Should You Let Your Spouse Work For Your Pet Sitting Company?

Should You Let Your Spouse Work For Your Pet Sitting Company?

It’s no secret that hiring for your pet sitting company is tough. But perhaps your newest employee is closer than you think? Would you let your spouse work for your pet sitting company?

What a great idea!

You think.

You and your spouse conquering the pet sitting world together, right? But… it may not be as easy as it seems. In fact, there are many opinions on this in the pet sitting world. Today let’s discuss the things to consider when allowing your spouse to work for your pet sitting company, and if it’s really a good move for the business.


Should You Let Your Spouse Work For Your Pet Sitting Company?

spouse work for your pet sitting company


Communication is key in any relationship – personal or business. When letting your spouse work for your pet sitting company, it’s super important that you two communicate. Make sure they understand the separation between business and personal. Take a look at what some other pet sitting business owners have to say about communication:

“My wife is a school teacher so during the weekends, summer, and holidays she’s on board with us. Communication is key, but it can be hard at times to direct her like I would anyone else. It was much harder in the beginning but over time it’s been great.” – Chris, Atlantic Pet Sitting

Chris makes a great point here – even though they are your spouse, sometimes you have to treat them like any other staff member to ensure the integrity of the business.


Separating Work Life & Personal Life

This can be one of the toughest parts about having your spouse work for your pet sitting company. It’s easy to slip into a routine where it seems like ALL you two are talking about is the business – not leaving any time for relaxation! Or, it might be the other way around where your spouse is too lax with business procedures and is skipping out on important takes. See what Jenorise has to say about how to succeed in keeping a work-life balance:

“You just have to make sure that he understands when you are boss lady and when you are wife. One can get in the way of the other. Sometimes husbands ignore certain honey-do tasks and they drag on and on without being done. This is absolutely not acceptable. You are NOT his wife for work. You love him, but you will need to find a balance. Its hard to find that balance.” – Jenorise Meija, Winter Park Pet Concierge

Finding that balance between work life and personal life can be a struggle, but with time and communication, it can be done!


What If Working Together Puts A Strain On The Relationship?

It’s possible that once you and spouse start working together, that it might not work out. The most important thing that you do here is recognize that fact and adjust accordingly. Let’s take a look at this pet business owner’s tip for keeping the peace:

My piece of advise is to remember that your marriage is more important then your business, (at least it is in my opinion) and if working together starts to tear your marriage down, than stop working together as quickly as possible. My husband wasn’t a great pet sitter. He tried but he made mistakes and it cost us clients. We figured out which jobs were good for him and which ones I shouldn’t send him on. Ultimately, it was best for him not to do it unless we really needed him. He is a great guy and so smart, but this type of job wasn’t what he excelled at. It was challenging in the moment of it all for me not to transfer my disappointment in his work to our marriage but I think I did an okay job at it and he still felt respected as my hubby. I think if a couple can work together it can strengthen their marriage but it can be risky especially if they do not put their marriage first.” – Anonymous


My Thoughts

Even if have your spouse work for your pet sitting company doesn’t work out, it still can serve as a great learning experience. Not only will you gain insight as to what working together with your spouse is like, but you will see what each of your strengths and weaknesses are.

As for me, while deciding to let your spouse work for your pet sitting company is a personal decision, it is one that I would not make. But whatever you choose to do, just be sure that you have a partnership agreement set up beforehand.

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