Work this program, and in 30 days – you can!

Tailored to the busy pet sitter and dog walker who feels like they don't have time for ANYTHING, let alone another program! This is designed to allow you to LISTEN while you work/drive and be able to read when you have the time. 

Trust me, I don't want to add more to your plate, I want to take it OFF!

It's been helping take businesses to employees for over 8 years and helped hundreds of business owners get their life back and scale their business! 

$525 / Downloadable Course

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Two ways to absorb the knowledge with a 50 pg workbook and/or 2 hours of audio

Employee Manual Outline

Lawyer Reviewed Application

30 min. Coaching Session

3-way interview with a potential employee that you choose


Pricing strategy worksheet to account for costs associated

Interview process & legal questions to ask

Job Offer letter

9 items you need to set up a new employee

Step by Step instructions on how to transition your clients

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Here is what you can expect every step of the way:

I will walk you through my four week course via a workbook and/or audio (your choice) guiding you through all the steps and processes you need to complete to have a successful pet sitting company with employees.

I will show you what you need to do to prepare your company to bring on employees.

I will give you an actual guide to an employee manual and suggested addendums that I believe every pet sitter should have to teach their staff properly.

I will teach you how to define, search for, and interview staff in a way that they will be wanting to WORK for you and not “doing you a favor.”

How would you like the luxury of being able to tell your staff when they will work and not asking them to work?

How would you like to know that you can take a vacation or trip LAST MINUTE and that everything will run smoothly with your staff and the processes that you have in place?

How would the quality of your life
 change if you could be home for dinner or take your significant other on a date to dinner and the movie last minute, just because?

Think About This:

… All the while you are making money while enjoying your life?

This can happen 
and I can show you how!

How can I trust someone to take care of the pets and my clients the way that I do?

How can I make sure they would show up on time?

That I can rely on them?

How can I know that they wouldn’t steal my clients?

How long will they stay with me?

How can I afford it all? Don’t employees cost a lot?

My True Story...

One day, I got an all expenses paid trip to Jamaica handed to me and I had to leave in just 3 weeks!

OK! That was enough to get my Bella Butt in gear but I had no clue what the right steps were to having employees?!?!?!

(At the time, I had never been out of the country and did I mention that this opportunity came during JULY, which was our busiest month of the year? Let the freak out mode start!)

Talk about pressure!

That life changing gift is what pushed me over the edge to hire staff and at that time I was so unsure about everything. I didn’t know the right steps, who to talk to, what I needed legally,  how much to pay… everything was so overwhelming to me. But I was determined to accomplish this and I am so glad I did. By doing so, I was able to take that life changing trip and came back wondering why in the world I hadn’t I done it sooner?

Now all of that knowledge has been given to coaching clients of mine while we were on the phone one-on-one for years! It was my time, so the price was pretty steep, but everyone raved about how much they would learn. But now, I have finally gotten all four lessons into a nice little package for YOU.

I Have Figured Out A Way!

To Break It Down Into 4 Easy Lessons
For a lot less than what the Employee Quick Start: One-on-One Coaching Program costs!

Here is what the Employee Quick Start Program covers:

This is the ground work for your entire business. This is where you discover how you want your business to work for YOU. Not the word. Where we form your already established business to blow through your personal goals. By the end of Lesson 1, you will already have a strong foundation that the big bad wolf could never huff and puff and blow away. You will have a strong business and systems in place!

Inside this lesson, you will walk away with an entire employee manual that is specific to YOUR business. You will be able to confidently hand it off to your lawyer completely done for their look over and be excited and proud to hand to your staff. This is the DIY version!


As the captain of this new ship, your role will be adjusting. No longer will you be able to be mopping the deck. You need to be on the top of your ship steering it away from iceburgs! I will show you how to get out from underneath, be a support to your staff, and make your clients overjoyed that you have an entire team of employees to care for their beloved pets.


This lesson will show you all the ways to make someone be drooling to work for your business and not just “help you out” like a lot of workers do for pet sitting companies. You will learn about the hoops to make your applicants jump through and find out how to hire quality workers that will be with you long term than short term.

Client Experiences

"With the help of Jump Consulting, I gained more confidence, more strength, and I am excited about my business again. I no longer feel alone in my field without anyone to consult with. Pet Sitting can be a very lonely business to be in in terms of having no one in your field, or community, to connect and network with. I live in a college town of about 150,000 people, so finding other Pet Sitting business is nearly impossible. I was overwhelmed, exhausted, desperate and needed help. I was seriously considering changing occupations, even after all of my hard work, having wonderful Clients who need my services, and devoting my entire life for the past 3 years to my business. Then I found Jump Consulting and the terrific and invaluable Bella! Now I am on my way to creating the business I have always wanted and finding the time to take care of myself, and make my business a great business to work for. I credit all of it to Jump Consulting. I am making the JUMP and have the courage to do it now!" –Melissa Vogt, Four Seasons Pet Services, LLC

"This seems to hold your hand through what I've considered a terrifying process! A true step-by-step, from the attracting, interviewing, and hiring of an ideal candidate! If you didn't follow a single step, you'd still come away with major food for thought and it would be money well-spent." 
–Amanda Anderson, Ring And Run Dog Walkers

"I have already referred your consulting services to others. I find that people want help but they want a professional not just someone’s opinion. They want real, simple help. They want to walk away with a better understanding of the topic at hand and feel confident in moving forward and making well-informed decisions, not just blindly following someone. I think people want to gain control of their business so they can start to make positive changes. I am very happy that I signed up for a course with you. You gave me specific answers to my most pressing questions. I got real data, not just opinion, so I was able to see for myself what I needed to know to make better decisions for my company. You were very easy to work with and provided me with tools that will be invaluable in the months and years to come. I have a renewed excitement about my company, my staff, my future!" 
–Marcia Hall, LOVE BUGS - Professional Pet Sitting


Almost TWO HOURS: 
Of audio for you to download and listen to on the go. It is great for those who don’t want to sit down and read everything. It is the entire workbook (below) on audio!

50 Page Workbook Including  Step by step instructions, resources, and guides to lead you through this transition. Outline For An Entire Employee Manual And Suggested

Outline For An Entire Employee Manual And Suggested Addendums: You and your employees will be on the same page from day one and you can focus on running your business, and not be spending time ‘putting out fires.

Endless Interview Questions: Knowing what to ask potential employees is half the battle. You will be extremely confident as a business owner and you will be able to quickly find the perfect people for your team.

Offering The Job Letter And The List Of 9 Items You Will Need The New Employee To Complete:
 Once you find the perfect team player, you will have all the necessary papers to get them started efficiently. It will also get the business relationship off on the right professional foot.

A List Of Trusted Resources For Your Team: You will never have to waste time or worry about where to turn when you need professional help. These are the very same tools, resources, and advisors I turn to all year.

Step By Step Instructions For Clients:
You need to know how to make the transition out of your business and put your new employees into your business.

"I just hired our 1st true employee. I took Jump Consulting’s class and can’t say enough how much it helped. We looked for someone for three months, and did two interviews and a trial day before we hired her. It has been three weeks (one of training and two on her own) and she is amazing. If you are considering taking her class, you should do it!" 
–Kristie Glazer, Philly Pet Care, Philadelphia, PA

As a Special Bonus I will GIVE YOU:

 Do you know what makes a good pet sitting application and a bad one? Do you know what legal questions and signatures you need? TIP: An application with a lot of pet sitting questions is NOT effective! 

One, Three Way Interview With A Potential Employee – $60 VALUE
 Bella will meet you and your potential applicant on the phone and do an interview for you. She will give you her feedback if she would hire this applicant or not and why. Talk about confidence in hiring! *Within 60 days of purchase.

A Free 30 Minute Session – $125 VALUE 
Contact Bella to take advantage of this free 30 minute session to ask any questions you may be left with. This will be 1:1 where she will give you the confidence to take the JUMP and clear up any fears or challenges you may be having.

That’s $230.00 In Extras!

Still not convinced?


I will give you a 100% Money Back guarantee if any of what you receive is not to your satisfaction within three days of your purchase!

I can also guarantee that you will not find anyone else in the pet sitting industry providing a package for employees like this!

Order now!

End your worries, your stress, and let me walk you through this amazing process of gaining employees for your business today. 

Your total investment includes my 50-page document, with almost two hours of audio training, and all the extras!

This is the exact same course that I have perfected over the phone doing this with pet sitters all over the country for since 2010. This course works, if you put the steps into action. This course works, in four weeks/lessons, if you do the work.



Bella Vasta is the powerhouse success coach & educator behind Jump Consulting, where she helps pet sitting businesses flourish with customized solutions and smart trainings.

© Jump Consulting



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I had all these fears….and they paralyzed me! Literally. 
I probably could have done employees two years before I actually did but I didn’t. 

Because I was scared.

All these questions with no answers equaled fear.

Luckily for you, I have already answered all the questions above and a 
TON MORE! So how did I get through my slump? 

What Changed?



Pet sitters can pay more than $1,200.00 to work with me personally one-on-one over the phone and go through this exact downloadable guide and roadmap and that doesn't even include the audio, bonuses, and it all written down! 
Today, you can download the audio and workbook for just a fraction of the cost.

  When you download all the audio, checklists, and outlines, you will receive:

Do you need to get OUT of the pet sitting and dog walking field immediately?    

Is the Employee Quick Start Program right for you?

WATCH NOW: Employee Quick Start Mastermind Testimony - Jenni Coes

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