Use This Tactic To Get Light Years Ahead In Your Pet Business!

Use This Tactic To Get Light Years Ahead In Your Pet Business!

Have you ever wanted to just get down and dirty with your business? But you simply don’t have the time?

Or, are you are just so overwhelmed with supporting everyone who works for you that you don’t even have a minute to breathe? Let alone think about what you need to do as the visionary to grow the business?

Are you living in day to day survival mode where each day you just feel more and more defeated? You might start out the day with great intentions and then…. LIFE happens.

Maybe you wake up at night with worry and can’t go back to sleep. Or your daydream while driving wondering how you got from point A to point B. You get the best ideas… in the shower, but when the time comes to actually execute them – you are BLANK. Then the self-doubt creeps in and you wonder if it is even really a good idea to begin with?

Or maybe you start implementation, but then you just feel like you are doing busy work and worry – will this effort actually make me money in my business or is this just keeping me from being the visionary and growing the business? Or maybe you don’t even get to that stage because there always seems to be some fire you are obsessing over and trying to put out?

Who is supporting you?  Who is getting YOU outside of your own head and pushing you through your challenges? Who is rooting you on, lighting the way and showing you that you can actually do what you originally set out to do?


In this article I am going to show you:

  • Why you can’t keep going at this pace.
  • How a 1:1 Intensive can do this.
  • How do I know it will help me?
  • How do I know if I am ready or if it is the right option?
  • What you can expect when you are done.
  • Why are they are so cheap?
  • The only way to get the last spots of 2021.

Pet Business Intensives with Bella

You Can’t Keep Going At This Pace!

Whatever the case…. things NEED to change. You need the space to get out of your own head and be guided down a path to dream. To create a solid plan that is realistic, and strategize once again. Otherwise, you are going to keep digging a deeper and deeper hole.

What would it be like to know what realistic goals you could set and achieve? What would it feel like to have an entire system laid out for you, that you actually believed in, have already hashed out the doubt, and are committed and excited to see it through? What would it feel like to know that what you are planning, and how you are planning, is actually proven to work by those who have done it before you?

How would it feel to know that you could go on a real vacation where you reset and recharge? All of this is 100% possible and honestly, the way that you could be living in your business every quarter.

Remember, when we started this business we did it for freedom and opportunity in life? Somehow that balance has gotten out of wack and it needs to get back on track. What you are doing right now isn’t working and you need a redirection on your business GPS!

In-Person Intensives with Bella Can Set You On This Path.

The one-on-one zoom sessions are great… when you have one specific challenge to solve. But when you need an entire overhaul… an entire strategy drawn out specifically for you and your goals, then you need to do it all in person.

The summer of 2020 was the first time I did an intensive. It was in Dallas, TX and they went on hiatus for a while because, well, pandemic.

Bella Intensive Inquiry

and another one….

Bella intensive Inquiry

Check out what Tamara had to say…

But in 2021, with conferences barely coming back and people wanting more intimate 1:1 encounters, people have been sliding into my DMs (above) asking me for them. They have been so popular that I have been to four states this summer and served many clients already. I have people asking me about them throughout the end of this year and in all honestly, there is only so many weeks left and only one of me!

A few weeks ago, I published a podcast telling you all about the ins and outs and what really happens when I fly to meet with these incredible business owners. Here it is for your reference to listen to if you are curious 🙂

How Do I Know It Will Help ME and Be About What I Specifically Need?

Prior to my taking off and flying to your city… we have a 30 min discussion and I find out things like what your most pressing challenges are and where would you like to be in your business in six months from now. I create an itinerary of the day that we loosely use to keep us on track (at the end it is all always addressed). I also find out what food you would like to eat and drink so I can have it on hand. We have a long 8 hour day and our energy levels go up and down throughout. It’s important to refuel. We also ordered in lunch! 🙂

intensive itenerary

How Do I Know If I Am Ready Or If It Is The Right Time?

If you even have to ponder that – then you are ready. Here’s why…

Generally, there is something floating around in your head that you have been stuck on.

Trying to figure out. Or… trying to do and getting caught up in challenges that are popping up along the way.

You don’t have the time to complete it – or so you think because you are procrastinating it because your stuck.

Don’t worry – you are not alone. People get “stuck” a myriad of ways. They don’t know the answer, they are confused about the answer, or they don’t have confidence in their own answer.

I have said it many times, and I will say it again… it isn’t about the HOW to do it. It is all about the MINDSET and quite honestly that is the number one thing that these intensives do for my clients. It breaks them through their stinkin’ thinkin’ They need ME to pull them outside of their own mind so they can start painting the bigger picture.

It happens every time.

People come to me with:

  • I don’t know how to manage the staff I have.
  • I don’t know how to hire good people.
  • I don’t know how to take back control of my life because my business is ruining it.
  • I have no idea how to get this thing to run on systems and processes.
  • We are growing faster than we can keep up with!

And we work hard to solve how they can:

  • Have a complete management system that doesn’t take a lot of their time or office managers’ time.
  • Complete the 5 stages of the Employee Echosystem
  • Set boundaries with systems that support and help flow your business.
  • Stop the madness of not using our tools to their fullest AND get things documented in a streamlined and super easy way.
  • Prune parts of the business so they can focus on a little and grow stronger in the areas they want.

What You Can Expect When We Are Done.

I clearly can’t come into your business on the daily and do everything for you so you will have a bit of work to do or delegate. However, you will now have a clear direction of exactly what you need to:

  1. Start doing
  2. Stop doing
  3. And handoff doing.

You will have marching orders! And I always check in with you a week later and a month later… I deeply care about you and your business. This is why I leave my home and fly to another state to meet with you.

  • I am going to give you the resources you need from people I know.
  • I am going to save you MONTHS worth of time and mistakes doing the wrong thing so that you can hit the bullseye the first time.

Take a look at Clarie… she was my most recent one in Milwaukee, WI. She was so much fun to work with and really had some amazing breakthroughs. Then, soon after I left she started making changes and implementing all the things we made decisions on and it was just incredible! This woman has already grown her business so fast in just a short time and I am really excited to see where the next year is going to take her. She is so eager and takes immediate action!

What Can You Expect?

You can expect me to care about your business as if it is my own.

You can expect that I won’t sugarcoat things, but that YOUR desires is what is going to be the compass to get us there.

You can expect an honest, real, and raw environment.

Wear your comfy clothes, and bring the fuzzy socks, we will be chilling in the living room of an AirBnB or VRBO and plastering the walls with the Big Sticky notes. My clients go home with 10-15 of them on average. Which is a great artifact of the “holy shit that did that just happen?” after-effect. But you now can put them on YOUR walls to follow along with…

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Why Are They So Cheap?

Normally, to coach with me per hour it is $995 an hour. Then, for me to fly to you, rent a place, and all the expenses that come with it, normally coaches charge upwards of $10K for the day of this magnitude. But I know that is VERY expensive, and I truly want to help you… I am also completely confident that if you implement what I guide you with, you will make that money back very soon. So despite what I “should” charge, this is also a labor of love for me. Currently, they are $6797 for the call before, my flying there, the place I rent for the day, the 8 hours of coaching, lunch, snacks, drinks, and follow-up afterward.

Oh, and of course, there are always a few “Bella surprises” in there too 🙂

Intensive with Bella Testimony

How Can You Get An Intensive With Bella?

As you can imagine, the intensives are in high demand and I am only able to do them once a month. They do book out so letting me know that you want one will be crucial to getting in line. You can sign up here and then email Bella directly at bella at jumpconsulting dot net to schedule a date and time that works for you!