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How Do I Know If The Candidate Is Right For The Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Job?

Do You Need To Fill A Position Of A Dog Walking Job In Your Pet Business?

Finding the right employees is critical for your business. Not only do you need to hire people to get the job done, but these folks should also uphold your mission and company values. If you’ve just finished an interview for a pet sitting or dog walking job but you’re still feeling unsure whether or not this person is your ideal pet sitter/dog walker, you’re not alone! It can be tough to discern one candidate from another– especially if you’re having great conversations. 

Just because you get along well with a candidate doesn’t mean they’d be an ideal employee. Don’t jump right in and hire the wrong person! There are three major points you should note when deciding on a new hire. 


Three Steps To Knowing If The Candidate Is Right For the Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Job:

  1. Start Prepping for the Dog Walking Job Early.

  2. Pay Attention to the Speed.

  3. Have Proper Evaluations

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Start Prepping For The Dog Walking Job Early

How do you know if you’ve found the right candidate for the dog walking job? Ideally, you should already know before his or her resume even lands on your desk. Think about people you’d like to hire down the road – what type of person are you looking for? 


  • What type of gauntlet are you going to create? 
  • Have you determined what are you testing candidates for? 
  • Will there be phases or hoops that are you going to have folks jump through? 

Remember, hiring starts a long time before it actually starts. The earlier you prep, the easier it’ll be to recognize an excellent candidate from a poor one when they apply. 

If you wait to think about the characteristics of the person you need at the point in time when you really need them, you’ll be overwhelmed. It might even pressure you to quickly hire someone unfit for the job. 

I have four phases I utilize within Jazz HR to keep track of candidate progress. Sometimes that involves having a candidate get on camera for a video chat. Sure, it can be awkward – but how far are you willing to go for the job? That is what this Phase really shows the interviewer.

It’s not about having great lighting or even how good of a speaker the candidate is. It’s about getting outside of your comfort zone– it also tests how well this person interacts with different software platforms. If you can’t send one min video, how computer literate are you? 

Questions aren’t just being thrown against the wall to see what sticks. You need to have distinct correct and incorrect answers for every question you ask. 

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Pay Attention to the Speed in Which You Offer the Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Job.

Think about dating – if you went on a date and you didn’t hear back from the person for two weeks, you’d lose interest! The same goes for hiring a new employee. You have to be intentional about speed. 


You should be interacting with potential hires at least once a day. There should never be a point where days and days go by. Remember, these people are looking for jobs. The candidates you’re meeting with are probably interviewing with many other companies. If you really want someone, you need to act fast. 

On the flip side, you’ll know a person isn’t right for the job if they don’t respond to you just as quickly. However, if you haven’t heard back, consider these points:

  • Did you give them a date to respond to? 
  • Were there clear expectations? (ex. please respond within 24 hours to still be considered)

With our unemployment rate so low (3.7%), it’s critical now more than ever that companies be attractive to candidates. How long or short is your hiring process? Is it something you can move through very quickly, or does it take weeks and weeks of your time? How long is your probationary period? 

These are all questions you need to think about. When I hire someone, I give them a 30-day probationary period. By then, you’ll find out if what they said during the interview is truth or fiction. It will also give you time to complete any outstanding background checks. 

Plus, you get to create key testable moments. See what their attitude is after they’ve been walking dogs all day or have had to walk in the rain.


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Always Evaluate the Person You Are Interviewing For The Dog Walking Job


No matter how much you enjoyed your time with a candidate on a personal level, you need to evaluate how he or she would be as an employee. Consider the following questions:

  • Is this person able to be a self-starter?
  • Are they going to be able to take initiative?
  • Are they going to know all the tools they need are in the toolshed? 

If you hire someone who is constantly poking his or her head in the house to ask where to go/what to do/etc., then this person is not going to be the best hire. 

Consider how you’re going to evaluate each person as well. 

  • Is it a mathematical process? 
  • Will you use a 1-10 score? 

The process will become less emotional and more analytical this way.


You need to know exactly what number means what. If they get a 6, they’re disqualified; it doesn’t matter how much you like them.  

Remember – a visionary should not be involved in the nitpicking and sifting through applications and going through first and second interviews. 

The key to knowing if a candidate is right for a pet sitting job is to create a system so you’re not wasting time/money/effort on things that don’t matter. When you put in the forethought and make hiring a  measurable process, you can quantify your gamble with the odds in your favor. 


How Can You Tell If The Candidate is Right For The Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Job?

Consider what you want or can manifest what you want beforehand…many people jump right in before they even know what they want in a new hire! If you can prep, be quick, and have a process for evaluation, you’ll be golden. Do you have any secrets to your process? I would love to know. Feel free to share below! 



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