Are Email Newsletters A Good Idea For Your Pet Sitting Company?

Are Email Newsletters A Good Idea For Your Pet Sitting Company?

“The number of worldwide email accounts is projected to increase from over 2.9 billion in 2010, to over 3.8 billion by 2014. However, Social Networking currently represents the fastest growing communication technology among both consumers and business users, with over 2.1 billion accounts in 2010 which are projected to grow to over 3.6 billion accounts by 2014.” – The Radicati Group

With email accounts increasing, MORE people getting MORE email addresses, and
communication being more effective via social media – why should we even
attempt to write email newsletters?

You know…those cute and beautiful ones that come with programs like and

The same ones you spend hours making sure they look beautiful and are packed
with all sorts of information?

I believe they are a thing of the past.


They don’t test my “so what?” factor.

What’s that?

It means, who cares about your business? Even if they are your clients, you need to get people information quick, effective (meaning my Blackberry isn’t going to load
all your beautiful fancy templates), and in a manor they can scan through it.

Think about it.

When was the last time you read pages on the internet or an email newsletter?
You want to scan through it, get what you need, and move on…right?
So what should you do?


I find the most effective ones are when they:

  1. Tell you what to expect.
  2. Give you a teaser about what they have to say.
  3. Link it to the full story.
  4. Listing things is also an effective way. (like what I am doing now)

So the next time you sit down to spend hours on creating the most perfect email
newsletter – consider your readers.

Consider that they may be opening up your email at a stop light (I know, you
shouldn’t….but people do!), while going to the bathroom (gross? yes. But our smart
phones have become our new “newspapers”), waiting to pick their kid up from
school, or maybe, just maybe, the old fashioned way – on the computer.

Make it short, sweet, and TO THE POINT.

You will be more effective and see more results. We are in an information
overload society. More content is being produced today than ever before in our
history. You gotta stay in the know!

If you are going to do them once a month – be sure you include some
value. Like $ off services, or events around town, or an exclusive “hook up” for your
readers. Just talking about your business and tips of the month, isn’t going to grab
a strong following.

If you want to do email newsletters but are overwhelmed where to start, contact me. I have the best person that has helped me AND gets great open rates.