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leveraging technology

Episode 118: Leveraging Technology in Social Media With Brian Fanzo

Leveraging technology can take many different forms: video, audio, social media, and more. The real key ingredient is one-to-one interactions in a public forum. This week Brian Fanzo discusses how to do just that. Brian Fanzo inspires, motivates and educates businesses on how to leverage emerging technologies and digital marketing to standout from the noise and reach the Millennial and Generation Z consumers.


leveraging technology



Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want To Miss

  • There’s a lot of noise in this world between the Internet, the 24-hour news cycles, and more. The best way to cut through the noise is to just press the damn button! It doesn’t have to be video or audio. It can be any one-to-one conversations in a public forum. This can extend to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. to help build trust online and keeping that trust online (the hardest part!).


leveraging technology

Show Highlights

  • What is “press the damn button?” [2:20]
  • How do you lose trust from your online audience? [5:45]
  • What is the best way to build people’s trust and keep it? [6:45]
  • Tell us the name of your podcast and where can people listen? [9:00]
  • How can we get over trying to be perfect? [11:00]
  • What is upcycling? [17:00]
  • What’s the difference between recycling and upcycling? [19:00]
  • How can people find you online? [24:00]




leveraging technology


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3 Reasons Why You Need To Trust Someone And Hire Them!

“But I don’t trust anyone to do as good of a job as I do Bella. I do 110% and no one will do that as a worker for me, or I will have to pay them a lot of money!”

There you go again with the stinking thinking! It isn’t that you can’t trust them. You can’t trust yourself to make the right decision.

Did you read me right?

First of all, you can’t give 110%.

You can only give 100%.

That is all you have to give.

So right there, it is telling me that you are already exaggerating your problem.

You don’t want someone as good as you. If they were as good as you, they would take your business. Here are 3 area’s I think every employer needs to address within themselves to help them push past the barrier that is preventing their business from growing. Read more