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Sign Up Infographic Download

Did you know there are a handful of states that are becoming strategic partners with the Fed to go after workers who are misclassified? This info-graphic will tell you exactly which states.

6 Necessary Steps To (Switch your ICs) Have Employees!

How Do You Start With Employees?  In this download you will get the 6 steps that you need to take in order to start with employees or switch from ICs to employees. They are step by step everything you need to do! No longer do you need to hem and haw over what you need to do in order to go through this tedious process correctly. I have it all outlined for you in the infographic!

What Are The Biggest Claims That Workmans Compensation Can Protect Me On?

You will also learn the Top 5 Workmans Compensation Claims that one of the major pet sitting insurance companies see. This is important because these “accidents” happen all the time in all businesses. In fact, these accidents don’t discriminate based off what business structure you have so with employees and workman’s compensation you will stay protected!

What Are Actual Reasons Why Employees Will Enhance Your Current Life?

Hear why actual pet sitters love having employees work for them and what it can do to literally change your life! Think about all the time you will have to get your personal to-do list done?!? Think of the weekends, holidays, and vacations that you can now plan on being on and be present for! I compiled a list of the top reasons why pet sitting business owners love having pet sitting employees.