How To Find The Best Graphic Designers For Your Pet Business

Recently, I wanted to add more people to my team. I have a great website person, designer, writer, book keeper, credit card processing company, promotions person, and more… but I wanted another designer on my team who had a different style than what I already had.

There is nothing wrong with my first designer, I just thought I would have another “style” on board. So I took to to find a designer. I created the job posting and to give you an idea, here it is:

Each month, I produce classes on different topics to my coaching clients. Currently, I have a designer, who is fast, on point, and a great person, BUT….. I need a more feminine style. I have my colors and fonts and a logo I love. I have a professional website. I just need the graphics to help back me up and make my personality shine through.

Each month I need a minimum of:
Book Cover
Banner for website
Image for Product on Woocommerce
Banner for Facebook
Ipad and workbook side by side image to use on sales page.

Could you be a PRETTY fit for my needs? The color pallet is yellows and blues (specific color numbers can be provided).

If interested, please provide me with some examples of your work. An idea of how much time you need to turn things around. Your hourly rate and if it is negotiable for ongoing work.

I hope to find the perfect feminine designer to add to my team long term!


So I started getting interest from people around the world. I tend to keep my work to Europe and North America because the language barriers tend to less of a challenge. I also searched for some people and came up with 4 individuals. I offered each of them $20 to come up with a new concept by sending them an existing graphic I already had made and gave them some more specific instructions. From there, I was able to determine who I liked and who I didn’t like.

Graphic Designers Are All Different:

Knowing what I like and dislike is the easy part. I was looking for someone to ask the right questions, have a quick response, great talent, and have superb communication skills. Naturally, not everyone is a good fit together so I thought this method of  “interview” was genius, and it proved to be fruitful.

Here is what happened:

Graphic Designer #1: Was very kind and polite, but the work she provided seemed to be something I could have done in Canva and that wasn’t what I was looking for. So I thanked her for her work and paid her.

Graphic Designer #2: Was from Rome and I was instantly in love (that’s where I went on my honeymoon), but I held back and held my breath until I was able to see her designs. They were just as beautiful as I remember her city! Bella! Bella! 🙂 …and I mean beautiful this time 🙂

Graphic Designer #3: Was a train wreck. She insulted me telling me “she wasn’t going to teach me about marketing” Demanded her rate of $27.50 per hour with a 2 hour minimum and to this day, still doesn’t know the services that I provide, despite having my website at her finger tips. I paid her more than I paid the others and her work was horrendous! I left her an honest review and she harrassed me to change it. Too bad she didn’t know that her response to a bad review could actually help her.

Graphic Designer #4: Was from the States and came from a place of yes. She gave me options and told me if they didn’t work, she had another idea up her sleeve. This left me feeling at ease if I didn’t like something. She didn’t take it personal and always delivered exactly when she said she would. She managed my expectations perfectly!

Graphic Designer #5: Was from South America and had a team of 5 designers. I love the concepts they came up with and although they didn’t win the entire contest, they came in a close second.

(some of the graphics are cut off on the slider…)

Graphic Designers Are Unique:

Just as pet sitting and dog walking businesses are unique, graphic designers are as well. It is great to use sites like that help give you lots of options to help solve your problem. You just need to be willing to put the time in and keep an open mind. I am writing to you about this because imagine if you ended up hiring a designer and having an experience like I did with #2? I might find you posting in my Facebook community saying that “it doesn’t work” and there are “not any good designers on Upwork” and I would say, there ARE! Your picker is just off!

Don’t Give Up So Easy:

So in short, don’t give up so easy. You have to kiss a lot of toads before you find the Prince they say! Just like interviewing for new employees, interviewing for contractors is going to be the same thing. You will love some, hate some, like some, not fit well with others, and more. Some I contacted, and they never responded, some stopped communicating in the middle of the project, some had horrible skills, others were impressive. It was really all over the board. The object is to keep an open mind, keep searching, and don’t give up!