Small Business Survival During A Crisis

Small Business Survival During A Crisis

We are in a crisis. As a result, small business survival is teetering on the edge

Now more than ever you need to have a strong mind, arm yourself with knowledge and not go down without a fight.

People are depending on you. Your family, staff, and community are all depending on you.

Whether you want to realize it or not YOU, the business owner, ARE a leader. People are watching you. They are waiting to see what you are going to do. Whatever you do, this is a no judgment zone. We all realize that everyone is in a different situation.  You are all experiencing different levels of loss as a result of this pandemic.

We Are Marketing At A Funeral

I did an emergency session with one of my mentors Mark Schaefer this week. He said, Bella, we aren’t relevant anymore. Businesses in general aren’t relevant anymore and it is like we are marketing at a funeral. We must realize that we can’t just sell the way we used to. Our messaging needs to change. We need to find our new relevance.

He couldn’t be more right.

I Cried Six Times Yesterday…

I started my day getting ready and putting on my make up

With my ear buds in talking to a business owner (and Better Marketing with Bella and Mastermind member) in Ohio. In the middle of the night. He messaged me that he just wanted me to know that he would most likely be closing his business and filing for bankruptcy.

I was shocked and immediately called him.



I told him I was going to sound like that nagging girlfriend or wife but that I WASNT LETTING HIM GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT. During our call. I gave him some resources to look into for small business survival. He was also coached to do a few things, and we got off the phone with both of us scared and exhausted.

Then, I shuffled into the kitchen

Where I made my breakfast and called another Better Marketing with Bella and Mastermind member in Florida. She and I had been messaging the day before. She was down to one client. The worst part was she had an hour’s drive to her facility every day.

She was scared because her business came to a halt. She wasn’t going to make payroll. Her business had a very personal back story as to why she started it and it broke both of our hearts that she was thinking she might lose it.

She was the same thing, DONT YOU DARE GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT.

We made a plan together on the phone.

I challenged her to do a few things.

This client sent me some verbiage and I made her three extra graphics on the spot. That’s because her business (being pretty unique) needed to change its narrative (Thanks to Mark Schaefer) and we needed to start marketing that angle immediately. Her small business survival was at stake.

As I moved to eat my breakfast

I called a few other clients telling them mostly the same thing. However, they were in different situations and also had some different outlooks on what they needed and wanted. The message stayed the same though, DO NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT.

Each time I got off the phone with these business owners I cried.

It is so hard for me, as a coach, to see them in despair. I really do care about the livelihood of my clients. It is almost like a parent-child concern. I care so much for my Olivia. As I would do anything for her… but sometimes all I can do is instruct her and love her through it all. It doesn’t stop me from wanting to make it all better and make sure that she never hurts.

I really do feel that way about my clients.

Fight Fear with Fact

The Pet Industry COVID-19 Survival Group

I spent the rest of the day working hard at getting on the radar of some pretty heavy hitters in the financial industry. Using all my contacts sending messages out like:

Small business survival request sent to financial specialists

I have a line up of stellar people. It is so heavy in the financial aspect to help small business owners understand the differences between furlough and layoff and what temporary closing and permanent closing and what government programs are out there or what legislation is coming or has been approved to help small business owners survive this pandemic.

Join here

There is SO much happening and at warp speed right now.

So many people are scared, myself included – and I believe in fighting fear with FACT. So that is what we are going to do.

I have created a two week pop up group to educate and inform the pet industry from March 23rd to April 6th. It is called Pet Industry COVID-19 Survival Group.

We have over 10 confirmed speakers in two weeks there to support my small business survival community in all types of areas like

  • Unemployment Law
  • Human Resources
  • Small Business Finances
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Contingency plans if you get sick
  • A place for kids being at home and how to run your business
  • Nutrition
  • Positivity
  • Latest News Affecting Businesses

REGISTER Pet Industry Survival


Please consider joining us.

Everything will be in ONE place. All the experts, resources, and no more sifting through random news articles being posted in other groups.

This is YOUR small business survival hub.

YOUR place to be supported and educated about YOUR business.


Let’s Address the Cost of This Group:

I struggled hard with this. My paid and free audiences were polled and were overwhelmingly in support of this. It has taken me about 30 hours to get this all organized for you. I am confident you realize it will be incredibly valuable to you and your business. But more so, it will not be for EVERYONE.

This is for those who have:

1. Temporarily closed their business
2. Want to FIGHT
3. Want to learn
4. Want to cut the clutter and have ONE place to go for support.

I am going to show up guns blazing fighting for you. My lowest costing product out on the market is $79.00 THIS is only $29.00 for two weeks.

I hope you consider joining me because I am going to give you over $29 worth of value and just might help save your business.

Which leads me to the rest of the story…

I cried 2 more times yesterday.

It was when I got these messages:


These were messages from the two clients I told you about above within 2.5 hours of each other. They went beyond their comfort zone and did what they needed for their small business survival.

And guess what else?

Money is still rolling in. I am so proud of them I called them both immediately crying tears of happiness and relief.

Honestly… there are so many lessons to be learned here. I will let you reflect on those yourself. 🙂

I was so fired up with this that I stopped making dinner and went live on the Jump Consulting facebook page:


After this Facebook Live I got even more messages. People were inspired to action (which by the way is what every business coach prays for…. ACTION!) and sent out emails.

Asking for what they needed.

  • For their clients to keep allowing them to do walks.
  • For them to purchase gift certificates.

To help the small businesses get through these times. What happened was nothing short of miraculous. What I am about to share are actual messages that I have been given permission to share. This is another Better Marketing with Bella and Mastermind member 🙂

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You Got This and I am Right Here With You.

I am sharing these small business survival strategies to inspire YOU to action. Do not give up without a fight.

We can do this together. But it needs to be together.

Together we are stronger. Together it is harder to get down and stay down. We must be socially distant but social MEDIA TIGHT. I plea with everyone reading this to please join the small business survival during covid 19 group. Join me. Be educated. Let’s educate the industry. Let’s stop the fake news, the misinformation from spreading, get knowledgeable about our actual options throughout this and know that we are currently going THROUGH it.

Something that the Grassroots gals Maggie and Kristen said this morning that I loved was that more people die from SHOCK than the actual accident. Don’t be one of those to just roll over and die because you don’t know your options or you haven’t gone down trying.



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