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Episode 182: Using Video To Increase Sales In Your Pet Business

Using Video To Increase Sales In Your Pet Business

The use of video is becoming exceedingly necessary in order to get your pet business known. To teach how to use video to increase sales in your pet business, I brought on my good friend Daniel Glickman.


Daniel Glickman is an internationally recognized marketing leader, speaker, and author. As chief marketing officer of Wave.video, an innovative video solution for creators and small businesses, he leads and manages digital marketing, advertising, and PR activities. His blog, newsletter, and international Meetups—all under the title CMOConfessions—offer a frank, creative, and humorous take on the underbelly and undercurrents of today’s most pressing, exciting, and confounding marketing issues.

Biggest Take Away You Don’t Want To Miss

Making videos doesn’t have to be scary.

There are three different types of videos you can utilize to increase sales in your pet business. You can do a right here, right now video. These videos require the least amount of production and are perfect for showing your followers what you’re doing at that moment. The second video, promotional videos, will be more produced than the first and have content that it is on brand and message. Finally, there’s the most produced video in which you produce a series of shows that repeat weekly and stay on a topic each week.

In order to excel, pick the type of video you’re best at and start filming!


Show Highlights

  • Why are small businesses using video? [3:27]
  • Resizing video, the importance and what it means [4:46]
  • Why video seems scary [7:51]
  • When do people stop watching a video? [12:03]
  • As a dog walker/ pet sitter, what could be an interesting video? [13:26]
  • How do we know when it gets boring? [15:13]
  • Viral videos [18:52]
  • Wave.Video community [22:47]


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february pet sitting blog or video ideas

4 February Pet Sitting Blog Or Video Ideas

Happy February! Now that January has come and gone and the New Year has rung in, it’s important to keep your social media marketing current and consistent. Read on for some simple, yet effective, topics you can use for your February pet sitting blog or video ideas this month.

4 February Pet Sitting Blog Or Video Ideas

1. Holidays – Valentine’s Day & Groundhog Day

What better valentine is there than your pet? Answer: None! Be sure to use Valentine’s Day to your marketing advantage by writing some blogs or making videos that are fun and light. Here’s some ideas…

  • Top 8 Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Dog/Cat
  • The Best (NUMBER) Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Dog/Cat Of (YEAR)
  • An Ode To Your Dog/Cat This Valentine’s Day
    • Share some cute pet-themed poems, or if you’re the creative type, write your own!

Don’t forget that February 2nd is Groundhog Day – when we find out if Winter is coming to a close or staying for another 6 weeks! This is great inspiration for blogs or videos as well.

february pet sitting blog or video ideas


2. Winter Is Coming To A Close

If you haven’t already written about the cold and snowy weather last month, now you can! February is prime real estate to give your clients some helpful cold weather tips for their pets. You can also discuss how to get ready for Spring if you’re the proactive type 🙂 Here are some ideas…

  • Can snow salt hurt my dog’s paws?
  • Should I wipe my dog’s paws after walking in the snow?
  • How to walk my dog safely in the Winter months
  • (NUMBER) ways to get ready for Spring

Try to think about if you’ve ever had a question on how to care your dog during a certain situation. If you have, chances are somebody else has too… and then they Googled it! You want to answer relevant and engaging questions to drive traffic to your website. Being a resource is an effective way to set yourself apart from other companies in your area.


3. Winter Games & Activities

If you live somewhere that’s very cold, most of your clients are likely not taking their dog outside much during the Winter. It’s the perfect time to talk about indoor games and activities to keep pets active and engaged. Maybe February is a little warmer where you are and people are taking their dogs outside. In that case, you can talk about the best hiking trails, outdoor games, etc.


better marketing with bella

4. Pet Educational Themes Of The Month

Heads up! There’s a LOT of themes for February. You could probably plan all of your content around these if you’d like, but don’t feel obligated to use them all if it’s not relevant to your company. Pick the ones you find interesting and more importantly, what your audience would find interesting.

  • Pet Dental Health Month
  • Dog Training Education Month
  • National Cat Health Month
  • Responsible Pet Owners Month
  • Unchain a Dog Month
  • National Prevent a Litter Month
  • Spay/Neuter Awareness Month
  • Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month

I hope these February pet sitting blog or video ideas are helpful to you and are able to give you some inspiration. If you are a pet sitting business that DOESN’T have a blog – it’s never too late to start.

If you choose to write about any of these topics – be sure to post a link to your blog in the comments section so I can read it. I want to see where your creative minds take these ideas!

video marketing

Episode 78: Video Creation To Aid Your Sales Process With Dave Feinman

At Viral Ideas, Dave Feinman creates to Inspire. He believes everyone has the right to be fulfilled. He believes in shared creativity. He believes in the power of defining your why. He shares this message through the creative process of making videos!

email marketing

David Feinman – Viral Ideas Marketing

Learn more about Dave at his website: http://viralideasmarketing.com

Show Highlights:

  • How can you embed videos into your emails? [5:25]
  • What kind of camera and equipment do I need to make videos? [7:40]
  • What do you need to look for before hiring a freelancer or agency to help you with video production? [10:50]
  • What do pet sitters need to include in their videos & what does the anatomy of a successful video look like? [12:45]
  • What are the three stages of clientele that builds pet sitting and dog walking sales funnels? [16:45]
  • Biggest mistakes companies make when creating videos [20:00]
  • What are the best ways business owners can market their videos on social media? [21:40]

Links Mentioned:

Here is another podcast about creating video content

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pet sitting videos

A Quick Guide On EXPLODING Your Business With Pet Sitting Videos

Video is TOTALLY exploding right now. Seriously. If you’re not taking advantage of using pet sitting videos in your business, it’s never too late to start. You’ve heard me time and time again talk for days about how important video is for your business and how it can help explode your social media following. However, I understand that it can be difficult figuring out where to start. So today, let me break it down for you with all your options.

But first… mark my words, you will be left in the dust if you don’t start producing video in your pet business. Just ask Maureen McCarthy of Love & Kisses Pet Sitting how she has been able to generate an EXTRA $5,000 a MONTH using FB LIVE!

A Quick Guide On EXPLODING Your Business With Pet Sitting Videos

pet sitting videos

Okay so here is the breakdown:

Facebook Live

Facebook live is new, exciting, and more popular than ever. Do you guys ever feel like you see me ALL THE TIME? I hope you do! It’s because I’m on live video with you all almost every day. You can do this with your business too! Viewers will feel like they’re connected with your business and will love seeing insight on to what pet sitting is really like.

Plus, while you’re going live you can respond to questions and see what others are commenting to make the experience even more interactive.

Find out more here.

Check out Catherine from David’s Pet Services knocking it out of the park with live video:

Facebook Dual Screen

This is exactly what it sounds like – a Facebook Live Video of you + another person side by side chatting it up with your viewers! You could do a dual screen video with you and one of your employees, a vet that’s endorsed you, another business owner in the area etc. Find people to talk to that have relevant content to share with your audience. It’s a quick and easy way to help grow your Facebook following as well as forming relationships with whoever you go live with.

Check out this Facebook Dual Screen video I did with Stephanie Liu all about Live Streaming:


Facebook Messenger Day & Facebook Stories

With Facebook Messenger Day & Facebook Stories, you’re encouraged to upload some selfies or quick pet sitting videos throughout the day so your followers can see what you’re up to. So what’s the difference between this and Facebook Live video? Everything on Facebook Messenger Day & Facebook Stories disappears after 24 hours! So you don’t want to put anything on here you want to keep for later. It’s yet another way to keep your followers engaged and connected in what you’re doing.

You can also add fun filters, color, and text if you want to get a little goofy. Plus you can also see who watches your stories!

After these four features, umm, are you convinced that Facebook wants you ON camera?

Fun Fact: Did you know we will be consuming 80% of our content via VIDEO by 2020?

Here’s Haleigh from Presidential Pet Care checking in and connecting with her base:

Okay, moving on … there are also these programs to help you produce video.

Video Production Software

OBM – It’s a free software for both PC & Mac. Ability to add transitions, filters, etc. to create professional looking pet sitting videos.

Ecamm LiveThis software is geared towards creating professional looking Facebook Live videos. It streams in HD and has the ability to add overlays, text, and animations. You can also broadcast pre-recorded if you wish as well as picture-in-picture. It only costs $29.95 and is a STEAL!!! Think about all the “this is how you sign up” and “this is how you update your pet’s infomation” videos you can do!

YouTube – well duh! I don’t think I need to explain what YouTube is, but in case you don’t know, it is the largest video production platform on the Internet. You set up your own “channel” where you can produce pet sitting videos and your followers can like, subscribe, and comment on videos to keep engaged.

iMovie – This one is only for Macs. It’s a great, simple editing software that’s perfect for beginners. Very easy to learn and you can create pet sitting videos that look professional.

Looking For Someone To Follow Who Is Always On The Cutting Edge?

George B Thomas! Friend him. Follow him. He is a totally cool guy. And if you want to hear more from him check out this video he and I did together:

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10 Tips For Creating Eye Catching Pet Sitting Videos For Google and YouTube

Video says it better. That is a proven fact. When someone can hear and see what you are saying you will make more of an impact. In your pet sitting business, this is no different. After all we have so many cute and fuzzies to take a video of, but what do you do with the video AFTER you have captured that moment? You need to put these videos on Google and Youtube.

Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind when recording your next pet sitting videos on Google and Youtube:

1 – You don’t have to be a pro. The more authentic, the better. We as curious people and when it is self done, people will be inclined to watch it! Grab your phone and press record!

2 – Watch your voice on the video. If you are like me, you don’t like the sound of your voice on video. If you are filming a pet doing something funny or interesting beware of the extra laughter, comments, or excessive talking that you might do. It will all be recorded in your videos for Google and Youtube.

3 – Don’t be afraid to flip the video on your own face. Doing a self portrait can be funny and interesting. It is personal and people feel like they connect with you better that way!

4 – Introduce yourself.  Let the world know who you are and who you represent. Do a short intro. Your video might get shared and whatever it was uploaded to might get lost in the shuffle.

5 – Give your video great titles (with your keyword inside) that are going to get people wanting to watch it. Usually asking questions generate lots of plays.

6 – Fill out your description.  The description of your video is your chance to add in words that google will find. Don’t just write “Here is Sophia. Isn’t she cute?” Instead write “While dog sitting in (city) with Sophia, she did the cutest thing on our pet sitting visit.”  Do you see how ‘dog sitting’ ‘pet sitting’ ‘city’ is now all in the description? ALSO INCLUDE: your website starting with http://

7 – Upload to Youtube AND Facebook.  Both are searched by Google. In fact YouTube is the second largest search engine. So if someone is typing in “I need a pet sitter in (city)” BOTH your videos have a chance of showing up if they say that or even just ‘pet sitter’ ‘city’

 8 – Be Authentic!  People love to see things that are not perfect. It makes people more able to relate to you. So if you stutter, say “um” (like me), just go with it! Trust me, no one ever says, “Wow! I love the way I look and sound on camera!”

9 – Beginnings and Endings – Programs like Windows Movie Maker can make you look like a million bucks! Add a slide at the beginning with your logo announcing the video and at the end, put your logo and website again. Bookend the videos!
Like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpf08F9lDbQ

10 – Embed the video to your website and blog – To do this on Youtube go to SHARE > EMBEDDED > Copy and paste the HTML. Then go to your WordPress website and put the cursor where you want the video to appear, switch to TEXT format and paste the HTML.  You might want to change the dimensions to make the video smaller.

So, now your turn! What is the first thing you are going to do when you post your pet sitting videos? What questions do you have for me? Write them below!

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