Ensuring Endless Referrals from Your Veterinarian

Long, long ago…. when pet sitting first started, it worked perfectly to walk into a vet office and drop off cards.

Now as we are almost 40 years into the pet sitting industry – that just isn’t going to cut it any more.

Since the start of 2013 I have successfully hosted a huge Mutt N Mingle with one vet office who reached out and asked me to do it with them. The result was amazing! Packed patio of pets (We are in Arizona so it is nice!) and I actually got a few good pet sitting client leads off of the event.

Now, this weekend, another vet office has reached out to me because they are launching a pet and parent “get healthy” challenge with two meetings a month.

They called me because they know that I can help via my client base, and marketing skills. In addition, for all pets whose parents can’t walk them, they will be offering our dog walking services to them. How amazing is that?

I also just published a blog with a vet endorsing our pet walking policy for the hot summer months and did more than seven videos with them endorsing my pet siting company!

I want to teach you how to accomplish this too!

Between Mutt N Mingle, the videos, and this pet/parent weight loss challenge I am reaching my exact target market for FREE with the enforcement of their veterinarian.

But it wasn’t all easy and I made a lot of mistakes.

Want to learn how YOU CAN DO THIS and avoid the mistakes?

I can teach you!

money2In this class, I will teach you…

  • How to get pass the gate keeper.
  • How to get in front of the entire staff.
  • How to follow up in ways that are effective.
  • How to promote them in a way they will be in debt to you.
  • Event ideas on how you can leverage the relationship.
  • …and more!

Lots of pet sitters leave cards and candies at the vet offices. Learn why I believe you should not do this.

Lots of pet sitters say there are many other companies that the vet refers. Learn how to become EXCLUSIVE with them!

I can teach you all of this.

Wait! Wait! There’s more….

These principals that I will teach you can easily be adapted to get you into apartment complexes as well and I will touch on this!


Want to see the pictures from Mutt N Mingle and the videos I did with the vet? Take a look!

Mutt ’n Mingle Photo Gallery