How Pet Sitters Get Through Tough Times In Business

How Pet Sitters Get Through Tough Times In Business

I can honestly say that I just had the most fun I think I have ever had on a video streaming application this morning. Blab the newest “cool kid” thing is taking the world by storm. It is a way to connect people [ pet sitters ] together where there are four “chairs” for people to be on camera and a chat box for the “audience” or standing room only. You can get up from your seat and allow someone else to sit with the exception of the moderator.

I planned one for 830am PST today before I got on with my day and it really started me off motivated! The replay is below and you can press play and then open up other screens and go about your work online while you listen. It is an hour long and  it stars on camera:

Yenni Desroches from MA with Next Level Pet Care
Britta Harris – Dog’s Best Friend
Katie Westerfield – Homeward Bound Pet Care
Lori Genstein – I’ve Got The Scoop

with many more in the chat room chiming in on the conversation. It was a great group because everyone was at different stages of their business. We even met Sam in the Philippines who wants to start a pet sitting company!  (I love how technology brings the world together)

We talked about a while bunch of things with special guest appearances from Britta’s cat, Lori’s son and cat, and my Rocco. The conversation flowed beautifully and we shared our thoughts on

  • Connecting with our community
  • Managing systems and processes
  • Getting through tough times personally and in our business.
  • Doing free visits for those in need.

Products mentioned during the blab were:
The Fetch Foundation

To learn more about blab go to  and if you want to learn about it I would google or Youtube it. Or…. if you are really daring, just sign up and stick your nose in. It is super great!!! 🙂


NOTE: You can not pause, rewind, or fast forward the video.