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social media strategy

Episode 129: The Relationships Behind Social Media With Chris Strub

Chris Strub is the first person to use live-streaming and…
January 16, 2019/by ChrisPodcast
corporate america

Episode 128: Going From Corporate America To Small Business Owner With April Cox

April is a dog mom of 2 that just recently left corporate…
January 8, 2019/by ChrisPodcast
sales funnel

Episode 127: The Three Types Of Videos With Dave Feinman

At Viral Ideas, Dave Feinman creates to Inspire. He believes…
January 2, 2019/by ChrisPodcast
virtual assistants

Episode 126: All About Virtual Assistants With Trivinia Barber

Trivinia is the founder of Priority VA - a boutique Virtual…
December 20, 2018/by ChrisPodcast
quantum benefits

Episode 125: Quantum Benefits With Jennifer Diepstraten

Jennifer Diepstraten is the CEO and founder of High Ticket…
December 12, 2018/by ChrisPodcast

Episode 124: Connecting With Clientele Through Storytelling With Gael Gilliland

Gael Gilliland is the founder of The Legacy Recorder, and…
December 6, 2018/by ChrisPodcast

Episode 123: Solving The Hiring Problem In Your Pet Business

Abbie Hawkins is the Senior Channel Account Manager for JazzHR,…
November 28, 2018/by ChrisPodcast
disaster preparedness

Episode 122: Disaster Preparedness In Your Pet Sitting Company

Nicole Brown Packin is the CEO of Miami Pet Concierge based…
November 14, 2018/by ChrisPodcast

Episode 121: Adventure, Experience and Storytelling With Mia Voss

Mia is an experience junkie and wants to take you along with…
November 7, 2018/by ChrisPodcast
relationship marketing

Episode 120: Relationship Marketing & Buyer Personas With Jessika Phillips

Jessika Phillips helps people master Relationship Marketing,…
October 31, 2018/by ChrisPodcast

Episode 119: Creating Authentic Video For Your Pet Business With Chris Bryant

With new pet sitting and dog walking companies popping up…
October 24, 2018/by ChrisPodcast
leveraging technology

Episode 118: Leveraging Technology in Social Media With Brian Fanzo

Leveraging technology can take many different forms: video,…
October 18, 2018/by ChrisPodcast
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