Should I List My Pet Sitting Prices On My Website?

Do you want to know how to get your phone to ring more?
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Step 2: Then TAKE your prices off your website!

Should I list my prices on my pet sitting website-

Should I list my pet sitting prices on my website?

I don’t believe that any pet sitter should list their prices on their website UNLESS they are trying to be the cheapest pet sitter in their town and sell price. {Assuming they have an awesome website! What I am about to say will work against you if your website is anything less than awesome!}

Most pet sitters I know are not the cheapest in town, and they would all agree that their services are better than “average” So why not let your value shine through? I believe all pet sitters should sell value and not cost and the way to do that and how to arrive at the perfect price for each business.


Why prices should NOT be on your pet sitting website:prices on website

#1 – Your website should be there for foreplay!  Yes, I said that. Foreplay. You need to want to make your readers WANT to call you!  Your chances of landing a sale will drastically increase if you can get them on the phone. Unless you have a website that is structured as a library with all the possible answers to your reader’s questions… you need to get the clients to call you!

#2 – If you list your prices, you are risking the client not knowing the true value or extent of your services. They are left to make their own assumptions and can price shop, rather than be redirected to price shop! It is your job as a business owner to educate and sell your consumer. You can’t do that with one way communication online.

#3 – Get a fighting chance for the future! Sometimes people are not ready to buy, can’t find you again, or choose another method that they end up unhappy with. If they didn’t have a reason to call you, then you had no opportunity to get their phone number or email or invite them to your facebook page. Do you know that even if someone says “no” to your services today, they can still be valuable to you tomorrow?
Publishing your prices will eliminate them calling you.

#4 – People don’t read! I hear pet sitters say that they publish their rates because when they search for things, they are price shoppers. Let me remind you, you are not always your client!  If they LIKE your website, they WILL call you! In addition, I ask those pet sitter who have websites with prices… Are you telling me that people don’t call you and still ask for your prices? I know they do. People don’t read websites. Nor are they going to sit there and do math in their head to figure out the complicated pricing structure that you have listed out. Is it a pet sit rate? dog walking rate? discounted rate? *getting a headache now*

Pet sitters – you have GOT TO KEEP IT SIMPLE for people. The purpose of your website is to educate and entice them to call you. YOU are the seller. NOT your website. Everyone should have a great phone script! 


I get many people calling me asking what I charge. Why do they ask that? They don’t know what else to ask. It is natural to ask “How much do you charge?”  Once I am able to get them talking on the phone and build a connection… they no longer care about price and care more about the relationship we are building on the phone and the value I am selling them.


If you don’t believe me…. Check out The Sales Lion he believes (and I agree) that while you don’t need to place your prices on your website, you do need to ADDRESS the issue of cost. For example “How much does XYZ cost in YOUR TOWN”  Check out his free ebook to really understand the magnitude of this concept. Understand this, and you will be the leading resource in your area on prices and your industry!

I know you still have questions about this or might not completely believe what I am saying. So please post your questions below. I want to hear them!  


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  1. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    When I click on the link for the Pricing Guide Formula, it says “Page not found”. Is the Pricing Guide no longer available?

  2. Barbie
    Barbie says:

    Hey Bella, I am going to take my prices off my website and give it a try. If they are just looking for the cheapest that’s okay. Not everyone can afford a pet sitter. Some people have money but still think any child can do this so why can’t an adult do it at a child’s price. I always think of this scenario… you hire the teenager to take care and have fun with your child while you and your significant other go out to dinner and a movie. You are just a few minutes away if something were to happen. However if you were a parent would you go on a cruise or travel Europe and leave your child with a teenager all week? I would hope not. It’s only a dog. Right? If they have that mentality you do not or can not change there mind until they have a life alternating experience happen to their pet in the care of an experienced or child taking care of their pets. This is my thought process on people who can afford but choose the less expensive way. We humans never think tragedy can happen to them. Even the most experienced Pet care company things can happen. It’s how it was handled in the end. I might be rambling but I want my phone ringing. Sometimes people look at prices because they have the thought of what it costs. If you can talk about theirs and their pets needs and educate them and guide them as too why it would be a good choice to go with a knowledge company. Have a dog gone great day.

  3. Space Coast Pet Services
    Space Coast Pet Services says:

    Hi! Is the free ebook still available? I didn’t see it on the site (2 companies merged so maybe that’s why)


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