What Facebook’s Latest Changes Mean To Your Pet Sitting Business

What Facebook’s Latest Changes Mean To Your Pet Sitting Business

Interesting developments by the Facebook camp recently. I was scheduling some blog posts for my pet sitting business in Scottsdale when I noticed a new module in my admin section. I thought I would bring them up to you all, see if you have seen them yet, and what you thought?


Pages To Watch

While it looked interesting at first, I was a little weary and of course, googled it. What I found out is that it is as easy as it

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 1.05.40 PM

sounds, but before I went creeping the competition, I tested it out on myself first. I “watched” my Jump Consulting Facebook page. Much to my suspicion, I actually got a notification on my Jump Consulting FB page that my pet sitting page was “watching” Creepy, huh? So I am not sure why one would want to notify the “competition” that they are watching them.

Well I sort of feel like FB failed on this feature if you are looking to watch your competition because it notifies them that you are watching. Although on the other hand if you manage a lot of pages at once and want to see them every time you log in, I suppose it is good? Or perhaps if you have a page you admire that you want to stay in front of you? In any case, overall, I am not a fan.

This feature first rolled out in July, and I am just now seeing it in October.


Graph Search

The more I hear about people searching for interests, key phrases, solutions to their problems virtually, the more excited I Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 1.05.56 PMget for the graph search to really pick up. The basic premise behind it is simply that instead of leaving FB to go to google, you can google what you need. For instance “scottsdale pet sitter” a bunch of companies automatically populated for me. In the day when we are trusting fb more and more for recommendations (not privacy, as that is a totally different subject) the graph search could prove to be powerful in the hands of the right user. Although the question is, will your page be optimized correctly to show up, then will it look like you area  happening place to be, will they call you or go to your website…. etc etc etc.  In other words, what is your BRAND saying about you. People are watching. What are you doing?



One thing that you can leverage to your advantage are the has tags. I wrote more about that here They are great if they are not abused and for those who have their fb page automatically post to their Twitter accounts. They are gaining more and more in popularity.


Ok that is all of my facebook thoughts for the moment. So much has been happening, and I have been seeing pet sitters not take full advantage of their pages and what they could really do with them. Would you like to learn more about it all? I have dedicated myself to teaching you all! 🙂 Sound off below and let me know!


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