How Do I Know If I Am An Essential Business?

How Do I Know If I Am An Essential Business?

Facebook groups have been filled with questions of “is my business an essential business?”  There is much debate, rightfully so because it isn’t always cut and dry. With the Feds basically saying that we all need to shut down until April 30th on top of the CARE Act going into effect on April 1st, there is a lot of changes happening to the landscape right now.

flatten the curve
The Ethical Dilemma

In order for us to pass this crisis and slow the curve, it is important that people stay home and away from one another. Yet, some business owners can’t afford to shut down and are looking at every possible angle to try to stay open as an essential business. It is understandable because it is the business that they have built up that is all of their livelihood. People have begun to look for other ways that they can generate revenue if they have to close and overall panic has really set in.


We Are All Grieving Right Now.

It is true that we are experiencing all the grieving stages at once right now. Many are in denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and some have moved to acceptance. No matter where you are in the stages, or all at once, know that you are not alone and you are entitled to feel this way.

The Steps You Need To Make To Find Out If You Are On The Essential Business List:

  1. Governors website
  2. Call city hall
  3. Contact the Chamber of Commerce
  4. Listen to your team

The first place I would go is to google and type in “your state” and “nonessential workers”  Chances are your local news station will have already published a list, that typically comes from your governor’s website.

I encourage you to go straight to that source.

Read it all.

If you are still unclear, go ahead and call, or better yet, email city hall. Email the governor’s office or ask who you can speak to so you can get clarity.

Another avenue I have had some clients be successful is calling up the Chamber of Commerce. They often have a direct line to the governor and can sometimes get you an answer.

Last, I would ask your team of advisors. This would be your Human Resources advisor, your CPA, and your Lawyer.

Gathering info from all these areas can really help you determine how to interpret the orders in place.

Pet industry crisis

What I Have Seen Regarding Essential Businesses In Various States:

It is interesting in the pet industry because businesses like boarding have typically been an essential business to help those first responders or people out of the country. They say it is the welfare of the pet. I have also seen some pet sitters on that list but it does vary from state to state.

Although what I haven’t seen is a daycare, dog walkers, and dog trainers.

I have seen a lot of businesses try to “yeah but…” the scenario but I really encourage you to consider these things:

  1. Will you really have enough volume of a business to make a profit that is going to help you?
  2. Will staying open be something that you can make sure you will not infect anyone or contract any infections?
  3. Are you doing this out of ego, denial, or anger?

This is a Tough Situation

I get it. I will be the first person in line to tell you to fight for your business but sometimes you just need to realize that there isn’t anything you can do about keeping the proverbial doors open. I don’t envy any of you but I can tell you that the businesses that have admitted that this is bigger than their “fight” have moved to the acceptance stage and are already taking the time to care for themselves, heal, and plan their world domination for the comeback.

The Come Back Is Better than the Set Back

My boy Mike on Jersey shore said it best, “Make the comeback better than the setback!” He probably wasn’t the first to say this – but it is the most recent reference that comes to my mind.

And yes, I just quoted Jersey Shore. *wink*

Honestly, Jumpers, as we move towards the acceptance stage where we just focus on what we can actually control there will be an enormous amount of peace that comes from that. If you do have to shut down, take a few days and then get up and get to work with me. I am here… lighting it up on fire. I am not waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel. I am making it right now, right here, with you. You do know how I am doing that? By telling you exactly what you need to be saying and doing with your community NOW and helping you plan you’re come back.

jump mastermind

Oh, I have big plans for you and I am not going to let you take this sitting down.

That’s not who I am and that is not who you are.

Join me?

We have a challenge starting in the Mastermind or 14 days. Awesome things to focus on. In addition to that, we also have 15 actual marketing efforts that you can be doing that don’t cost you anything.

I am hosting a two-week pop-up group called Pet Industry COVID-19 Survival Group which running now in an effort to help educate you on the most pressing topics of the current climate. 

This is not the end. This isn’t over. There is so much that is still needed from you to your business even if you have to close those doors.

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