Episode 104: Scaling A Dog Walking Business Fast With Unique Internal Office Systems

scaling a dog walking business
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Our guest today is the founder, owner, and operator of a very busy dog walking company in Hoboken, New Jersey, Heather Gaida. She started walking dogs in 2006 when she was working on her master's degree in education. Upon graduating, she loved walking dogs SO much that she decided to continue dog walking instead of going into teaching. She prides herself on holding her business to very high standards and is passionate about providing the best pet care around. She is always looking for ways to improve her business's systems, technology, training, and development for the team.


Biggest Takeaways You Don't Want To Miss

  • If you feel overwhelmed in your business and like you’re just spinning your wheels, consider a complete overhaul of your business. It might sound terrifying, but you can truly come out of it with some INCREDIBLE results. This may include raising your prices, developing an employee handbook and training manual, and really narrowing down the services you provide. If we focus on too many things, then NOTHING gets 100% of your attention. Don’t try to be everything to everyone!
  • Do you live in a metropolitan area and feel like you’re constantly hiring and hiring and hiring? Our guest found a unique solution to this problem by hiring a human resource manager. An HR manager keeps an eye on where you need more staff or even have too much. They also make sure there is a steady stream of interviews coming in. While it might not work for everybody, it may work for you! This is just one of the unique ways he has been scaling a dog walking business.

Show Highlights

  • Who is our guest and what is her business? [1:45]
  • At what point did you realize that you needed a complete overhaul of your business? How did you start scaling a dog walking business? [4:00]
  • When you first started your business, what were all of the services you were trying to provide & what did you end up narrowing them down to? [6:20]
  • How did your life and your business change once you started saying NO to everyone else? [7:00]
  • When did you realize that there were certain functions of your business that you needed to delegate? [9:15]
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes you made in your business and what did you do to rectify them? [12:00]
  • Describe some of your best delegation tips for somebody that’s terrified of that word or has tried it before and failed? [16:45]
  • What are some of your long-term goals and where do you see yourself in a few years? [21:00]


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