Episode 6: How To Deal With Negative Reviews

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Ever see Jimmy Fallon do his "Mean Tweet" segment? This is what I want you to think of when you listen to Ep 6 of Bella In Your Business.

There is so much negativity going on out there with pet sitters getting upset because someone wrote a negative review, told them their service was too much, said something "mean" to them, or just got their feelings hurt. I am here today to encourage you to be a DUCK and let it roll off your back.

Seriously! What you let into your head becomes your reality. It helps feed the stinkin' thinkin' and I want to show you that no business ever failed because someone said something mean. We all will get negative reviews at some point in time.

I even read what has been said about ME! Yes, me. Nothing online is private.... there are screen shots for everything. :(

Here are some of the show notes for you to follow along:

bella in your business

“It always has been your way or the highway Bella and you proved my point splendidly.”
“Very rude. Woman that I believe is the owner is very obnoxious and self-centered. You have to put up with constantly “I’m the best. Everyone wants to be like me. I’m so great people would pay double for pet sitting to be with my company but I decline” does anyone actually believe that? It’s pretty disturbing!”
“I can’t believe she is a consultant, she was so nasty with me when I decided to try a session with her.”
“Bella = narcissist”

What To Do When It Happens:

  • Consider the source
  • How To React
  • Attitude and Reaction is everything
    • Attitude is everything blog
    • Seek Guidance From Those Who Do Love You.
    • Think About All Good Feedback.
    • Don’t let one negative comment ruin your whole day.

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