Episode 96: Changing The World One Blog At A Time With Leslie Samuel

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Leslie Samuel is the creator of the Become A Blogger. He has a passion for education and has taken on the mission of "Changing The World One Blog At A Time".  In his podcast, Blogging With Leslie, he teaches solid lessons about how to build a blog that will have an impact, in addition to interviewing other successful bloggers who have built successful platforms and turned them into thriving online businesses.


He founded, and later sold, Interactive Biology, a blog dedicated to making biology fun for students and teachers worldwide. This blog landed him a job as a university professor in a doctoral program. After three years, he left that job to be a full-time blogger. His message is simple - Create Content, Inspire Others and Change The World (while building a solid online business)!



Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss:

  • Leslie is an educator and a blogger. He’s constantly feeding his brain. There is so much to gain from being a sponge and soaking up all the knowledge around you. As you take in the information you learn, it is important to share it with others.
  • Make sure to check out Leslie’s Podcast on Become a Blogger named “Facebook Doesn’t Care About You.” Facebook and social media outlets are a business and they are not truly thinking about your family. You have to take the reins on how and when you interact with Facebook.
  • What readers are looking for in blogs: VALUE. Answers to questions, solutions to problems and a lot of times business owners don’t see it from the customer’s perspective. Establish trust and nurture your growing relationship.
  • Create a system that converts a reader from someone gathering information from you to someone who wants to do business with you. Get them on an email list, nurture them with value while introducing your services gradually. You really want them to trust you as a source of information and a reliable service as well.
  • Google analytics can have a huge impact on your blog. Even if you don’t understand it, you need to have it on your blog from the start. It’s free and gives you all types of data on your blog. This data is key in knowing what is working on your pet sitting blogs and your website.


Show Highlights:

  • Facebook brought Bella and Leslie together through split screen interview technology [2:30]
  • What is Leslie currently learning? The concept of social media and what it does to our minds. He loves it, but there is a balance you need to find your business, personal life goals, and social media. [5:00]
  • What are the mistakes that you should be afraid of in blogging as a business owner? You get into blogging to promote your business, but it doesn’t have to just be there to promote your business. [7:45]
  • Give your blogs a bigger purpose. Create the right content to help them the best. Use your pet sitting blogs to integrate into your sales process.  [11:00]
  • The elements and structure of writing great pet sitting blogs. Read it, see it, hear it; use all the senses with pictures, written, video and audio resources. But you don’t have to do it all at once! Choose one and run with it first, then start to incorporate the rest as you can. [14:00]


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