8 Real Reasons Why Sole Pet Sitting Proprietor Businesses Should Use Client Management Systems.

When I asked the question: Do you use a client management system for your businesses? to a group of sole proprietors it amazed me that more aren’t using these systems.

I remember when I was just running my pet sitting business all by my lonesome and I had papers everywhere, and calls coming in with requests, schedule changes, update to pets info, and last minute reassurance calls. Not to mention the ones that I would call every weekend to “confirm” their services.

I felt an intense need to answer the phone every time it rang and felt like I had a huge cloud over my head until all calls were called back.

As a sole proprietor, I needed the business. It was just me. I didn’t want the callers calling down the list of pet sitting names they found online or in the phone book and booking services with anyone else other than ME!

When I was done running my “rounds” I would come home and do office work when I was supposed to be eating and resting before the next time I had to run out. Which, by the way, totally stunk because I had no downtime.

I wish someone told me to get the client management system! 

But wait – I was scared. I didn’t think I could afford it. There was too much to learn. I had so many other things I needed to do. And then soon, another avalanche of worry past over me and I just stayed where I was. In fear.

Well, they say that hindsight is 20/20 so here is what I wished someone would have told ME.

You need to have systems!

Systems are crucial in your business and even if you are only bringing in 10K a year, you NEED to start now. While you are slow, while you have the time.

The purpose of systems in your business will help you avoid burn out in the end. When talking about the system of client management systems, I don’t care if you are using Power Pet Sitter, Leash Time, Pet Sit Click, Blue Wave, etc….

If you are building your business this software is going to streamline everything.

Here’s how:

  1. No email clutter. Going through threads for info. It is all stored in one place.
  2. The client feels at ease, knowing that they can see all their info, notes, and know that things are confirmed.
  3. The systems track your trends. How many without these systems can tell me the percentage of dog walks v pet sits they are currently doing and how that compares to Last Year?
  4. In the same respect, we live in the INSTANT age. People want to sign up with your company NOW and ONLINE…. not wait for a call back or phone tag.
  5. Existing clients can book instantly online. You are making it easier for them to spend money with you. Lots of people don’t even want to talk on the phone. They want to text or email. This is giving them that option.
  6. I understand that some might feel like they are paying for nothing, but what you are doing is helping to build a back bone of systems for your company.
  7. Having a business is supposed to HELP your life. Not burry you underneath it. It makes it so that you spend LESS than an hour a day on invoicing, confirmations, scheduling, updating notes, and more.
  8. Doing this will help almost eliminate:
    -Taking bookings
    -Changing schedules
    -Updating client notes
    -Updating pet notes
    -Loosing client files or papers
    -Spending money on file folders, paper, ink, etc
    -Calling for confirmations
    -Appearing more professional to a client
    -Not having to do the same thing over, and over, and over, and over, (ok you get it) again.
    -Keeping up on holiday charges
    -Track trends and allow you to email in less than 5 minutes people that booked last year at the same time!

What it all comes down to:

Everyone is entitled to do whatever they want and I do respect it. I am just trying to push your thoughts into a bigger picture where it gives you more time for LIFE.  If you go back to what I believe as a business coach, I believe that your business should be there to SUPPORT you and your LIFE. You should have a life, and it should support you. You shouldn’t be buried underneath it all.

When you are a sole proprietor and doing all the work on your own, it is this time, now more than ever, that your time is precious to you. It is a LOT of work to run a business and work in it.

Now it is your turn…. tell me if you have a client management system and if you like it. Tell me if you are a sole proprietor and think I am off my rocker crazy silly for writing all of this….

Let me know! Sound off below! 🙂

(PS – I do not get paid to say any of this!)

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  1. Yolanda Nix
    Yolanda Nix says:

    This is a great topic! Of course, it is very important to have a Client Mngmt System. For all of the reasons that were stated as well as the fact that many clients come form a professional pet sitting company and expect there to be a system in place. Non of this ‘hand holding’ receiving dates per text, or over the phone. There needs to be documented proof that a client reserved certain dates, windows of time and so on. It goes to the fact of revenue. I don’t care if you change or don’t charge for a cancellation, holiday fee, last minute booking, if you take any reservation there should be documentation. With a client management system you will be able to charge your rate, schedule YOUR OWN TIME and build your business. After all, isn’t that what we are all about? Great Customer Service, Quality Product (your pet sitting), more revenue? A sole proprietor who wants to build business needs a client management system in place.

  2. Michelle Bollinger
    Michelle Bollinger says:

    I agree! I think some folks worry about putting all their info on the web, or are afraid the software company will go belly up or they aren’t “technical” and won’t be able to figure it out.
    My motto of late is “I won’t let fear make decisions for me”. If I think something is a good idea, but the only thing that is holding me back is fear – then I know I have to go forward.
    I started using software after 1 1/2 years into my business. I was a solo sitter for 3 more years until I staff. Having software has nothing to do with how many people who have or will have working for you. If you are so busy that you need a calendar to keep up with demand, then you need software!

  3. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    Thanks for posting Danielle! All very valid points. I am currently a Sole Prop with Staff (moving towards Inc. my company). I will admit I have scheduling & paper work down to a tee (thanks to my OCD teehee!) and most clients are on reoccurring schedules so there’s very little time involved in this aspect BUT all the other benefits you pointed out is what made my decision to want to switch over. I DO want more time for life and you are NOT off your rocker 😉 I HATE manually tracking my numbers.. what’s coming in and out, so this part of the software is EXCITING!!! It’s a matter of ‘what’ system to go with, at this point- toss up between: Leash Time, Power Pet Sitter and Pet Sit Click, pretty even with the pro’s & con’s. I’ll know after all the trial runs.

    No one in my city are on a software, INFACT… before joining your group, I didn’t even know one existed. SO thank you Danielle!! xo ~ T

  4. sandra
    sandra says:

    Yep! This hits home. Four years in business and I missed my first pet sit ever last week!! Made me sick, sick, sick!!
    I’m also having email issues so, I’ve decided that I need HELP!
    I will be purchasing management software this weekend, if not tonight!
    I also need staff!!!

  5. Allison
    Allison says:

    Before I even opened over a year ago, I had already subscribed to Power Pet Sitter as when I was a client for a sitter, I was already used to this program. I still have a lot of clients who just don’t get it and still email or text me. Which is fine. It is only me, myself and I and they seem to understand how busy I am and appreciate everything I do for them. My only problem is that I have Quickbooks separate from PPS cause I don’t want to go online with QB and I still enter in my schedule on my Outlook calendar, but it helps me remember what I have to do. I guess that’s my OCD. PPS is the cheapest and easiest (imo)for online software for pet sitters. Now for paperwork…well, I can be a procrastinator at times but not when entering information. Just organizing.

  6. Jane M
    Jane M says:

    5 years ago I remember reading some of Danielle’s stuff. At the time, I did think her ‘over the top’ and not my style. Today, still Sole Prop, with a few ICs but lots of issues managing everything, I read her posts and am amazed at her smarts plus (com)passion – these are not always in the same ‘package!’ So, I have been considering CMS systems…reading her comments, reflecting my own thoughts, I’m FINALLY going to do it! Thank you, Danielle!!

  7. Laura Scarfo
    Laura Scarfo says:

    Thevery first day I opened my business I had a client system set up. It is so much easier to put systems in place right from the start before you get really busy!

  8. Polly Brunelle
    Polly Brunelle says:

    Hi, I am a 1 owner pet sitter, I just started 3 months ago, not a lot of clients yet. But I want to seem professional to the ones I do have and future. I visits other pet sitter sites, and some have scheduling on their site and some don’t. Some have pay on their sites and some don’t. I hear people don’t like paying over the internet, for security reason, but I thought it was more professional, but from our end, it does cost us to pay the credit card companies for that. I’m thrown what to do, since I am just starting, I just want to be look at as a professional and not past up, by people for Pet Care. I keep track of my visits on webpage and social network, and its ok, but could be better, but not getting the calls I would like.


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