you.

Bella: and yourself right, you could take it out on yourself if you wanted to, right?

David: absolutely, you do. Most, all States allow you to elect or reject coverage as an, so you can either have the choice of covering just your employees or you can cover yourself if you are a one person show. So you can make sure that if you get bitten or you slip and fall and get hurt, which I see these claims all the time, pet sitters. So you know, if you are going to do a meet and greet and you slip and fall or get bitten, they are not going to cover that. So that would be a workers. They are not going to cover any peoples injury in your household. So if you have people that are, you are boarding pets in your home and you get injured or bitten, again that’s going to be workers.

Then the other thing that goes to play is your contents are not going to be covered, so if you bring a dog into your house and it gets out of its spot, let’s say, you kept it in the bathroom or kept it somewhere and it got out and all your furnishings, you are out of luck. Because your policy won’t cover it either because there is an exclusion business liability under all policies. There is endorsement to a homeowners policy which you can add but that’s only if you home owner to add it, they would, knowing what you are doing, that you are boarding pets and it is basically the endorsement for the incidental business but they are going to look at the, they are going to question that and they probably won’t even want to insure you anymore, so that’s going to be a tough sell.

Bella: yeah. Now, David, we are only like 15 minutes into these interview and I can already see and hear our listeners going ‘Oh my God!’ have been so overwhelmed and stressed and to you guys, I want to take a minute and say, please don’t let that paralyze you. There’s health out there and there is, I am definitely not the expert in it but I have a platform that I want to encourage you to contact David. David is not any salesman, he is not any high-pressure salesman, he is just as much about education as I am. He will review any policy that you have. I have known him for years, he is the nicest person ever. He will explain it insides out, backwards forwards. You just need to say, ‘Wait, can you say that again? Or can you rewind?’ How many times I have done that to you? And this is probably like our 5th interview that we are doing because he wants us all to be educated.

So I want to encourage you that if this is starting to feel like over your head or too much information, don’t get scared or paralyzed or run away because you will thank me that time when you actually knew the insurance, you know you have it.

David, I have a question in my group and it says, if I carry the rover or DogVacay insurance packages, should I consider purchasing independent insurance. Do the benefits outweighs the cost? Could you speak to that because I am sure a lot of people listening right now have this same question?

David: yeah, my personal opinion, if you can’t read their policy, you should get a policy that you can read, this is going to protect you and not only for that, but just for reading some of the things that they exclude on their websites. You know, I have a list here, it says here that damages to the sitter, dog walkers personal property which we know there’s no coverage for, injuries to the sitter dog walker, anyone related to or living with the sitter or the walker or anyone helping provide coverage. So it is nothing else, if you want to protect yourself, for running your business, if you get hurt, there is a workers policy that will pay for your medical injuries, they will pay doctors bill, they will pay medical pharmacy charges and they also cover disability. So if you can, they will replenish your lost revenue from your business.   

Bella: I think I just want to say that I think that something really important that if you are a dogvacay or a rover or anything like that kind of pet sitter and you are using this, I have met a lot of pet sitters recently that they make this full time job and they are happy and it is great and I love that. But I want you to consider like what would happen if the next pet sitter you went to, you did slip and fall and break your ankle like David was saying and you are doing 5 visits a day, 5 days a week, you are making a pretty good income for yourself and that’d be a major financial dent because all of a sudden you couldn’t do it, you probably will lose your clients because they will need to find someone else but at least if you saved up some money and got a policy  yourself, at least you could still have some income while you are healing and have yourself taken care of, so it is almost entirely different mind-shift when you are a part of this and I guess while I am saying this, I also want to say that I think it is incredible that DogVacay and Rover actually do offer something. I feel like there’s been a little bit of miscommunication in the industry on what that something is, which is what inspired me to do this video today. By pure definition, you are an independent contractor for Rover or Dogvacay. So I also got the question, well Bella, maybe we should tell them to get us better insurance? I am like, no, no, no, no, if they do that, you would be an employee and that’s not their model. That is not what you signed up for.

So I see this break between education here in the middle, you have these online websites and the pet sitters thinking, oh I have insurance but not understanding what that means and their websites, although you might not be, I haven’t been able to see actual policies, they do a good job with summarizing what we do not cover and you, as a business owner or independent contractor, it is important for you to look past the snuggly kitties and puppies and dog walking and exercise and actually take a good look at the business implications that you could be having on yourself, your home and your family.

And David is such a great, you do great inventory of peoples liability exposure and again, I cannot stress enough, if you are listening this today, I really want you to call up David and say, hey this is what I have got, where I am left liable, where I am left vulnerable? And what are my options? Can you explain it to me in a way that I can understand, so that at least, you are not part of the expression, ignorant, to your situation. There are great methods of making money, I am absolutely not saying it is bad but what I am saying is that, there needs to be more education on this topic.

David, sorry to interrupt you. But go on back to your list there because I love this list.

David: okay, one thing before I go back to the list, I do want to point out the same thing that you said because I am a believer in getting it all out there and being positive and giving the variety where it is due and both of these sides, you cover your pets which is most policies would not cover your own pets.


Now, you might have to be $500 deductible or 250 deductible but at least, you have some coverage on your own pet, let’s say 2 dogs got into a fight and one is you are boarding and one is your personal pet, you certainly want your pet to be taken care of. Even our association policy don’t cover because that’s the first party cover, that is the dog that you own, you are responsible for that, we are taking care of most liability policies would take care of the dog that you are taking care of, not your own.

So there are surpluses. One of that is if you do any work outside either Rover or DogVacay, you have to understand that you definitely need your own policy because your back coverage won’t apply. Because this is a policy for them and the people who are working through their program but if you get any pet sitting outside or any boarding and you don’t book with them or you met a client that says, I don’t want to deal with Rover, I want to deal with you, in that case you probably need to look into having your own liability policy just to protect you, even if you know that person and are best friend because it is long enough to see people turn when a claim happens. So if there is an incident, you want to be protected.

Looks like, the cost for medical or vet bills as a result of a dog illness excludes or preventable care. Well, I agree with that. Most policies are going to exclude that because that’s not your responsibility. If a dog has preexisting condition or they have a disease that was given to them prior to being with you, that’s one thing. Now if you cause the incident like if you dog were to give something to them, you know, we will cover that into our liability policies and most would. So that’s going to be considered as a preexisting injury or a property damage claim to a pet. So if anything happens to the pets when you are in control, there’s two ways of looking at this and I don’t know how it is spelled out on these websites. I read a lot of policies that will limit you to a thousand dollars or maybe even up to $5000 for that coverage. An example of vet medical would be let’s say the dog’s towards ACL. Just about running in the backyard. Happens all the time.

Bella: yeah, it sure does.

David: and you know what, you are not negligent. So, you didn’t cause that, the dog was running and another thing is let’s say the dog is out in your backyard and ingest a rock or a stick. Those claims happen all the time or they ingested a toy. You know, you were negligent just because that dog acts because you didn’t think the dog act and so, because of that, you have to watch the vet medical limit and the care custody control limit. Because most policies under the care custody control or the animal bailee or the professional liability, they are only going to cover you if you are negligent. There’s lots of claims that go on where you are not negligent and there is a grey area. So to begin, that’s where I’d love to see the coverage forms to see where their coverage starts and stops. And it could be that they are willing to pay some of these claims out of pocket and that could be Rover or it could be, I don’t know the answer to that unless I see their policy.

Bella: wouldn’t it be so great if we could get like on a three way interview one day with them and just like them is the people and you as the insurance expert and me like I will represent all the pet sitters, I don’t know, wouldn’t that be cool?

David: yeah, I would love to because again, all I want to do is educate the public, I have been doing this for so long and we can educate both the pet owners, the pet sitters and people who are selling insurance really not as good as it could be, you know, I would like to educate them all. Because it would really help being the industry up as opposed to having people that have claims that aren’t covered or are limited and then they have a headache and then they hate insurance.

Bella: you deal with the oopsies all the time, huh? People probably crying to you on the phone

daily, ‘What do you mean it is not covered?’

David: I wouldn’t say daily but I would say at least monthly I get somebody crying. And you know, I want to help them. The good in me wants to be like I want to pay the claim right now. I am sorry, let me call the company. I call the company and they still won’t able to do certain things since they are limited. It just depends on what the form says and that’s why I preach over and over again, get your cover forms, I will be to review them for you or you can take it to an insurance agent that you trust in your local area but have somebody review the coverage forms to see what are the limitations, the exclusions and where coverage starts and stops.

Bella: yeah.

That’s awesome! It’s been about 25 minutes now, I like to kind of keep it short and sweet. I think we have given everyone some really good food for thought and I didn’t really intend to but if anyone from DogVacay or Rover is listening to this which I hope, you guys do and you want to join us, please contact me, I am all over the internet and I am sure there are some contacts where the videos is.


And we would love to get on like just a panel and just talk about it because I feel like insurance, I still don’t like insurance myself, no offense. It is still so complicated to me and I know, there’s a lot of people that feel that way. You know, we are pet sitters and dog walkers, dog boarders and groomers and trainers, we are not insurance experts. So, I am so glad that you always take the time. David is always up to say, yeah Bella, when do you want to do it? I asked him yesterday to do this and today he is on. So David, from all of us pet sitters, all over the world, thank you for being you and helping us out.

Everyone else, if you want to get a contact with David, go ahead and go to business insurance of Carolinas or David, what’s your email? That’s probably is a good way too, right?

David: yeah, thank you. My email is ‘d’ as in David, ‘p’ as in Pearsall, @ business insurance.com. you can find me on the internet by business-insurance.com.

Bella: okay, wonderful.

Well, thanks everyone for joining us and please, please know exactly what you are covered for so that you are not crying on the phone to your insurance agent one day.

Take care.

[END OF AUDIO 26:12]