5 Best Lessons I Have Learned From The Sales Lion

It is one of those nights when I can’t sleep.

My brain is just firing so quickly and I am so excited about the things going on in life, that I just can’t settle down.

Ever have a night like that?

So, I decided to check out the latest Sales Lion Podcast.

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Bad idea for sleep, great idea for you.


It is 2:12 am and I am writing a blog to you because I am on fire! But then again, that is what these podcasts usually do to me.

I really hope that you all will listen because the first 15 minutes of this podcast is just so powerful!

If you are a part of my private facebook groups then you have probably heard me talking about Marcus Sheridan from The Sales Lion.


The Challenges Pet Sitters Face:

This podcast made me reflect a lot on some of the challenges I hear pet sitters hearing around the country. They say they are:

  • Burning out
  • Having major staff issues
  • Their significant others annoyed because they are never home
  • Beyond tired
  • And more…

I know that listening to the story that Marcus tells in this podcast will encourage you. No wait, will light a FIRE under your butt, so be careful when you listen. Not suggested at 2am like I just did.

You have been warned.

Your success is all about who you surround yourself, what you listen to, and what you read. -Bella

Let me back up and tell you how this connection with Marcus started:

In October I attended a conference and met Marcus for the first time.  It was such a huge success. Everyone walked away so energized and excited.

He spoke to our small group of 12 pet sitters for almost two hours. We made him come to lunch and keep talking! He blew the lid off of “blogging” and expanded our thoughts and business to the concept of answering the questions of our clients on our blogs. (NOTE: This was in 2012)

It was pivotal in many of our businesses. This meeting actually became a milestone in my business history. It changed my life and outlook on my coaching business and the possibilities and I have been on fire ever since.

Special Time With Marcus

When the conference was over, I headed to the Las Vegas airport, armed with Marcus’ free ebook to read as I waited for my flight. But as I came through the security, I saw a yellow shirt in the distance. Marcus? Wow! What a great surprise! We connected for about 20 minutes before I had to JUMP on my plane and return to sunny Arizona.

This talk is something that inspired me so much as he spoke encouragement into my dreams and vision for where I want to take Jump Consulting. I had so much respect for him and I was so motivated. This was interesting to me, because there are not many that I truly look up to. I got on that plane itching to get home and start blogging and building my vision.

As I reflect on that day, all the blogs I have read from him, his ebook, and podcasts, I have learned a few things.
They have been so poignant that I wanted to gift them to you. So here they are:

5 Best Lessons I Have Learned From The Sales Lion:

1 -Be Relatable By Telling Your Story.

I told Marcus what I saw for my business future and it was incredible how much I felt like I could relate to him. We were both just sharing how our “pet sitter” and “pool guy” positions have brought us to our true passion. His, teaching. Mine, motivating and inspiring others. It was pretty encouraging for me, to see someone who was in a similar position, sharing the same faith, now in a position I would love to be in. And then he said it. “Bella, you can totally do it and you will kill it.”

It meant a lot to me.


2 - They Ask. You Answer.

If you read Marcus’ free ebook he will tell you over and over again to just answer their questions. Doh! That makes so much sense. Doesn’t it? Why complicate things? People have questions and they will go to Google to get their answers. Don’t you?

I will give you a example…. I was visiting my parents this weekend. We were talking about the different tax rates in the Phoenix valley and which one was the cheapest. We were speculating and weren’t for sure so my father, who doesn’t really like his digital leash (iphone), pulls out his iphone and Google’s the question.

My own father, who is not a “techy” Googled the question!!! At that moment I broke out into laughter that only the cubs of The Sales Lion’s of the world would understand…


3 - Care About People.

I was shocked at how much Marcus encourages people to email him questions and that he answers! I took a page from this book and set up some auto responders to my free ebook and the response was incredible. Who taught us to be these stuffy business people? It doesn’t work. Reach out. Be human and care about others. Find out how you can help them. Discover mediums that work for you (podcasts, videos, emails) and use them!

Another example…when Marcus talked to our group of pet sitters in October, he was incorporating all our names into his presentation. Wait?!?! You have only been here for 60 minutes. How do you know everyone’s names? He paid attention and connected with people before the conference started. Do you know that he captivated us all with that alone? In a world where things are dinging, buzzing, ringing, and popping up. Stop a minute and care about the people right there in front of you. Just like he did with me in the airport that day.


4 - Be authentic.

Your authenticity will gain others belief in you ad they will want to trust you. The heck with sales and your business, this is about being a decent human being. How often are you transparent and let people really SEE you? Don’t be afraid to talk about your failures or admit your faults. You will gain favor by doing so! This also includes posting a blog that might have spelling errors in it. Oops!



5 - Sometimes rejection is the REdirection that you need in your life 
when you don't even know it.

If you listened to the podcast like I suggested above (Go! Do it! What are you waiting for?) You will see the NOs that Marcus got. It is always inspiring to me when I hear of others hitting road blocks. I had road blocks with my family not thinking I could build a pet sitting business. Then that I couldn’t actually make enough money to save money. I have had those days when you want to just close up shop and go work at McDonalds. Hearing others strife and how they have soared above it is inspiring!

Success isn’t a steady up. It is a roller coaster and how you deal with the lows will determine how high you can soar.


So what does this all mean to you?

Listen, I know that all of you have probably read that “ra ra sish coom ba stuff” and if you know me, you know that ain’t my style. Seriously, the best way to fail is keep doing what you are doing (assuming you are not happy). I have told many of you that my pet sitting company is so streamlined that I really only need to work on it for one hour a day. Then, I get bored. When I get bored, I get depressed. Ever feel that way? So usually a quick lunch with family or friends helps. Sometimes I go for a walk with my own dog and listen to a Sales Lion podcast. By the end of the “distraction,” I am back on fire again. Especially if I was listening to the podcast.

I want to challenge you to take an inventory of your life. What are you reading? What are you listening to? What is motivating you? What is encouraging you? If you are a pet sitter the 3 resources you need under your belt are:

www.TheSalesLion.com  – That is Marcus’ website if you haven’t realized that already 🙂 You can grab your own copy of that free ebook just like I did by going there!

…and of course you have this website. Start in the library, and find out how to BARK at the next networking meeting you are at by downloading my free ebook.

Sound off below…

What motivates you? What do you like to read? Listen to? Be around? List them all below so you can help spread the wealth. And as always, let me know how I can help giving you the Bella Butt Kickin’

PS It is now 330AM

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  1. Joanne
    Joanne says:

    I continue to be amazed at the encouragement, inspiration and advice you give to us in the pet sitting business…and for free!!
    Can’t thank you enough.


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