Why Happiness In Your Business Isn’t Just A Number

Why Happiness In Your Business Isn’t Just A Number


When I coach people, my main goal is to give them freedom. The freedom that their life is currently not giving them. One of the things I always ask before beginning is, “What do you have this business for?” Nine times out of ten they tell me they started this business in hopes spend more time with their family, go on trips, and not work so hard.

Trip to Boston to celebrate my grandmothers 80th Birthday

Happiness and financially fit is defined different by everyone. According to those definitions are where business goals can be set, and then you can work to achieve them. They are different for everyone based on their situation.

“I want to be you.”  “I want your lifestyle.” This is something that I hear quite frequently when coaching business owners. “What is the difference between you and me? Why can’t I do what you do?” They often ask.

The difference between me and some of the people I coach is that I’ve achieved the lifestyle that I’m happy with. That happiness is defined by me.  I achieved this by making decisions, not being paralyzed in fear, and always learning and moving forward. Even when I make a mistake or things don’t work out. You always gotta be moving forward.

The lifestyle I have achieved that is important to me: In the past three years of having a staff, my friends and family can count on one hand how many times I haven’t been able to do something because I had to work. Last year, I saved more money than I ever have and can honestly sit here today and tell you, I love my life.

Random road trip in the middle of the week.

This happens with:
1) A staff that are (what I feel to be) better pet sitters than me.
2) Systems that work like a charm which cut my office work way down (thus less time spent on the business).
3) Virtually no need for me to ever leave the house to market or pet sit.

I can honestly say that I could spend about 90 minutes a day on my business and it would run smoothly.

Everything else I choose to do above and beyond the required effort is when I feel like it and because I want to. Sometimes it is at 6am or 11pm at night. It is safe to say that my schedule is very un-traditional. Many mornings, you can find me on the patio’s of coffee shops chatting with the regulars with my dog Rocco laying on the floor next to me, or meeting and getting to know business owners in the area for coffee, or just relaxing and blogging and answering emails on my laptop.

Why does this matter to you? I’m not saying this to brag. I’m not coaching people to listen to myself talk. I’m doing it because I get to do what I love. I want to help others achieve the lifestyle THEY WANT. I do this by teaching the systems and processes I know to work in this business.Don’t you want to be taught from someone who has achieved happiness in their life and not just business?

Took day off to be in the pit of Nascar with friends (first time!)

I am not going to sit here and drill in that you have to be the biggest pet sitting company in your area, or achieve the most amount of money, because that dream really isn’t for everyone. If you want to have a coach like that, I am not your gal.

My philosophy is if we (you and I) focus on what type of lifestyle you want to live, the rest will follow. The focus is on your, your family, your happiness. We all know, money doesn’t buy happiness. We are on this planet to live, not to work to our death. If we wanted to work ourselves to death, there are many corporations that will let you dedicate your life to them, and give you little in return. That is not why we are in business for ourselves.

Let’s get your systems and processes in place: Once a company has this, then then can they really start taking off. When a business owner is able to remove himself or herself from the business, it’s like a child taking training wheels off and just riding into the sunset.

There they go… all by themselves. 

The business owner gets to decide how far away that child will ride (or how hard they want to work to keep growing the business).

So what are your goals and plans?  Who is your coach if you have one? Do you really understand their philosophy? Are they where you want to be in life? If they are not, you should consider who you are listening to. Are your business goals determined by a number with a bunch of zeros at the end?Or is it a lifestyle that you want to achieve. Nothing is going to take off and grow big unless you take the training wheels off, create a plan and stick to it as you conquer the goals we set.

Think about where you are going.

Is it where you want to be?

Have you been having the same challenges for years?

If you answered yes to the last question, I would love to do a free 20 minute consultation to get to know you. Just call me! 480.330.4552