What I Learned About Google + At TechPhx Today!

What I Learned About Google + At TechPhx Today!

So as I posted about my excitement about Google + on my facebook yesterday, one of my friends Desiree from Pink Media mentioned that there was Tech Phoenix, a relevant media “unconference” happening.  I soon learned that my friend Christina Wagner, with No Limits was going to be there as well, so I clicked on over, bought a ticket and went down there today.


It. Was. Awesome. Shannon Hernandaz who is actually a local Dj on the radio here in the valley presented about Google +  He also speaks and teaches all about G+! I took pages of notes and I HOPE with your help, he can see that all us pet sitters would love to have a expert to go to in this field.


Here is a recap in no particular order of what I just learned from his awesome presentation:

  • G+ is not an advertising campaign. It is about figuring out what works for you.
  • It all starts with your BLOG. (See! I have been telling you that this blogging this is important!)
  • Think to yourself: What are you doing to keep them (visitors) coming back? How valuable is your content?
  • Opperate from your profile as YOU. Not your company. In fact, take everything you know about Fb and throw it out the window. G+ is not facebook.
  • Anything you write on your G+ profile indexes you in the searches.
  • Google authorship gives advantages to the “little guy”
  • Heat maps from moz.com show that click through stats increase by 150% if you have pictures or videos.  (authorship)
  • Your page will be curating all the news from your company. Like a newspaper with articles everywhere. It is a place for people to learn. Forget about engagement through conversation… it is about sharing info and learning.
  • Google + is special because it helps you build relationships with people of authority.
  • Public posts are indexed almost immediately.
  • Public posts can gain authority in an organic search. (Like your “how much does it cost? Posts!)
  • Make friends with google authorities.  Put them in your circles.
  • Participate actively on a network.
  • Optimize your Youtube videos!



Shannon has a amazing blog where a lot of this info can be found. Go there.

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