What Do Colors Mean On Your Pet Sitting Website?

I love it when I get new business owners on the line.

They are excited about starting their business and geared up to start their website. But wait….

What Do The Colors Mean On Your Pet Sitting Website?

Ever wonder why you feel a certain way on one website and another way on a different one?

Lets take it a step further and ask “What’s in a name?” So many pet sitters go for these “cutsie” names that work against them. They are hard to spell, hard to know what they do, just difficult in general.

Your color theme and name are two things that are going to be with your business forever and deserve a serious moment of thought. Your favorite colors, might not be the best for your company.

What emotion are you trying to provoke from your potential clients?
What message are you trying to portray?

I want you to listen to this three minute podcast. It is great and will give you great food for thought.



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