Episode 284: Why You Might Not Be Getting Return On Your Social Media Investment

Episode 284 why you are not getting a retun on your social media investment
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Do you ever find yourself posting on social media wondering "Is this really worth it?"

Is it really worth your time and effort posting, in hopes you will get growth for your business?

Does social media really work?

I am here to tell you, yes, it is and does.. if you're doing it right!

Social media gives a 360 view of a company and helps consumers decide if this is the company for them. This week I dish out some serious statistics to help unvail the importance of social media, and how you should, correctly be using it.

Biggest Takeaways

Have you ever been on social media and seen a post asking for ‘recommendations’? That is because according to Forbes, a whopping 81% of purchasing decisions are influenced by friends’ social media posts! People not only want convenience and familiarity when choosing a company to purchase from or work with, but they want social proof that this company is who they say they are. Social media gives a glance into what a company does and how they do it. And if you are using your social media correctly, you are engaging and enticing customers, giving them the reassurance they need to work with you. Learn this week why social media is really worth it, and how to ensure you are doing things correctly.


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