You Are Helping Me Change My Life!

You Are Helping Me Change My Life!

After a recent coaching session with a really awesome up and coming business owner, she emailed me the below.

We were discussing charging what you are worth and how sometimes we are not always our own client.

We talked about how to make her business successful for years to come including profit margins, tracking trends, and reaching yearly goals on a day to day basis.

So you were so right yesterday and I am still taking it all in.
I didn’t realize that I was making myself the customer. That was a shocker!
Then today I said my rates were $20 and $65 and no one even cared!  OMG!!!
I had to write and tell you THANK YOU. You’re helping me change my life!

Lauren, Arf You Leaving

These emails are what for fills my personal mission in life which is to inspire, motivate, and challenge others. Thanks for letting me do that Lauren!