Tripple Your Small Business Website Hits In A Day

Tripple Your Small Business Website Hits In A Day

You know, it was pretty entertaining.

Recently someone commented to me, “You are just a pet sitter.” How may times have you just been eliminated to “Just a…”

I was taken back by this, as coaching is a big part of what I do. I really only spend two hours of my day working ON the pet sitting company, and then the rest coaching, or living life.

Part of my coaching is teaching business owners marketing, including social media. To know how to leverage it by using current events and throwing it into an already made system, can be the single most powerful tool you can have for your business.Why? Becasue then you don’t have to spend time pounding the pavement. You don’t spend money on advertisement, fliers, brochures, etc. People find you on the internet.

This day in age, if you are not leveraging this marketing tool to the fullest, you are wasting your time and money. Also… I will be bold enough to say that if you pay for AdWords, you are also wasting your money. Let your website DO IT FOR YOU!

The first spike is when we found 2 dogs(435 hits). The second spike is what I write about here(510). Be relevant!


So how did I triple my website hits in one day?

Step one… Three pieces of really big news came my way. So I hopped over to my website and created blog posts about two other them.

Step two….I used my icontact account to create a newsletter. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: I use only TEXT email blasts now (not HTML). I make them very short and very sweet.  Why? Some phones are not as smart as others and I want everyone to be able to see and read the message quickly. It is important to my business that my emails are read quickly and easily over a persons cell phone. Want to see what it said? Take a look here at my pet sitting email newsletter said.

Step three….I blasted item #1 ALL OVER facebook. On community websites, on veterinarian pages, on local business pages, and through my relationship with them, asked them to repost and retweet.

IMPORTANT: Do you see how each item directed readers BACK to my website for more info? You ALWAYS want to be doing this!

Side note: When I posted the blog about Two Lost Dogs Found I ended up connecting with a pet sitter in another area of town I needed a reference for. She took my post, passed it around her work office full of a few hundred people. As you may have guessed, I got a call about pet sitting from them… and have been able to give her a client already in just one week. Isn’t that powerful?!??!?!


Why did this work?

It was short and sweet.

It was timely and relevant.

It was hosted on my website.


How does this help my business?

Do you think that any other pet sitting company in my area got over 500 visitors to their website that day? The information being hosted on my website, the email blast providing value, and a call to action to stay connected to us on Facebook, led to more Facebook followers, and more people who normally wouldn’t have been on my website to be on it. I actually got two calls that day because while the caller was reading about the recall, they recognized a need they had for pet sitting. We are the #1 pet sitter in the search engines in our city with tons of competing websites.

Pretty good for being “just a pet sitter” huh?  Turn yourself into a superior marketer today by LEARNING! Essentially you are getting a pay raise because you don’t have to spend your time and money out on the street 🙂 Use your website to make them come to you!