Can I Make Money Working For Rover As A Dog Sitter?

Can I Make Money Working For Rover As A Dog Sitter?

With the popularity in a shared economy growing, the opportunity to make more money on the side has become increasingly popular. You can drive people around with Lyft and Uber, you can deliver for Amazon, you can clean people’s homes through Handy, and you can now be a pet sitter or board dogs in your home on apps like Rover, DogVacay, and But can you actually make money working for rover?

make money rover dog sitter

But Can You Make Money Working For Rover As A Dog Sitter?

The short answer, sure you can! Creating your profile takes about 15 minutes. Upload a few pictures, select the right price for your services and you are off to the races. According to the website, they take 15% of the fee that you charge and the rest of it is all yours!

Pretty neat if you love pets and want to make some money… yet not exactly have your own full blown company, right?


make money rover dog sitter

There Is A Lot Of Responsibility To Being A Pet Sitter

If you are considering making money working for rover as a dog sitter, or any of the other apps, then I encourage you to consider a few important details:

1. Is the liability insurance that comes with your membership to these sites enough to cover you? Think about what the coverage limits are and what the deductibles are. Will it have any influence on your home owner’s insurance?

2. What if you were to break up a dog fight that happened in your home and were so injured you couldn’t go to your day job? Who would pay for your lost wages?

3. What happens if one of the dogs you are watching destroys your property or the property in their home?

4. What are your city zoning laws? Are you even legally allowed to host dogs in your home for the exchange of money?

There is just so much that you, as an independent contractor, need to be aware of.

make money rover dog sitter

Look Before You Fall In Love

It is easy to fall into the romance of loving on pets all day and getting a paycheck. I mean, who wouldn’t want to? 🙂 It is a lovable, rewarding, and fun job. Truth be told, I made it my life for over 14 years when I had my company.

But in the end, we must remember that we are still caring for animals. They have an entirely different way of communicating than humans. 


Do You Know The Difference?

For example, did you know that if dogs approach nose to nose it is aggressive and if it is from the side it is friendly? I learned that a long time ago in one of the best Dog Behavior for Pet Sitter Manuals that are out on the market. The nuggets of info stored in there could be the difference between a calm day at the “home office” and a dog fight.


So What Is the Final Answer?

In the end, the simple answer to your question, “Can I make money being a rover dog sitter?” is YES. You can. But equally important of a question is, “Do you fully understand the liability and risks you are assuming while doing so?”

Note: Where ever you see that can also mean,, Wag, etc.


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