What Do I Do When There Are $10 Pet Sitters Popping Up All Over My Town?

What Do I Do When There Are $10 Pet Sitters Popping Up All Over My Town?

As I was on a nice relaxing trip to Mexico this weekend and watching the waves – they gave me a lot of inspiration… You see,IMG_5466it is like a wave is coming at you and you are trying to keep your head above water and things are just splashing in your face and getting your hair wet. Your face is left salty, wet, and coughing up water. Your body is also tossed inland and whichever way the wave wants to throw you.


Under or Over?

All the while, you could duck UNDER the wave, let it go OVER your head and come out a champ, unshaken on the other side of the wave.


Is It Really Them Or Is It The Client You Attract?

However… let me challenge you that when you have people who are price shoppers, or middle class, they will always be looking for the next best deal. The next best thing. The cheaper pet sitter, carpet cleaner, house cleaner, etc. It is the demographic that you are attracting.

Rather, my consideration for you is this – If you start attracting those who care more about the “elite professional” service that you represent, and the ease that you make their life, and the happiness you bring to their pet…. perhaps they won’t care about the $10 pet sitter becasue those types of clients see $10 and think:

Think about the WHY with this situation. Why did this client want to lower their rate? Was that their motivating force? I will never know because I am not them but I know this. The person who will purchase a Bentley, isn’t going to trade it in (or even consider trading it in) for a Kia!

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