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Pet Sitter Unplugged: Your Complete Guide to Getting Away, Going on Vacation, or Giving Yourself a Break Without your Business Falling to Pieces


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Scenario #1

You are so burned out that if they phone rings again, you feel like you are going to find the nearest window and throw it out. You, my friend, are burned out and need a vacation. Go!!! You are your own boss and there is no reasonable excuse that you can’t take a vacation.

Scenario #2

You get the dreaded call that something happened to a beloved family member and your presence is required immediately. There is no time to spare and you have no idea how long you will be needed. This is a family emergency and as business owners it is imperative that we are prepared for this sort of thing. Our staff’s trust in us, and our customers confidence in us, relies on it.

I can’t believe this is happening! Scenario #3

(God forbid) Something terrible has happened to you and you are unable to conduct normal business duties. In order for your business not to crash and burn, you need someone to step up and take the reins in your absence so that the reputation that you worked so hard for will not be tarnished and all the pet sits will continue uninterrupted. (No picture needed for this.)

Life happens. Whether you need that vacation, you need to be with your family, an emergency has happened, your business must be able to run without you in it. Being involved for hours a day on Facebook with pet sitters around the country, I hear these scenarios happen more times than not. So much that I have been requested to help put together this guide for you!

Why Should You Listen To My Advice?

jump-consulting-bella-09I wish more students of teachers would ask this question more often. I am living breathing proof that the teachings in this guide CAN help you. These are all actual practices tried and tested in my own company. They are what affords me my weekends off and the ability to take a vacation on a whim if I so choose to.

In fact, you don’t only need this guide if you are going on vacation. You need it to activate a unique balance that every pet sitting business owner deserves: TIME OFF. Getting these systems and trainings in place now will let you have 2 days a week to recharge your batteries and build up the confidence in your worker that they can take over your position when you are not able to be there.

I believe that every single business owner should try to take the weekends off for their own self health. Doing so will give you so much confidence in your operations for when you really do choose to go on vacation or God forbid, something happens.

This guide, complete with a worksheet will show you just how to get through this exciting or challenge time in your business. You will learn to teach your staff:

  • Your Basic and Advanced Phone Techniques
  • How You Sell On The Phone
  • How To Problem Solve Staff And Business Issues
  • When To Use The Emergency Back Ups That You Have Created
  • How To Send Out Certain Emails For Certain Situations
  • How To Track and Keep Good Records In Your Absence
  • Your Social Media Strategies

And most importantly you will learn how to give yourself more time off in a way that builds up the confidence of your staff and yourself when you are away. 

We are all business owners and we deserve time off. In any other corporate job we would get at least 2 weeks vacation. Some business owners I know in the pet sitting industry have worked every day for over two years! *gulp*  It is time to stand up to yourself and your business and create these systems and manuals so that you can take some time off. It is important to your health and you deserve it.

What You Will Receive:

This guide is 14 pages long with a workbook included for you to jot down your procedures so you have an outline of your own office manual that anyone can walk in, read, and understand.

It is also offered in audio format, read by Bella Vasta. We give you the audio to all our products so you can learn while you are driving, doing laundry, or walking dogs. We believe that learning happens in many forms and we can’t always sit down to read things.

So do your body a favor!  Purchase this guide and take two days off a week or at least a vacation! At the very least, you will be prepared when emergencies strike in your life. The cost of this class is equal to lunch on a tropical beach! You deserve it! 

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