Fear That Paralyses You Or Ingnites You? You Decide.

Fear That Paralyses You Or Ingnites You? You Decide.

Easier said than done, right?

When you are full of worry, you become frozen. Nothing in your life is fluid. There is no mobility. Fear begins to breed inside of you and ends up gluing your feet to the ground.


Prevents you from moving forward. You need something or someone to release it to. Something or someone to make sense of it. You can’t solve the world’s problems by yourself, let alone your own.

Worrying breads fear, fear makes you immobile.

When you are not moving, things aren’t flowing which means things rust up.
When things sit out, the grew mold, they get bacteria, nothing happens except bad things.


Don’t grow mold in your life!!!

Do you know how many people I speak with year after year and they are in the same spot?

“I really want to hire staff, but I am afraid to hire.”
“I really want to grow my business, but I am afraid my clients only want me and no one else”
” I really need to raise my rates so I can start making money but I am scared that my clients will leave me”
“I am scared to stand up to myself”
“I am scared to take the leap of Faith”
“I am not worth it.”
“I don’t even value my time, why would anyone else”
“What if my business gets too big?”
“People will find out what I think of myself, that I am a fraud.”
“I am too stressed to even make a decision but hate where I am at now”

These are all fears I hear clients tell me over, and over, and over again.  Sometimes year after year. There is no amount of motivational pep talk I can do unless someone is willing to unglue their feet and start moving forward. You must make the decision to stop worrying and start DOING.

Pst Travis from Impact Church – “Be a river and not a reservoir!”

How do you do that?

Well, first step. It isn’t always about you. No matter what type of believe you subscribe to – you gotta give it away. AWAY being the key word. Give it to the universe, meditate, send it in the ocean in a bottle…. go find something people! You can’t hold onto it and you can’t do anything about it so that is STEP ONE. Admit it!


What do I do?

I give it to God.

Yup. Really, I do. Of course it took some practice in the beginning, but I have Him as my business partner. He is the “problem solving and guidance” department.  The minute I realized I didn’t have to do it all myself is the minute my shoulders got a lot lighter. I work as hard as I possibly can. Leading with integrity and His guidance, and the rest I chalk up to: I did the best I can. If it was meant to be, it will be and there is nothing (I believe) I can do about it.

Worrying comes from the unknown. It breeds fear. And the Devil, evil, dark side, bad karma, whatever you want to call it LOVES when you allow this to happen.

Once I mastered this ability all of a sudden I became FEARLESS. The word NO is exciting to me! I don’t feel held down any more. I can really *try* to do anything. Including jumping out of an airplane.(Go ahead, watch the video!)

I all of a sudden became happy for the successes and found peace in the “failures” because they weren’t failures to me anymore. I really learn from them and seem to snowball them into my next adventure or experience. Always moving forward allows me to not worry too much. I am always in motion, leaving the “crap” and taking the good stuff with me. I could go on and on about this for days…


So question…

Are you still sitting in the same place you were 6 months ago wondering or wanting things to change? You should stop looking at the THINGS and start looking at YOU.

Want some help breaking through? Getting unglued? Getting a SHOVE? I would love love love to help you. There is nothing more that makes me happier than motivating and inspiring others. Call me for your FREE 20 min consultation! 🙂 480.330.4552

(Scripture Inspiration: Philippians 4:6-7 and sermon from Impact Church Scottsdale 11/20/11)