Simon says, “Follow the Leader” but which one? |Pet Sitting Business Coaching

Simon says, “Follow the Leader” but which one? |Pet Sitting Business Coaching

What leaders do you follow?

A very wise book said “seek wise counsel….”

Who do you seek out when you are looking for answers, guidance or advice? Are they truly the people that you want to be?

That is who I look after. Those who I inspire to be and I simply listen with two ears and talk with one mouth in that ratio.

With so much being published on a daily basis these days I think it is important to really think about who you are following. Do you really know who they are? What they stand for? What is their track record? Are they in a position of life that you want to be in? Are they a person of integrity?

If you are not following anyone, I am curious as to how you find the motivation and inspiration to move forward even when you have strong headwinds. How do you not get pushed off course?

Following the leader, a great game we used to play as kids…. However make sure that the Simon who is ” Saying”…. Is a Simon that you want to be.

Not sure? Just ask them.

Me??? Glad you asked! I was born in 1982, had my first 6 figure business by the time I was 28. Have been nationally awarded and have served many hours of volunteer time in the pet sitting industry area.

I come from a line of entrepreneurs, always had to work for everything I have in life. (including my beloved Mini Cooper convertible aka Mini Me)

I  am a Christian, and give a lot of the glory of my success to the Lord.

I am told on a weekly basis that I am motivating and energetic.

I hold my family and friends in a higher regard than my own business, they will always have priority, and that goes for my staff as well.

I value the ability to make my own schedule and choose when I want to work in such a high regard that I will fight tooth and nail if I have to in order to keep it. Lunch with friends or my mom in the middle of the “work day,” Happy Hours with friends or family, being able to go on vacation at the drop of a hat, is all the quality time that I cherish.

I am pretty extreme to my fault sometimes. I am either all in or all out. Black or white. You either jump out of the airplane or you don’t. There is no jumping out and then holding onto the side of the airplane.     and you can take that any way you want (as good or bad).

I am not easily quieted when I believe something is wrong and will fight for those who are loyal to me. I am Italian and from Boston… need I say more?

If that is something that appeals to you or lines up with your values, I would love to help you along the way. Taking the JUMP can be the scariest thing in your life. I remember it well myself. But with the proper inspiration, motivation, and challenge…. You my JUMPER can do ANYTHING! (When you get really high up, just wear an oxygen mask! Lol)

Just make sure you seek wise council and really know the people who you are following.

Feel free to ask me anything you’d like… just press COMMENT below 🙂