Have You Copied A Pet Sitting Website?

copy pet sittingCopying another business is NOT a form of flattery. Any business owner who knowingly directly copies another business is stealing.

When a copycat steals another person’s information for their own use it shows that their own business culture is lacking. If a business is solid and has clear direction and uniqueness than no other businesses principals, websites, forms, etc can ever become another businesses because it just doesn’t fit.

As a business coach, I see and hear about this happening frequently. I have seen, or it has been brought to my attention: that chunks of websites being copied, marketing pieces, service agreements, types of services, unique names, even logos have been directly copied!

It has been my experience based on the 3 people that have come to me in the past two months, that when the person is confronted they are less than wiling to admit that they stole something and change it. This is sad. It is the same thing as walking into a store, grabbing something and walking out without paying for it.

Now I am all for creative juices flowing and sometimes you have to “shop” around. Sometimes you mix and match what you see but what should always happen is that the business should PUT THEIR OWN SPIN ON IT. Lets face it, almost every wheel has already been invented. What are YOU going to do to help RE-INVENT it and make it your own?

Think twice before you copy someone. It is illegal, and shows that you can’t think for yourself.

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  1. Robin Perdue
    Robin Perdue says:

    Thank you for posting this, Bella. Unfortunately, people copy the content off my website all the time. I even found one company who copied my design recently. Pretty bizarre to pull up their website and have it look identical to mine but with a different name.

    While copying is a form of flattery, I have spent a lot of time and money in developing my website. It is a slap in the face to have someone steal it like that. It also bad for business, Google doesn’t like to see duplications out there. Duplicate content results in a lower Google ranking for both sites involved.

    A good way to police this is to copy a portion of your website’s content and paste it in the Google search, you may be surprised to see what pops up.

    • Danielle
      Danielle says:


      Thanks for your comment! Yes! you are so correct! I see that you have your website set up with a blog interface. Am I correct? There is a function in wordpress where you can press something to disable the highlight and copy function from your website so people can’t easily copy. Although, it may have some down sides it it is a potential client too 🙁

      http://www.copyscape.com is also a great site!


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