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Jump Mastermind – Annual

$1,524.00 / year

Save $600 a year (35% 0ff)!

Here’s What You Get Each and Every Month:

Monthly “deep dive” topics to make sure you’re focusing on what matters most right now and not getting distracted by the latest “bright shiny object.”

Monthly HR Expert: Join us every month and watch the previous replays on all the most burning HR questions from an expert who has worked along side many businesses in the industry.

Expert hotseats where I tap my personal network to bring you the best topic experts to answer YOUR questions… LIVE!

These aren’t pre-recorded, passive interviews where you just listen in. We’re talking INTERACTIVE and REAL-TIME. I bring in my trusted friends and mentors and drop them right at your feet. YOU set the agenda. YOU ask the questions. YOU get the answers you want and need!

It would cost upwards of $100 an hour to get any ONE of these experts on the phone!

Private Facebook group of like-minded professionals who all want the same thing you do – a super-successful business without selling your soul (and your life) to get it! This is a community like it used to be, where we’re supporting and caring for each other.

Accountability Partners want someone in your corner who you can cheer on and that cheers you on? Knows what you are working on and helps you when you need it? The accountability partners are POWERFUL. You should see what some have accomplished together.

Personal goal-setting and accountability from Bella and fellow members to make sure you’re making progress… NO EXCUSES. With me at your side, you’ll bust through fears and blocks and keep moving forward.

LIVE Q&A sessions so you’ll NEVER be stuck. Got a specific question on implementation? Just ask! Need help figuring out how to apply a specific concept or strategy in your business? I’m here! It’s like having your own personal business coach on retainer! Normally it is $495 an hour, so this is a STEAL!

…And everything is recorded and available 24/7 so you can access the materials and resources on YOUR schedule via our Facebook group!

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