How To Have An Effective Pet Sitting Booth At Events

How To Have An Effective Pet Sitting Booth At Events

With so many businesses vying for attention at these events, how can you make sure your pet sitting booth stands out from the crowd? It’s not just about having a pretty display or handing out freebies. To truly make an impact, you need to be strategic in your approach and create an experience that engages and educates potential clients.

Blast off your pet sitting booth with confidence! In this ultimate resource, we’ll take you through the whole process of crafting and promoting an event-winning booth, complete with tips on maximizing engagement and connection with your audience.

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Preparing for Local Events to Have A Pet Sitting Booth

As a professional pet sitter with over 20 years of experience, I know firsthand how important it is to get out there and promote your business at local events. I’ve attended countless events and even hosted events myself.

It’s not just about handing out business cards and hoping for the best. I have found that you have got to be strategic, engaging, and memorable if you want to build lasting relationships with potential clients.

I’ve been hosting my own pet sitting booths at events for years, and I’ve even helped other pet sitters set up their own booths. Trust me, a bit of prep work can really pay off in terms of forming connections and attracting new clients to your pet sitting business. You do not want to have a terrible pet sitting booth because it will be a waste of time and not good for your brand.


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Matt Clark from Pet Wants at his interactive booth

Identifying the Right Events to Set Up Your Pet Sitting Booth.

Not all events are created equal when it comes to promoting your pet sitting business. You want to be selective and choose the ones that will give you the most bang for your buck (and time).

Look for events that cater to pet owners, like pet expos, adoption events, local school events, or even community festivals that allow pets. These are the places where your target audience will be hanging out. Don’t waste your time setting up a booth at a tech conference or a bridal show – unless you’re targeting robot dogs or doggy ring bearers.

If you target busy families PTOs and school festivals are events that are often overlooked. When I had my pet sitting company, some of the most successful pet sitting booths came from Spring Flings and Fall Festivals at the local schools.

Creating a Comprehensive Event Spreadsheet

Once you’ve identified some promising events, it’s time to get organized. I like to create a spreadsheet to keep track of all the important details for each event.

Your spreadsheet should include things like the event name, date, location, booth cost, registration deadline, and any special requirements or restrictions. You can also use it to track your inventory, like how many brochures or giveaways you need to bring. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than showing up to an event and realizing you forgot your banner or ran out of business cards or supplies.

I really want to make sure that you get organized with this so I have put together a spreadsheet that you can easily fill in. This will help you become strategic and plan ahead.


Event Booth

Get Your Event Spreadsheet:


Designing an Engaging and Interactive Pet Sitting Booth

This is the time to be bold, experiment, and stand out in a sea of norm-adoption. Many Jumpers have incorporated all kinds of fun things into their pet sitting booths.

  • Hide the treat inside a toddler pool of plastic balls.
  • Scavenger hunt at the event involving other vendors.
  • Kissing booth with the dogs.
  • Photo booth set up for them and their pups.
  • Create your own pup-a-chino!


There are so many fun and interactive things that you can do to really make your pet sitting booth stand out. The one thing you don’t want to be doing is standing behind it and handing out fliers, papers, or business cards. This is your time to connect with people and start a relationship that you can follow up on after the event.

Don’t forget that you can also host your own event too. It isn’t as hard as you think and it can give you lots of free publicity.


Pet Sitting BoothJosie from Simply Pets talking to a potential client at her booth

Promoting Your Event Participation for Maximum Exposure

Of course, no one will come to your amazing pet sitting booth if they don’t know about it. That’s why promoting your event participation is just as important as the booth itself.

Leveraging Social Media and Community Groups

Social media is your best friend when it comes to getting the word out about your pet sitting booth and event participation. Post about it on your business page and in any local pet-related groups. You can even create a Facebook event and invite your followers to come visit your booth.

If you’re looking to grow your reach among pet owners, expand your online presence beyond the usual suspects. Platforms like Nextdoor or local forums can help you connect with dog-loving, cat-centric, or backyard aviary enthusiasts who might not have stumbled upon your social media profiles yet.

I remember this one time I posted on Nextdoor and a woman I didn’t even know came to meet me because I just simply asked for people to come and say hello. She was grateful because she didn’t even know the event was happening and even more excited that she could take her dog!


Utilizing Email Marketing to Inform Existing Clients To Join You At Your Pet Sitting Booth

Your existing clients can be some of your biggest cheerleaders at events. Make sure to let them know where you’ll be and encourage them to stop by and say hi.

You can send out an email blast with all the details, or even include a little incentive like a discount code for referring a friend. Your clients will appreciate the personal invite, and their friends will be more likely to trust a recommendation from someone they know.

Building Lasting Relationships Through Effective Follow-Up

Your work isn’t done when the event is over. In fact, the real work is just beginning. The key to turning those booth visitors into loyal clients is all in the follow-up.

Personalizing Your Follow-Up Communication

Remember those relationships that you built at your pet sitting booth? Now’s the time to put them to use. Send a personalized email or handwritten note to each person who visited your booth.

Mention something specific that you talked about, or thank them for participating in one of your activities. The more personalized you can make it, the better. People want to feel like they made a genuine connection with you, not like they’re just another name on a list.


Streamlining Your Event Participation Process

If you plan on making event participation a regular part of your marketing strategy (and you should), it’s important to have a system in place to make it as easy and efficient as possible.

Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

To take your event preparation to the next level, commit every step to paper. From researching event opportunities to nurturing leads and wrapping up loose ends, document each stage. This detailed record will become your trusted go-to guide for upcoming events.

Baffling as it may seem, creating a flowchart or step-by-step guide may seem time-consuming upfront, but trust us, it’s a game-changer. With a clear SOP in place, not only do you gain clarity and direction, but also a newfound sense of peace and productivity.

Consider writing SOPs for your booth on:

  • Scripts on how to break the ice.
  • How to set up the booth.
  • Scripts on how to get peoples info or to sign up.
  • What to say to connect with other vendors.
  • Where to get the supplies for the pet sitting booth and how to return them.

Getting involved in local events can really rev up your pet sitting business. By setting up a booth, you’ll be able to mingle with potential clients, share your expertise, and build strong relationships in the community. And, who knows, you might just find your next furry client – and some fantastic networking opportunities.

Key Takeaway:


To “stand out from the pack” at local events, create an engaging pet sitting booth that’s interactive, educational, and memorable, by incorporating fun activities, demos, or quizzes that showcase your expertise and build trust with potential clients, setting your business up for a howling success.


Mistakes Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Make

I know that for most, they do not like talking to people. Not everyone is an extrovert. This is why the scripts will help you stay on track and know what to say.

Don’t put your table between you and the event goers. I know that traditionally you should have a table in front ofyou and you are sitting behind it, but you really wan your table behind you – just holding your materials and really get out in front so you can talk to the humans and get on the ground and love on the pets.

Believe it or not, interacting with the pets are really going to ease your nerves and help let the conversation flow.

Also, don’t be there just to give out your cards or fliers. Wait for people to ask. If you want to engage, take the power by asking them for their contact info so you can follow up. This could be with pictures that you have taken and maybe even text or email it to them on the spot. This helps give you an excuse to follow up at a later date after you have met at your pet sitting booth.

Last, please don’t do a raffle. That is so 2002. No one wants to enter into a drawing. We all know what you are doing – collecting leads. Instead of trying to get emails and phone numbers so you can spam them afterward think about it this way. You are a human, talking to another human.

Make connections.



Pet sitting booths are a powerful tool for growing your business and connecting with potential clients in your community. By taking the time to carefully plan and execute your event strategy, you can create a memorable experience that showcases your expertise and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who visits your pet sitting booth.


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