Tips To Be Sucessful When Posting On Facebook As Your Business!

Don’t be that annoying person posting on Facebook who is always promoting and turning people off.

Or one of the people who doesn’t ever share about their business, but is just reposting other people’s stuff.

Sadly, most aren’t even aware they are doing this. Read these tips and tactics to make sure you soar above the rest.

1) Be sure that you are speaking as an expert in a community where it would be welcome! Welcome places would include other businesses that you personally know, like, and have a relationship with.

2) It is not ok to post as your business on someone else’s wall who is in the same industry as you. It looks desperate and unless the business owner invited you, I am sure it isn’t welcome.

3) Do not post an advertisement on someone else’s wall promoting your services or saying “Like My Page”

4) If you have something newsworthy to post, it is okay to post on your local media outlets pages (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines)

5) If you are going to post anywhere as your business, remember that educational posts will get you a long way. Have something of value to add too the thread or community.

6) Build Relationships! Facebook is a community. In real life you would be turned off by someone you didn’t know just tried to sell sell sell you (think telemarketers) so why would you do that on Facebook? Facebook is a chance to build a relationship and trust with others. Not SELL!

7) Use it to network! If you have something nice to say about another company or a thank you (think referrals!) it is OKAY to say Thank you XYZ Company (while tagging them) so it shows up on your page and theirs.

So those are my tips to be successful! My main page where is focus 80% of my time, has a lot of interaction, is shared across networks, and has become a real community. People post pictures, tag themselves in photos, click on the blog stories I post, and look to us as the experts in our field.

I am sure you have some tips and tricks as well. What are they?

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  1. Eve
    Eve says:

    I love #7 and have done it twice now… but it feels strange to post that on my own business page. Should I be posting it on their page? That seems to make more sense (but it just occurred to me, LOL)


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