15 Most Common Pet Sitting Insurance Claims {Ep. 10}

15 Most Common Pet Sitting Insurance Claims {Ep. 10}

Let’s discuss the 15 most common claims found with Pet Sitting Insurance.

Ever wonder “Why do I need business insurance?” Ever hem and haw over if you should turn in a claim or if you should just pay it out of pocket?

I know I have in the 13 years I have had my pet sitting company.

Join and David Pearsall from Business Insurers of the Carolina’s and myself as we discuss what the 15 Most Common Claims with Pet Sitting Insurance. Listen live as we break it down into:

  • Top 5 Liability claims
    • Dog bites another dog ($200-$13000)
    • Dog bites to people like a jogger, biker, or someone breaking up a dog fight or a child petting a dog.
    • Water damage claims.
    • Dog jumps or runs under someone.
    • Damage to a client’s home.Important to be noted: General liability is someone else other than you. Worksman’s compensation kicks in when it is YOU or an EMPLOYEE.Also, it is important to know what your insurance covers. Real property is the actual home and structure of the home. Most non association policies only cover the structure of the home. Personal property: is the care, custody, and control. The things inside the home.
  • Top 5 Pet Injury claims
    • Dog eating foreign objects (meds, balls, toys)
    • Dog bit by another dog from a 3rd party. Happens a lot.
    • Dog bitten by another dog in pet sitter’s care. (ex. in your home boarding and pack dog walks)
    • Cuts, scratches, and injuries by stepping on things. (cactus, glass, etc)
    • Damages to the contents of a home. (ex pet urinates on a mattress)
  • Top 5 Workers compensation claims.
    • Dog or cat scratch or bite to hands or arm.
    • Slips and falls. typically on walks if the dog pulls on a leash.
    • Slips and falls on stairs.
    • Dog bites to another body part.
    • Dogs that play and odd injuries. (ex. dog jumps up to knock the ball out of hands and knocks out teeth. Retractable leashes)

This interview was fabulous because it really broken all the things that DO HAPPEN into real time examples that we could picture in our minds. How can you help create better procedures in your company to help reduce the risk of injury?

David and I also broke down the steps you should take if you ever need to file a liability or workman’s compensation claim so you know what to do.

We have done some of our own research in the industry discovering the common claims pet sitters have had to use for Worksmans Compensation

We will be doing more of these interviews in the future. Do you have any specific insurance topic that you would like to hear about? We would love to hear from you.

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