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Episode 172: How To Build Trust In Your Pet Business On Social Media

The idea of being human is so obscure when you think of it. Obviously we are all human. However, nowadays it’s becoming more and more necessary to prove that you are human. Especially when it comes to the internet and consistent technological advances.

How do we remain human in a fast-paced technological world? 

The answer isn’t as simple as we would think. Remaining human has a lot to do with identifying who we are, what we represent and what we want our clients to see. Then, it’s about transferring that human quality not only in face to face contact but through our social media as well.

Thankfully, Bryan Kramer, the founder of the H2H movement as well as Keynote Speaker, TED Talk Speaker,  Coach, and CEO of H2H Companies, a Business Performance Coaching Company, came on the show to teach us more about human to human interactions and how you can build trust in your business on social media. 

Bryan Kramer Headshot

Biggest Takeaway You Don’t Want to Miss

What makes us uniquely human is the way we talk and interact with others. Living in the land of automation has left us with the necessity of differentiating ourselves from online robots and the way to do that is to sound more human. Remaining human is going to be the key factor in building trust in your business!

How do we remain human? How do we make sure we aren’t taking all of the new apps and programs too far?

Your Purpose. 

Your purpose is made up of an equal balance of your inspiration, your vision, and your innovation.

Make sure to prove you’re not a robot and listen in to this week’s podcast with Bryan!

Show Highlights

  • What is H2H? [0:52]
  • How to figure out who we are as a human [3:30]
  • Our why and our purpose [5:05]
  • How do we remain human in a fast-paced technological world? [7:42]
  • The different ways we share in person vs. social media [11:02]
  • How can we find out what traits we innately have? [12:34]
  • 6 categories of sharers [13:41]
  • Body language and first impressions [17:25]
  • What does an agreement look like? [21:35]
  • How do we get away from not delegating and trusting? [25:16]

Uniquely human


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Bella in your business pet sitting podcast

Episode 39: Vision Is Victory With Carey Conley

On this episode, Bella talks with Carey Conley, speaker and Co-Creator of Infinite Nation; a community created for skill building, mentorship, and community for aspiring leaders and business owners.

business coaching

Carey Conley

Bella and Carey talk about:

  • Why “Vision is Victory”….especially for entrepreneurs
  • The biggest stumbling  blocks for people to actually put a vision down on paper and follow through with it
  • What happens when people try to run a business without a clear, concise vision
  • Community and accountability

You can find out more about Carey Conley and the services she offers on her website at InfiniteNation.com.  You can email her directly at carey@careyconley.com

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Bella in your business pet sitting podcast

Episode 37: Leadership, Strategic Planning, & Vision With Tarran Deane

On this episode, Bella discusses leadership with Tarran Deane, author of the new book,  “The Alphabet Principle: Your A – Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader”.

business coaching

Tarran Deane

Tarran Deane is Australia’s Corporate Cinderella a Leadership Development Company. Tarran works with executives, entrepreneurs, experts and emerging leaders to increase their personal effectiveness, capability, communication and commercial savviness. Bringing a maverick edge, and entrepreneurial trends to established businesses and organizations, Tarran boldly challenges, honors and equips people to shift the performance of their organization’s people, practice, and profit.  Tarran intentionally cuts through the whispered frustrations of workplaces today, equipping you to lead strategically and tactically in the fast pace of real life @ work, so you and your team can get the job done and love the company you’re in. A sought-after international keynote speaker, Tarran’s warmth, humor and 43,000 hours in leadership have helped more than 26,000 audience members to hit the shift key and lead like they mean it with boldness and humility.

alphabet principleBella and Tarran discuss:

  • How as a woman to be taken seriously in the corporate world
  • Dealing with problem generators in the workplace
  • Why vision and strategic planning matter.
  • Her “Signature 7 Leadership Framework” for planning out your work week. (Infographic can be gotten at https://www.tarrandeane.com/signature7leadershipinfographic/)

You can find out more about Tarran on her website at http://tarrandeane.com.
Connect with her on facebook
Get her book here

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