[Video] Becoming An Expert In Your Community.

[Video] Becoming An Expert In Your Community.

Becoming an expert from Stephen Murphey on Vimeo.


Did you know statistics show that experts make more money than non experts?

Here is a talk I gave in the Summer of 2010 to a local networking group of women. It is very interactive with lots of questions and participation from the audience.

Most people are scared to be an expert in their community.

“Surely others know more than me,” they think.

But in reality, an expert is someone that knows just a little bit more than someone else, AND willing to get up and talk about it.

When you position yourself this way, you will be sought out. People will come ask you questions, ask you for interviews, quoted in the press.

In this video, I share how I became and expert in my field. At first, I didn’t think I was a pet care expert. Hear how someone helped show me that I was actually an expert in my field. And I hope that you are inspired to see that you, too, are an expert!

Your Blog Can Help you Become An Expert:

When you have a blog that is your platform that you can publish your works on. Others can find you, link to you, you can pitch stories to local news outlets. Through social media like Twitter and Facebook, you can take these blogs and post them on media outlet pages or to the journalists themselves.

You can help leverage cross promotions. I talk about Yappy Date and how I connected with a few other business owners to create an event and help cross promote between the two of us.

In short, the more that you establish yourself as an expert, the more that you put your knowledge out there, the more attractable you and your business can be to others.

NOTE: This was filmed in 2010, some of the social media references may be dated. *smiles*  For example, an audience member asks how valuable is social media really? 🙂



Becoming an expert from Stephen Murphey on Vimeo.